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Wednesday, September 25, 1996


Hoping justice

prevails at the end

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Dear Editor:

I'm writing in reference to an article I read in the Pecos Enterprise
on september 17, 1996. I was astonished, to say the least.

I live in Arlington, Texas. Shortly before moving to the Dallas area I
worked for Dr. Lee for approximately one year. Dr. and Mrs. Lee are two
of the nicest people I've ever worked for. I suppose many people cannot
possibly understand how difficult it is to make it as a physician in a
small town like Pecos. Dr. Lee worked very hard to make himself a
reputable and professional doctor and that's exactly what I feel he did.

In the year I worked for Dr. Lee he showed me what professionalism
stands for. His actions were of the most highest respect, towards myself
and his patients. He is a hard working human being and as to why anyone
would want to ruin a person's reputation and career is beyond me. Dr Lee
loves the elderly, his compassion and concern towards their well-being
is one of his greatest qualities that I admired the most.

Some Pecos residents might not like Dr. Lee, but he is a human being,
and when discrediting his professional manner as a physician, we should
give him the benefit of the doubt, this in no way should be any reason
to take advantage of the state he's in. He is still trying to give
service to our community in Pecos.

I hope that in the end justice prevails and I wish Dr. and Mrs. Lee all
the best!

Esmeralda R. Tarin
Arlington, Texas


Concerned about a

humans reputation

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Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter as a person who is concerned about the
reputation of another human being, Dr. Lee.

I worked closely with Dr. and Mrs. Lee for approximately 10 years while
I was working for Dr. Chuong. I often helped in the office with
insurance. In all the years I was associated with the Lee's I was
treated with respect. Dr. Lee, is a professional and always behaved as

Dr. Lee was in good health during this time and he is now disabled. If
he did not do anything offensive while he was physically capable why
would people believe he would do such things now?

Dr. Lee may not be your physician. This should not matter, the
reputation of an honorable man has been tarnished. It is all to easy to
believe the worst of someone, but it takes a person of compassion to
ignore rumors and gossip. It is time for the people of Pecos to start
believing the best about people rather than the worst.

Prescilla Lara Rodriguez

By Jerry Hulsey

Armadillos become the

major enemy for Felipe

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Recently I wrote of my dislike for Felipe's cats, and when he read that
article, he demanded equal opportunity to air his lack of affection for
the armadillo, which in his tenure in Texas has become his major enemy.

At the beginning he had a problem with rattlesnakes but his commentary
on them is they command respect. I watched him stand motionless one day
as one crawled across his foot. He waited until the snake was 3 feet
away before he took the head off with his machete. This cowboy couldn't
have stood still, I probably would have cut my foot with the machete and
got bit too.

When are armadillos worse than rattlesnakes?

When you live in a semi-arid area and have a three acre yard with
sprinkle irrigation, armadillos come to visit every night. And they come
to plow in the wet turf. Felipe takes pride in his yard and it's no big
chore every three hours during the night to get up, get his flashlight
and baseball bat, check the yard for Tusos (Spanish slang for hogs), he
calls them, then check the springer heifers.

Previously, I've commented that Felipe never complains about anything
if he's not feeling well or is upset. I can always tell because he
avoids all conversation. (I often wish I could find a woman like him - I
think I'd give up batching).

One day he was rather sullen and periodically gnashed his teeth. (He is
the envy of everyone with the most perfect set of pearls - no cavities,
no use for toothpicks). And I'm always scolding him for abusing them -
cracking pecans, bending wire, loosening a knot in a rope - he says Dios
gave him his Vise Grips - and he put them there to be used.

The gnashing of the teeth was getting on my nerves as well as arousing
my curiosity.

"What's the matter with your mouth?" I inquired: He wiggled his upper,
then lower, front teeth with his index finger," "My teeth are loose and
sore," he replied. "OK Felipe, what have you done to yourself?" Then
comes the confession with the pride of a winner. "You remember my
commenting about the Tuso that comes with the four-bottom plow" and
night after night evades me. Well, he's history - but it was a battle
for this Indian. He nearly got away from me and did make it to his
burrow, but I got a hold of his tail and the tussle began. I couldn't
out-tug him, and every time I'd try to turn loose with one hand to poke
that particular part of his anatomy necessary for him to relinquish his
hold, he'd gain inches on me. So, I had to use my vise-grips and my left
hand on the tail, freeing my right hand to poke him you know where.
"That's how I won the battle."

I jokingly asked him if he wanted fried armadillo for supper. His
serious reply, "You boil that rascal, and I'll drink the stew."

Jerry Hulsey is a former school teacher who writes for fun.
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