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October 7, 1996

By Mari Maldonado

Local aerobics classes available to all

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I think that one of the reasons I'm able to take on aerobics some days
with fervor is the minute I walk in the door at my home I try not to sit
down and get relaxed.

I get dressed and head out to my class.

For some of you that don't know, there is a local aerobics class given
Monday through Thursday evenings at the old Amistad Lions Club building,
in the 100 block of Pecan Street.

I've been doing aerobics in spurts since I was twelve when my aunt,
Mary Abila, started teaching in Barstow in 1981.

I started teaching two years after that and although there's times when
I totally withdraw from the activity, I always go back.

I taught and weight trained at a health club in Austin my last year in
college and managed to lose the 30 pounds I gained my freshman year at
UT. Of course, now my task is a lot more challenging, as I've gained it
back and then some, and getting back into the routine has proved a lot
more difficult.

But with my 10-year reunion coming up, I've a little more incentive
than other times.

I like to do aerobics, but teaching has always worked better for me. I
guess this is in part due to the fact that I manage to put more of an
effort into it while standing in front of the class.

I think that one of the important things about being a successful
instructor is knowing your music and knowing a variety of steps.

We have a variety of music at the local club and the instructors, Aida
Contreras, the manager, Connie Herrera, Delma Gonzales and myself, all
add our own flavor to them without sacrificing a thorough, intense work

Although we don't work out all areas of the body in one day, we try to
get to all of them before the weeks out during our one-hour sessions.

Some days I go home and continue my workout on a weight set at home,
but I have to admit, those days are few. Work needed around the house
ensures that I don't go home and lounge.

Right now we just have women in the class, and I'm not sure whether
we'll be extending it to men or not, but aerobics is a fun and effective
way for those of us planning to get into a New Year's dress, or some
other outfit for a special occasion in the future.

Some people mock aerobics and say its ineffective. To those people I
say, "check us out."

We have steps available for all attendees for our step routines and
mirrors and carpet have been recently installed for the effectiveness of
the workout.

Mirrors are effective in that they allow the class member to look at
themselves during the workout and keeps them conscious of their posture,
which adds to the intensity.

Connie and I have tried to get Martin and Alvaro, her husband, and
their football teammates to join us for one of our sessions, but to this
they don't dare.

Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column appears each


Will Dole close the campaign gap?

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The first debate between the two major candidates for president is now
history. What did we as voters learn from that debate?

We didn't learn a whole lot except that both candidates have more of a
sense of humor that previously exposed. Both men did show for the first
time that they didn't hate each other which was contrary to opinions
formed due to accusations thrown back and forth between the two

Both candidates tossed figures around like the autumn wind blows
leaves. It was difficult at times to figure out just who was more
accurate. As we all know, figures can be used to justify just about any

Who won the debate? There didn't appear to be a clear winner although
Republican Bob Dole was clearly the aggressor as he should be given his
role of challenger. Commentators and spectators said they believe that
Dole breathed new life into a campaign that had stalled.

On the other hand, President Bill Clinton stood his ground and defended
the record of his first term. He apparently didn't lose any support
based on his performance.

Both candidates were after the undecided votes as well as people from
the other party not satisfied with their candidate. There was some
indication that the debate helped make up a few minds but it remains to
be seen just which way those voters swayed.

One of the main concerns of both candidates and their supporters was
not to make any major mistakes and apparently both got through the
verbal exchanges, some testy while others were more jovial, without any
obvious gaffes.

We'll have to see what happens in the second and final debate to see if
Dole can close the gap in the campaign that polls show has Clinton
comfortably in the lead.
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