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Thursday, September 26, 1996

By Rosie Flores

Do you have pet peeves?

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Everybody has a pet peeve or two. Many of us have several things that
irritate us, annoy us or just plain make us unhappy.

Some of you are probably thinking that columnists annoy them!
Columnists have a lot of bright ideas and opinionated theories.

Some of the things that annoy most people are things like standing in a
long line at the grocery store for a long period of time, while the
person in front of you is arguing with the clerk over petty things.

I once stood in line for over 30 minutes while a woman cashing a check
argued over the fact that they were going to take a dollar out of the
check as the service charge.

Or someone arguing about the price of the item and at the last minute
deciding they don't even want that item anymore.

Standing behind someone at the store, and they don't make out their
checks until the final total is rung up.

Usually husbands and wives have things about each other they don't care
too much for. Talking to other individuals around the office, the number
one complaint about husbands seems to be leaving the toilet seat up.

This can get complicated for a wife, when she decides to visit the
facility in the middle of the night without turning on the light because
she already knows her way around, only to find that the seat has been
left up and she falls into the toilet! (Even if they don't admit it, I
know this has happened to several individuals.)

Other peeves about husbands, are leaving dirty socks laying around, the
toothpaste cap off, using the bathroom sink and splashing water
everywhere including the mirror, shaving and not cleaning up after
themselves, leaving whiskers in the sink and workboots lying around in
the living room.

Also foot powder and toiletries do not belong in the living room, no
matter how convenient the husband thinks this is for him.

This is just to name a few, and we'll probably have to continue this
column next week. Maybe some husbands would like to give their input
about what's annoying to them!

Rosie Flores is an Enterprise reporter and editor of Lifestyles and
Golden Years. Her column appears each Thursday.
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