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Thursday, October 24, 1996

Letters from the Editor

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By Steve Patterson


I am not sure if the paper is going to get out this week. If you are
reading this, I assume it did. I knew from the minute I started this job
last July that A.G. Adair was an invaluable asset to this newspaper.

He knew every nut on our printing press, the names of every kid in the
picture, the history of every coach on the filed. But it was also the
little things, such as putting out the Loboes flag on Friday or
remembering the monthly birthday party at the Senior Citizens Center
that made A.G. more than an employee of this paper... he was the
Monahans News.

On more than one occasion, while talking about someone in town, A.G.
would say, "I wrote him, and I wrote his kid, too." With a career that
covered so many decades, A.G. was close to writing about the
grandchildren of athletes he covered years ago.

But as I came to know A.G. better, I began to appreciate him as being
more than just the Dean of West Texas Sports Writers and the wise
hearted sage of this business he liked to call "newspaperin."

Not only was A.G. dedicated to the newspaper, he was dedicated to his
wife, Mary, and this community. He was a dedicated American and was
dedicated to the young people. In fact, A.G. was the youngest old man
I've ever known. He never stopped to know it all.

Please remember that A.G. came from the days of hot type and hand-set
composition into the modern realities of computer-generated newspaper
production... and he came without kicking and screaming, but with the
eagerness of a teenager.

A.G. Adair died while pulling the fishing report off of the internet. I
believe in my heart that's the way he would have wanted to go. I realize
there are many people in this community who knew A.G. much better than
me, but I think we will agree, he is going to be missed.... especially
by me every Wednesday night as we put this paper to.

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