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October 24, 1996



By Rosie Flores

Let someone know about your complaint

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Recently I wrote a column on what makes women mad or should I say what
really bugs them about their husbands. The response I received from
women ranged from leaving clothes in the living room to pet peeves about
their behavior in general.

A list was compiled recently on what ticks off Texas consumers the
most. Which means what makes all of us a little mad or upset.

The number one complaint seemed to be direct mail advertisements.
Advertisements that offer phone prizes as a lure to buy an unnecessary
service or item. The list was compiled by the Texas Attorney General's

Direct mail advertisements, all of us have at one time or another been
a target of this sort of advertising. You know the kind. Where they tell
you have or could be a winner of something spectacular! With one catch,
of course. All you have to do is purchase this great aquarium,
television set or disc player you just can't do without.

And these items usually don't come cheap either! Not only that, but
after you have purchased such item, you never hear from them again or
they write to you and tell you, you almost won the prize, but didn't.

The direct mail advertising industry garnered more complaints. The
total was 2,494, by Texas consumer during the fiscal year which ended
Aug. 30, according to Texas Attorney General Dan Morales.

Long distance services who beg Texans to switch services, followed in
the number two spot. Such services even have drawings for vehicles and
one such service was recently in Pecos. Even though the Better Business
Bureau could not find anything illegal in this, if individuals signed up
to win the coveted prize, their long-distance carrier was automatically

Who won the car? It's even doubtful that a winner was ever announced.

It seems consumers are longer as gullible as they used to be. Nor do
they take things for granted or want anything free. Apparently nothing
is free anymore, anyway.

Morales said 32,057 complaints investigated by the attorney general's
resulted in $330 million in savings, refunds to customers or fines
against rogue companies.

Other complaints included the number three complaint, debt collection
agencies, with 2,035. Used motor vehicle dealers came in at number four,
with 1,739.

General automotive repair shops ranked at number five with 1,274

Telemarketing companies rated number six with 827.

And the ever present, landlord/tennant came in at number seven, with

New motor vehicle dealers were the number eight complaint with 621;
mortgage companies, number nine with 611 and the number 10 complaint was
credit card companies with 585.

If you've got some kind of complaint make sure Morales hears about, so
you will be counted!

Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of Lifestyles and Golden
Years. Her column appears each Thursday.


Think about taking a stand for life

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Dear Editor,
We are being desensitized to the prospect of eliminating the elderly
and the sick in our society. This is the reason Dr. Kevorkian, alias Dr.
Death, is still being dragged through the courts and the media. After
all, if the man is guilty of a crime then put him away. If he is not
then leave him alone.

We have become complacent about killing babies through abortion. It is
only a small step further to eliminating those members of society thta
Hillary Clinton allegedly called "useless eaters."

We "baby boomers" are beginning to have to step aside and give place to
the generation that is taking it's place at the control of our future.
The generation that we taught by example that it is okay to kill for

I have heard it said that Christians will fight against abortion until
it inconveniences us to do so. I sadly agree.

Perhaps we should all rethink our position and take a stand for LIFE.

R.L. Rich
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