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Thursday, October 17, 1996

Once Around

the Hometown

By. A.G. Adair

Let's change the subject

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All too often we sit in cafes and elsewhere and listen to local folks
talk about our little city.

also, all too often, we hear them talking about what's wrong with the
town and what we don't have.

Why is it that we can't change the subject and talk about what's good in
the city and what we have?

We have one of the finest school plants and systems in the entire state
of Texas.

We have the finest group of churches to be found anywhere. We have a
Catholic church and just about every Protestant denomination there is.
We don't have a synagogue or a mosque but I don't believe there are many
folks here that worship in those sanctuaries.

If you stop and think about it, there's a pretty good setup here for the

We have some of the finest complexes for the kids to play summer
baseball and softball. We have some fine swimming facilities in
Monahans, including a regulation 50 meter heated indoor pool and there
is an outstanding swim team that uses that facility.

We have a bowling alley, an 18-hole golf course and there is always
Sandhills State Park where people can spend an awful lot of time
picnicking or just killing time.

We're only about a 100 miles from the Davis Mountains where you can
spend days enjoying nature and the creatures of nature.

Speaking of the Davis Mountains has to include the McDonald
Observatories where some laser experiments against the moon were
conducted and then there is the old restored frontier army post where
excitement and a glimpse into history are available just for the asking
and at a very moderate price.

Folks, if you think about it, how can you expect a stranger to like our
city if we're constantly knocking it in our conversations?

Let's change the subject and talk the town up at all times. I now we'll
be a lot happier with the results than if we continue to talk it down.

Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,
The Board of Directors of Ward County Irrigation District #1 would like
to take this time to thank the many, many people who supported us in the
past year during the district's litigation. It would be impossible to
thank each and every one of you individually for the many word of
kindness, love and support shown to each of us during this difficult
time. We appreciate your faith in us as Directors who were only trying
to work for the betterment of our community. Thanks again to those who
went out of their way to show us that love and caring still prevail in
the hearts of many people.

Board of Directors
Ward County Irrigation
District #1, Barstow, Tx.
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