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Thursday, October 10, 1996

Let's give 'em a helping hand

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Our hats are off this week to the Garden Club for their desire to
landscape the Monahans Memorial Cemetery. At their October meeting, an
area landscaping representative offered a proposal for the project. It
included placing a large gazebo at the north entrance along with brick
pillars and a sign over the entrance. Plans were revealed for setting
out a variety of plants and placing red oak trees and Texas redbud trees
in strategic locations. A drip system would also be required to maintain
the project.

Most of the time this group works quietly behind the scenes to beatify
and maintain such areas as the Senior Citizens' Center, the Atrium at
the Monahans Convention Center, the visitor's center at the Sandhills,
the Million Barrel Museum Complex and one of the latest projects, the
Chamber of Commerce landscaping.

This time, the project is of such size that the Club will need help from
the community to accomplish their plans. They ask that other clubs,
organizations, businesses and individuals interested in helping with the
project contact any of their officers, Peggy Bryant, Terri Gatzki, Carol
Hurst, Betty Roeber, Cathy Parks, Gloria Denman or Deanna Howard.

Once Around the Hometown

By A.G. Adair

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Well, we've got one of the Presidential Debates behind us and are still
faced with enduring another one.

I am very doubtful that either President Clinton or Senator Dole changed
very many peoples' minds. I believe the president has an insurmountable
lead and only something drastic is likely to change that lead in the
little time that is left before November.

It is just possible that the something drastic that could derail the
Clinton Express could be White Water. That old thing is still very much
alive and, in my humble opinion, there is something in that mess
somewhere that could spell disaster for the sitting president.

You might be one of those that believe that the power of the presidency
is enough to quash and cover up anything damaging to the president that
might possibly surface.

In order to dispel any such thoughts, let us take you back to Water
Gate. There was not enough power in the presidency of president Richard
Nixon to prevent his being forced from office. In this nation there is
no one person that has the power to quash everything.

I'm not in a position to judge the allegations, facts and innuendoes in
the White Water thing. I am not in a position to pronounce judgment on
the same facets of Water Gate. But in my own mind I believe this:

I don't believe President Nixon committed anything more wrongful than
most every president did while in office. I believe old "Tricky Dickie"
was the victim of some mighty clever political football.

President Clinton, although he is not one of my favorite politicians,
could very well fall victim to the same sort of what I believe Nixon
fell prey to in the past.

There is only one president that I believe was "squeaky" clean. That was
good old Jimmie Carter. They tried to put the black hat on him for the
many sins of his brother Billy and everyone else that was connected with
him. They even nailed him to the cross for looking down the neckline of
a woman's upper torso. But let us remind you, good old "Honest Abe"
Jimmy just came right out and admitted his transgression. You don't see
many presidents that righteous in their actions.

Anyway Jimmy was just to clean too be mixed up with that mess in
Washington and was much better off out of it.

Now here's what I want you to do in November: I want you to vote just
like I do -- the way you want to vote.

I'll be as honest with you as I wish politician should be with all of
us: I don't know for sure at this date who I will vote for president.
I'm sure not fond of President Clinton and I'm not fully convinced that
Senator Dole would be a better man. As far as Ross Perot is concerned, I
think he would be a good man for the economy of the country but so far
as the rest of the picture is concerned I don't find enough evidence to
warrant my vote. I'm still remembering House Bill 72 and that Perot was
the main driving force that foisted that mess upon the educational
system of Texas.

But to put a cap on this mess, let's all make a strong effort to go to
the polls and vote Nov. 5. Remember, bad politicians are elected by
people who do not go and vote.

Letter to the Editor

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This is in regard to adding Odessa as "free" local telephone service for
$3.50 per month.

As I understand it, this charge will be added to everyone's telephone
bill whether or not we want it so we can call all we want to Odessa.

I have gone over my long distance charges from December, 1995 to
September 1996, having spent a total of $26.63. If I had been paying
$3.50 per month for those 10 months, it would have cost me $35.00 or an
additional $8.37 for which I would have received nothing but the option
to call Odessa.

This is going to cost the average person an additional $42.00 per year.
I believe this could make a difference in some people affording a

I urge everyone to look at their past bills and see if this service will
benefit them.

If its only going to help a few, let them pay their own telephone bill
and not take the money out of our pocket, there is enough of that going
on anyway

Vote No!!!

Ivene Parker

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