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October 17, 1996


Did Dole do enough

to close the gap?

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The final Presidential debate is over and now the stretch run begins.
Did Bob Dole do enough to close the gap between him and President
Clinton Thursday night?

Judging from early polls and public comments, the answer is no. Dole
went on the offensive although it was mostly a veiled attack. With some
people, those attacks seemed to backfire. Clinton, living up to his
nickname as "Slick Willie" let the attacks slide off as he went on to
assert the campaign needs to be about the future.

Wednesday night's forum was the best of the three debates (one for the
vice presidential candidates) with people in the audience asking
questions. Many of those questions were far more pertinent than were the
questions asked by the moderator in the previous two debates although
his questions were based on an effort to be fair and impartial.

The audiences' questions did indicate that people don't always listen
and when they do, they hear what they want to hear.

It is obvious that the two candidates offer a choice as they have
different visions of what government should be. Although it was a bit
drastic, Clinton's statement at the end that he wants to see everyone
working together to build a bridge to the 21st century while with Dole
it is up to everybody to get there on their own.

We want to congratulate Cable News Network for having a mini-debate
among three other presidential candidates who are on the ballot in most
states following the Clinton-Dole debate.

One member of the audience in the main debate brought that point to
light with the question on how can everyone be brought into the election
process when so many are disillusioned or their candidate is not
included in the mainstream of consideration.

It was a very poignant point.



By Rosie Flores

Brand names are

what's "in" nowadays

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Guess? Lee, Arizona, CK. All names but what do they mean? Who are all
these people and where did they come from?

If you have teenagers, or nowadays children of any age group, you'll
know that all these names are famous brand names for clothing that most
youngsters think they have to have.

I kept hearing my teenage son and his friends talk about CK. For a
while there, I thought he was just another kid in their school. As
parents we tend to not care so much about brand names or "what other
people think."

But as youngsters in school, they feel they have to establish some kind
of reputation. And more and more youngsters, even the younger ones, tend
to want to establish it through clothing. Wearing name brands to them
seems to be a symbol. Meaning that they belong, they are in. Whatever
that means!

For all those who have no idea, like I did, what CK, stands for it
stands for Calvin Klein, the famous designer who markets all types of
clothing and colognes. Very expensive clothing and cologne, I might add.

Most teenagers these days just have to wear, CK1. What's CK1 you ask?
It's a popular cologne that's guaranteed to make anyone popular. Or so
they tell me!

Football teams are also in. Wearing your favorite football teams gear,
such as T-shirts, jackets and shoes is the "in" thing to do these days.
It doesn't even matter if the team is a winner or not. As long as it
displays their logo and is an "official" part of their gear.

In bigger cities, students are getting beat up and even killed just for
their team gear. It's gotten to where these items are more trouble than
what they are worth!

Since we live in a smaller, sometimes quieter town, the problem has not
yet appeared here. Which is great news for all students who want to keep
on wearing their favorite team logos and still feel safe.

So, while the youngsters are wearing Calvin Klein sweatshirts and
cologne, sporting their favorite team's gear, the parents are having to
shop at the variety stores for their clothing items.

But then again, that's how most of us were brought up anyway, so it
doesn't make much of a difference.

All parents can hope for now, is that the designer fad eventually fades
out and is replaced by variety store gear!

Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of Lifestyles and Golden
Years. Her column appears each Thursday.
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