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Thursday, October 3, 1996

Victor Morales way out

of line in Bonilla remark

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The Monahans News joins the Hispanic Business Roundtable and other
groups in strongly condemning the language used during the past week by
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Victor Morales. Victor Morales
referred to U.S. Henry Bonilla as a "coconut," as in brown on the
outside, white on the inside.

To quote a press release from teh Hispanic Roundtable; "Calling
Congressman Bonilla a 'coconut' simply because he disagrees with Morales
on key issues shows the type of intolerance and bigotry that exists
among the liberal elite, that demands that the minority community
blindly follow the lead of their patrones, without daring to disagree,"
said HBR Executive Director Roberto Deposada. "If supporting the
lowering of the tax burden on our community, supporting reforming a
welfare system that tears families apart makes Bonilla a coconut, then
there are many palm trees in Texas and throughout the country."

The Monahans News will go a step further and point out that Mr. Bonilla,
a Republican from San Antonio has done more for Texas and this area than
Mr. Morales could ever hope to accomplish.

We support Mr. Bonilla in his efforts to be re-elected and we support
U.S. Sen Phil Gramm, whi is being challenged by Mr. Morlaes, a Mesquite
school teacher.

As should be obvious, his "coconut" comment fell with a thud.

Vote "yes" for ELC

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The Monahans News would like to remind its readers that they should be
receiving a ballot this week to vote on the proposed Expanded Local
Calling service.

Once again, we urge you to vote "yes" for all five exchanges. We believe
this improved service will expand, and not shrink, the horizons of
Monahans. We actively solicited opinions which were opposed to ours',
but no one stepped forward to say why this sensible proposal should not
go through. Our offer will stand.

Please, join us in voting "yes" for all ELC exchanges.


By Sandra Hardaway

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For the sake of argument - let's debate!

Well, here they come again, those ghastly presidential debates. Which,
this year, seem to be turning into a nasty little dispute in itself.
And, of course, we all know the reason why. They said "no" to Ross Perot.

Ross, is handling this really well - he's suing! Ah yes, the great
American way. Makes one proud of the presidential candidate, does it
not? You bet, if kyou can't get in with votes, fair and square, just sue
your way in. Hmmm... would that work for the loser in November?

Really, Ross shouldn't take it so hard. How many political parties are
there nowadays anyway? Twenty? Thirty? The point is, none of the other
parties were invited (or even considered) to participate in the deabets.
Sadly, these parties have no realistic chance of winning the election

And that bring sme to this. Ross Perot was denied a place in the debates
because he has no realistic chance of winning the election. Tough lick
Ross, but you are not alone. According to all of the polls and all of
the news media, there is only one person is President Clinton. If that's
the case, then why have Bob Dole debated President Clinton. Why not have
President Clinton debate President Clinton? He can do it. He knows all
the sides. He's been there, said that!

For example:

President Clinton, on tax-cuts. Good news, I believe in a middle-class
tax cut. Bad news, I'm raising taxes. It may surprise you to know that I
think I raised your taxes too much. Good news, if I'm re-elected I plan
to give targeted tax cuts. Bad news, I plan to tell you how to spend it.

President Clinton, zeroing in on the balanced budget amendment. I think
we can do it in ten years. Probably nine years, maybe even eight. Might
even do it in five years. Could possibly do it in six, but if the
Republicans insist on seven years then, yes, we can do it in seven years.

And President Clinton, somewhere on welfare reform. I want to end
welfare ane we know it. but, I'm going to veto this welfare reform bill.
While I'm at it, I'll veto this other welfare reform bill. However, I'll
sign this third Republican welfare reform bill because it's the right
thing to do. But if I'm re-elected and you give me a Democrateic
congress, I plan to make some changes in it.

You know, this President could debate himself all night! And who do you
suppose would win?

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