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Thursday, October 24, 1996

Presidio falls victim to the Lady

Loboes Tuesday night 15-6, 15-5

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The Lady Loboes continued their unbeaten run through district with a
15-6, 15-5 stomping of Presidio.

"We were a bit on our heels at first," said Coach Martina Carrillo.
"Later in the game we got ourselves together and played our match.
Everyone got some court time."

"I felt the game went really great," said senior Randie Brandon. "We
were excited and ready to play."

The Ladies have three games left in district, all of which are at home.

"We're glad to be back home," said senior Crystal Looney, "we want to
show everyone what we can do."

"We felt confident," said senior Elisa Alvarez. "We knew we had to go
out there and do our best."

Sarah Carrell got the ball rolling for the Ladies by wining the first

Sara Molina killed the ball to take the lead for Monahans on the next
serve. "I saw opportunities and had a lot of fun," commented Molina.

Later in the game a passing and setting gave Leah Johnson the chance to
send the ball screaming over the net to put MHS up 9-5.

During the same service set sophomore Shayla Terry rolled the ball right
off the top of the net to widen the lead 11-5.

Looney's serve was returned over the net only to set up Johnson for a
mammoth spike that tattooed the Blue Devils number 20 on the forehead.

Carrell put game point away for a Monahans win 15-6.

Early in game two Presidio began to fall apart, while the Lady Loboes
were on fire. Monahans scored seven unanswered point to start off the

Presidio looked as if they might get some points, but Brannon broke the
serve and set the ball to Jessica Lopez.

Lopez served the Lady Loboes to 13-4.

Brannon end the game, sealing the Blue Devils fate and a Monahans win

The numbers on the game were:

Brannon with four kills, two service points and a block.

Johnson with eight kills, five service points, two blocks and one dig.

Carell with two kills, seven assists, six service points, three aces,
two service points and three digs.

Tracy Jasso with six assists and two digs.

Terry with four service points, one jump serve and four digs.

Looney with three digs and four service points.

Alvarez with two digs and one service point.

Molina one kill and two digs.

Lopez four service points, one jump serve and three digs.

Jennifer Melius one dig.

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