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Thursday, October 10, 1996

County budget calls for tax hike

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Among the items on Monday's agenda for the Ward County Commissioners
Court is the adoption of the 1997 budget.

The $12,721,998 budget, if approved, will result in a higher ad valorem
tax being levied on county property owners. Under the proposal, the new
rate would become .6881 per hundred dollar valuation. This year's rate
was .636 per hundred dollar valuation.

The county expects to collect $4,760,595 in taxes, a figure which was
derived on a 98 percent collection rate.

County Judge Sam Massey attributed the increase to inflation and pointed
out that the county had hiked its spending in fighting juvenile crime
during the past fiscal year.

"We've cut expenses where we could, but unfortunately we found this
(proposed) increase necessary," Judge Massey said.

The budget is open to public inspection in the County Clerk's office.

-Consider creating a line item in the budget to cover the costs of drug
testing county employees.

-Discuss setting speed limits for county roads.

-Consider the appointment of two members to the Ward County Industrial
Development board.

-Look at bids submitted for foreclosed property.

-Consider and act on Chevron pipeline damage at the golf course.

COM converges here for weekend

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Approximately 65 RVs - or recreational vehicles - are expected to
converge in Monahans beginning today as Campers on Mission gather to
hold a weekend meeting at Country Club RV Park.

Mayor David Cutbirth, owner of the park, has been racing the clock for
the past few days in order to make sure he could accommodate the RVers
with water and electrical hookups.

Campers on Mission - or COM - is a fellowship of Christian campers who
desire to share their faith. Many of the campers are retired people.
These Christian campers are of many denominations and have made a name
for themselves by doing volunteer work in many areas of Texas.

"The purpose for this meeting in Monahans is strictly for fellowship,
inspiration and planning," said Ophelia Ratliff of Monahans, who refused
to acknowledge being anything but a "plebe" in the organization.

Ratliff said that COM chose Country Club RV Park because of the
"wonderful facilities they have for inside meetings. A lot of RV parks
don't have such buildings. I really think David (Cutbirth) is going to
put his park on the map," she said.

COM members will be taking a much needed rest while in Monahans after a
busy year of doing missionary work and service projects. The most recent
project was at the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth. The
seminary bought a run-down. 70-unit apartment project and COM members
spent several weeks renovating the place. The apartments are being used
as married student housing.

COM has also spent much time and effort in fixing up Baptist encampments.

Along with special music and inspirational sessions will be preaching by
two visiting Colorado City pastors, Dr. Ted Spears and Dr. Harold

Ratliff emphasized that several COM members have been on missions as far
away as Russia, China, Brazil and Uganda.

Campers on Mission is a national organization, with Texas being divided
into four regions. All four regions will be represented at this
weekend's gathering.

Other Monahans' couples participating other than Ophelia and Glen
Ratliff are Raymond and Mary Powers and Arbia and Wand Childress.
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