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Thursday, September 26, 1996

Council seeks more action on drug cases

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 26, 1996 - Town of Pecos City Council members raised
concerns about the 143rd district attorney's handling of local drug
cases during this morning's regular council meeting.

Councilman Randy Graham opened the discussion following the presentation
of the municipal court report that reflected three cases involving
charges of possession of a controlled substance.

The councilman questioned the status of, "the Navarrete case."

Evigael Navarrete, 37, 1031 Rancho Road, was indicted on possession of a
controlled substance, cocaine, in July. The indictment was returned four
months following a raid of his home by the local entry team.

Team members allegedly discovered cocaine on Navarrete during a search
of his body and his home on March 14. Over $12,000 in cash discovered
around various parts of the East Pecos residence was confiscated, but
awarded back to him by a Reeves County court.

"Attorneys are still doing what they do," said Pecos Police Captain
David Montgomery on Navarrete's pending case.

"Are we still having the same problem with the DA (district attorney)?,"
asked Graham, referring to 143rd District Attorney John Stickels'
perceived leniency in dealing with local drug related cases. "This
really bothers me."

"This has been a continuous problem," added councilman Danny Rodriguez.
"It seems that the police do the work and when it gets to that level
(DAs office) nothing happens."

Rodriguez contended, "it's not fair to the community."

"When these cases are followed through, they seem to stop at his
office," he added.

Stickels has said in the past some of the drug arrest made by members of
the Permian Basin Drug Task Force within the 143rd District would not
stand up in court, due to a El Paso Appeals Court ruling that said the
Odessa-based task force had no authority to operate outside Ector County.

Stickels did not seek re-election this year to a second term as 143rd
District Attorney. Randy Reynolds, son of Town of Pecos City Mayor Pro
Tem Dr. Elvia Reynolds, is running unopposed for the position in the
November general election.

Following the discussion, the municipal court report was approved

In other business, a second reading on the ordinance to set the Fiscal
1997 budget was approved, as was the second reading to levy a tax rate
of .6997 cents per $100 valuation, the same rate as a year ago. The
budget was previously discussed by council members during a hearing
Tuesday morning.

Local options for the Over 65 Exemption of $15,000; Medical Disability
Exemption of $10,000 and Disabled Veterans Exemption of up to $12,000
were approved. Stafford said the exemptions are one which "we've done in
the past."

The tax collector's report posted a balance of some $144,000 in
delinquent taxes and total collections at $11,352.89.

Tax Assessor Collector Lydia Prieto reported that suits totalling
$77,450 in delinquent taxes have been filed.

The council approved a report by Prieto that indicated an error margin
of $3,588.02 for 1995 and prior years.

"This is not a bad margin," stated Herrera.

Monthly fire department, ambulance, and financial reports all were
approved following discussions.

Graham asked if the long term debt of $1.6 million for the landfill
closure can be adjusted now that the city has opted to contract with
WesTex Waste for the disposal of local trash.

City Finance Director Steve McCormick stated that more details need to
be worked out.

McCormick did tell councilman Ricky Herrera that a billing of $9,700 for
landfill services, "could be," the last, following the city's recent
agreement with WT Waste.

Armando Gil reported to the council that $2,100 was recently spent to
replace the compressor for the Pecos Police Department air conditioning
unit. He had not budgeted for the amount, he stated.

An accounts payable total of $184,361.39 was approved.

This came after discussions on questions regarding dash mats for the
recently purchased city police cars, which Montgomery stated was routine
for Police Chief Troy Moore to order for each new fleet.

Graham questioned an advertising expense, which City Manager Harry Nagel
contended was paid out to the <fn11>Pecos Enterprise <Fn9>for the
Cantaloupe Festival.

Stafford noted that local CPA Dan Painter had warned the council twice
before on advertising expenditures.

Herrera requested information from Water Superintendent Octavio Garcia
on the sum for water clamps.

"I've noticed this comes up regularly on the accounts payable (report),"
Herrera told Garcia.

Garcia explained that the purchases were made to keep an adequate stock
following water leaks.

"Will the new line eliminate some of this (expense)?," asked Herrera,
"because they are high dollar."

Garcia answered that expenses for the big clamps will be done away with.

Garcia was also questioned by Councilman Gerald Tellez on the purchase
of a master meter.

The water superintendent stated that because the old one has turned over
so many times, "it loses the accountability of water and we needed a new

Garcia explained to Herrera that gravel purchases are necessary
following every sewer line repair in order to gravel the sand and other
matter that seeps up to the surface.

Reynolds told council members that and department heads to look over and
examine a report of city vehicles currently being used by city staff

"We're trying to see how many we have and how many are taken home, and
if it is necessary for employees to be driving them," he added.

An allowance of $100 for travel expenses incurred by McCormick was
approved for the use of his own vehicle.

On the subject of city vehicles, Herrera noted that Pecos could use some
maintenance on alleyways.

"It seems to me that it's been years since we've gone through the alleys
and bladed them," he added. "This adds up on truck maintenance."

Garcia contended that the street and alley crew is made up of only four
city employees, down five from previous years and, "sometimes there
aren't enough people to work on the alleys."

Health and Sanitation Director Armando Gil stated that something could
possibly worked with parks maintenance personnel in regards to the alley

Rodriguez told the council that Barstow representatives were unable to
attend this morning's session but were seeking assistance with animal
control problems in the Ward County town.

"They are willing to pass an ordinance, but before they do that, they
need someone to enforce it," he said.

"I really like the idea of helping them out, but we need to look at a
few things," said Herrera. "Supposedly our Animal Control Officer
(Carmen Mendoza) has a full time job right now."

Herrera asked, "can we work that in and not sacrifice," services to
Pecos residents.

Gil told council members that Mendoza is currently working one weekend a
month and, "pound fees are picking up."

He added that in past years Balmorhea and Toyah requested the same
assistance, "but we had to turn them down."

"My concern would be the effect on our dog pound," said Stafford.

"I'd like to look into it further before saying no," Graham suggested.

Tellez reminded the group about controversies that arose with allowing
the use of a Pecos mosquito sprayer in Monahans.

Gil told the council that Pecos currently has two sprayers and that
Monahans was allowed the use of the old one, while, "we still had our
(newer) unit going here."

"We never neglected the city of Pecos," he said about the mosquito

Gil explained that one of the reasons that mosquitoes have swarmed Pecos
is, "because we did not larvacide," because of the number of people
taking their vacation time before WT Waste took over.

"Our citizens are our first priority," said Graham, "but if we could
help others out," he'd like to.

Rodriguez noted the aid to local students and residents that Monahans
and Barstow residents handed during the 1993 chemical emergency during
the former Reclamation and Recovery fire.

Events schedule set for Airfield reunion

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PECOS, September 26, 1996 - The Second Annual Pecos Army Airfield
Reunion is scheduled to get underway Monday with a noon luncheon and a
plaque dedication to follow at the West of the Pecos Museum.

Three days of events scheduled in both Pecos and Balmorhea for veterans
of the World War II-era airfield, which was used for training pilots
during the war and occupied most of what is now the southwest side of

Airfield alumni will begin signing in at 11 a.m. Monday at the Museum,
with the dedication of the plaque recognizing the airfield set for 2
p.m. that day.

Veterans and their families will be treated to a cocktail party at the
Pecos Valley Country Club, on the site of the former airbase, Monday
night, while the trip to Balmorhea for lunch will be on Tuesday,
following a morning business meeting for those in attendance.

Tuesday's dinner will be in the courtyard of the museum, as will a
pancake breakfast on Wednesday. A golf tournament at the Reeves County
Golf Course is set for 9 a.m. that day, while two veterans of the
airbase are scheduled to speak to the group on Wednesday.

Pecos Army Airfield alum Bill Pitts will discuss Project Blue Book (the
Air Force's investigations regarding UFO's) from 2 to 3:30 p.m.
Wednesday at the banquet room of the Swiss Clock Inn Motel, while
Charles L. (Pat) Patterson will deliver the keynote address that night
at a banquet scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. in the Reeves County Civic

A hospitality room will be open all day Monday at the museum, and will
be located in the banquet room at the Swiss Clock Inn on Tuesday and
Wednesday. Memorabilia brought to the reunion by attendees will be
displayed in the hospitality room, while a static display of planes will
be set up at the Pecos Air Center at the Municipal Airport.

Several introductory items for this year's reunion will be on sale at
the museum on Monday, and at the Swiss Clock Inn the following two days.
They include Pecos Airfield caps, depicting the local airplane field's
logo and the names and nicknames of the two types of planes that cadets
trained in during their station that coincided with the World War II era.

The logo displays a jackrabbit riding on two airplane engines, while the
training units were the BT-38, otherwise known as the Vibrator, and the
UC-78, or the Bamboo Bomber, labelled for the amount of wood in its

T-shirts with the logo and Pecos Airfield labeled golf shirts will also
be sold during the reunion, said committee member Linda Bratland.

Police Report

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained
from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County
Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other agencies;
and from interviews with officers of those agencies.

Mike Murphy reported to sheriffs deputies on Sept. 4 that sometime
between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. that day an air compressor worth $300 was
taken from his storage building, located on Reeves County Road 420.

Hector Ruiz Jasso, 32, of Toyah, was arrested by deputies on Sept. 4
during a warrant service at the Toyah Texaco. He was charged with
violating a protective order.

Deputies arrested Ramon Natividad, 50, in Balmorhea, for theft over $20,
under $500 on Sept. 4.

David Fuentez was arrested by county deputies on Sept. 5 at 7:45 p.m.,
outside the Del Rio Bar, 504 E. Fourth St., for assault under the Family
Violence Act. Fuentez's age and address were not indicated.

The evening of Sept. 8, deputies investigated a burglary of a
habitation, occurring one-half mile north of Interstate 20 on Reeves
County Road 408. The owners of the property, who were not identified
reported that the crime occurred sometime between 2 a.m., Sept. 7 and 5
p.m., Sept. 8. Taken were a VCR, worth $300 and CD player, worth $400. A
northeast window of the home was discovered broken out and is believed
by authorities to have been the entry and exit port.

Reeves County deputies investigated a report of burglary of a habitation
on Sept. 10, occurring on Reeves County Road 415. The crime occurred
sometime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and the suspected party entered
through an unlocked front door. The name of the person filing the report
was not indicated. Items discovered missing were a crossbow, video
cassette recorder, .22 caliber rifle and dual cassette player.

Ramon Garcia reported an act of criminal mischief to sheriffs deputies
the night of Sept. 10. The incident report was taken at Garcia's home,
at 504 N. Cherry St. and involved damage to a fence that surrounds 10
acres of property on Reeves County Road 406. The damage occurred
sometime between this past July and Sept. 10. Garcia estimated repair
costs at $500.

County deputies arrested Joe Ray Millan during a warrant service in the
300 block of Peach Street on Sept. 11. He was charged with theft of
service over $20 and under $500.

Police cited the two drivers involved in a two-vehicle accident at
Eighth and Cedar streets on Sept. 13. Rosa Dalia Juarez, 19, who was in
a 1973 Chevrolet pickup, failed to yield right of way at the stop sign
in the 200 block of East Eighth Street and struck a 1985 Ford
Thunderbird, driven by Maricruz T. Sarinana, 24. Sarinana received a
citation for no insurance, and Juarez was cited for failing to yield
right of way at a stop sign and having no driver's license.

Michelle Lee Monroe, 17, was cited by police for backing without safety
when, while driving a 1983 GMC pickup, she struck a 1984 Chevrolet
4-door, driven by James J. Thomas, 24. The incident occurred on Sept. 13
at the intersection of Lunday Drive and Hackberry Street.

On Sept. 14 at 1:58 a.m., Police arrested Gloria Orozco, 25, 1112-B S.
Orange St., for public intoxication at the Illusion nightclub, located
at 611 E. Second St.

Mark Madrid Renteria was arrested on a grand jury indictment warrant in
the 300 block of Sycamore Street on Sept. 14. Police took him into
custody about 10:43 p.m. His age and address and original charge on the
warrant were not indicated.

Police arrested Armando Burrola, 33, of Odessa, for driving with a
suspended license, in the 1300 block of Eddy Street on Sept. 15, just
after midnight.

On Sept. 16, police arrested Daniel Guerrero, 26, for driving with a
suspended license in the 400 block of North Cedar Street. The arrest
occurred at 1:39 a.m.

David Jose Acosta, 41, 5404 Chinati Rd., was arrested by police for DWI
after refusing to submit to a breathalizer test just after midnight
Sept. 17. He was apprehended at 1301 S. Plum St.

Adam Eugene Garcia, whose identification showed an address in Fresno,
Calif. was arrested by police Sept. 18 for theft under $50 at the La
Tienda store in the 800 block of Eddy Street.

Police arrested Nelson Lee McGrew, 32, 811 E. 11th, in the 1200 block of
South Cedar Street during a warrant service the night of Sept. 18. He
was charged with probation revocation on an original charge of resisting

During a warrant service Sept. 19, police arrested Rudy DeAnda for
criminal mischief at the corner of Third and Pecan streets. His age and
address were not given.

Cris Rodriguez was arrested by police after being served a warrant in
the Municipal Court office for aggravated assault. The arrest took place
Sept. 19, 10:41 a.m. His age and address were not available.

Angel Ramirez was taken into custody and charged with criminal mischief
causing damage totaling over $500 and under $1,500 after turning himself
in to police Sept. 19. His age and address were not indicated.
Additional charges of outstanding fines were filed against Ramirez the
next day.

Gilbert Rayos, Jr., 28, was arrested for outstanding fines. He turned
himself in to police on Sept. 19.

Police served Ector Martinez a warrant for his arrest on Sept. 19 at the
Reeves County Jail, charging him with theft. His age and place of
residence were not available.

On Sept. 19, police arrested Eric Garay, 19, 824 S. Plum, at his
residence during a warrant service. He was charged with criminal
mischief, causing damage totaling more than $500 and under $1,500. The
following day charges of minor in possession and violating a promise to
appear were filed against him.

On Sept. 20, police arrested Carlos Lujan for criminal mischief during a
warrant service conducted at the sheriff's office. His age and address
were not given.

Francisco Medrano, 32, of Borger, was arrested by police on Sept. 21
during a warrant service for outstanding fines imposed from an original
charge of unlawfully carrying a weapon.

Rebecca Sue Baiza, 33, 420 Magnolia St., was arrested for possession of
drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest on Sept. 22 just before 3 a.m.
The arrest took place in the 300 block of South Peach Street.


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PECOS, September 26, 1996 - Showers stretched from the Dakotas to Texas
this morning and Oklahoma got hit with hailstorms. The East had misty
weather and the West had partly cloudy skies. Overnight, tornadoes
touched down in Oklahoma, but no damage was reported. Large hail and
damaging winds of more than 70 mph were possible in Texas, Oklahoma,
Arkansas and well as in Illinois and Missouri. Locally for tonight:
Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. Low
in the mid 50s. North wind 10-20 mph. Friday, partly cloudy. High in the
lower 70s. North wind 10-20 mph.

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