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Tues., September 24, 1996


Enterprise picture

strikes sour note

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What I'm about to say may be a little significance, but what I saw in
the Pecos Enterprise Friday struck a sour note. There was a picture of
1st National Bank vice-president Paul Hinojos (former Monahans High
School alumni) flashing a Lobo Sign.

I, myself, being a former Lobo (1st Team All-District Quarterback) took
pride in wearing the green and white. I know what it feels like to be a
winner. I also know the aches and pains of four hard quarters
representing your school colors. Win or lose, our Eagles are out there
representing the colors of this community.

Yes, we haven't won a district championship in a while, but that
doesn't mean you give up! coach Belew and his staff come from a winning
tradition and are trying to implement a successful winning tradition in
our athletes. Our freshman, junior varsity and varsity are working hard
to become winners! Understand, these young men play football because
they chose to represent our colors. If anything they deserve our utmost
respect for their efforts.

If I recall correctly, it was in Monday's or Tuesday's paper that a
picture of empty beer cartons and displayed. Along with this picture was
an article written by Paul Hinojos, telling the people of Pecos to clean
up after themselves and to take pride in their town. An article that was
precise and to the point and one that I agree with. Is this the same
Paul Hinojos that is a member of the Pecos Chamber of Commerce, Lion's
Club, and active in other civic duties promoting Pecos, but yet,
displays a Lobo sign on the front page of the Pecos Enterprise? Joke or
no joke, it wasn't funny!

In my opinion, what you said and what you want displayed is
condescending and hypocritical. I know that our Eagles may not win every
game, but I am hopeful that they will. I have two sons and a daughter
and, as long as I live in Pecos, they will wear the purple and gold as
proud as you and I wore the green and white!

Now I'm not saying that I paint myself purple and gold on game night
and attend every Eagle sport activity; however, I will make one thing
clear. There is only one set of colors here and they are definitely not
green and white! I know that at one time we were both proud Loboes,
however that time has come and gone.

Paul, I am not telling you who to cheer for, but if you are going to
cheer for the Loboes, they can't hear you from 38 miles away. Monahans
is due east!

Totally Disappointed
Former Lobo
Benny P. Hernandez

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our apology to anyone who might have been offended by the
picture. It was all in what we believed to be good fun and the spirt of
rivalry between Pecos and Monahans and wasn't Paul Hinojos' idea, rather
that of his friends and fellow employees at First National Bank who
wanted to give him a difficult time about his former allegiances. He
along with all of us paint ourselves purple and gold and are proud of
the new spirit in our schools.


Dr.'s wife has disbelief about report

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Dear Editor,

I read with disbelief your recent report about my husband Dr. Lee, and
felt compelled to respond.

My husband was prosecuted by untrue accusation and your newspaper
reporting. After three women filed their complaints at the Sheriff's
office, my husband was told that the Sheriff would send his man to
arrest him as soon as the warrants were ready. Knowing how the Sheriff
felt about him from his past experience and his active campaign the
Sheriff during the last primary election, my husband turned himself in
to JP Joel Madrid and pled "no contest" without reading the charges in
order to avoid the embarrassing arrest and bad publicity.

He did not pay $1,500.00 fine as you reported. JP Madrid could verify
this. In fact, he paid $200.00 in court fees. He was told that pleading
"no contest" was not admitting guilt. Rather, it was a deferred
adjudication and he would be clean after three months of probation. He
eagerly wanted to get it over with quickly and went for "no contest"

A few years ago, my husband had a stroke and the left side of his body
was paralyzed. He could not even sit up for quite some time and was
wheelchair bound for several months. After extensive physical therapy he
learned to walk with a cane and still cannot move his left hand. His
balance has been fragile. Even with a cane, once he tripped and
fractured his left hip and thigh. Recently he had another fall while
taking his routine evening walk around the neighborhood. He could not
get up himself and a neighbor picked him up. However, from the report,
one woman claimed that she pushed my husband away when he reached for
her. How could a physically handicapped person like him endure such a

Two days ago I heard from the women's attorney demanding big money to
settle their charges or he would sue my husband. I said to go ahead and
sue him. The attorney said that my husband would be sent to the state
penitentiary for 20 years if he was found guilty. I said to go ahead
take him. Then he said he'll see us in court. I said OK!

Alas! Morality and values have changed alot since we came to Pecos in
1974. Some people do not want to work for their money. To the accuser I
say that their stories did not add up and they would not get a dime of
this. Stay tuned! More soap opera is coming!

Betty Lee

By Peggy McCracken

Fall Fair in the air

with barbecue, music

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Fall is in the air, finally, and you know what that means. Fall Fair,
Fall Concert, World Championship BBQ Cookoff, of course. Outdoor lovers
will have a treat the first weekend, when cooks will get their briskets
on Friday night (Oct. 4) and set up their barbecue cookoff camps in the
sheriff's posse arena. Cooking continues all day Saturday, with judging
and EATING in the afternoon. Then that night, the Pecos Chamber of
Commerce plans a Tejano concert next door in the rodeo arena.

Not being a music listener, I have yet to attend a concert. But I hear
they gain in popularity every year, and people have a good time.
Likewise for the cookoff. John Pitts started that cookoff 24 years ago
when he was columnist for the Enterprise. I think he was copying the
chili cookoff at Terlingua, which he attended and wrote glowingly about.
Made a few chamber leaders mad that he gave someone else so much
publicity, and we ran a photo of him getting a bowl of red poured over
his head.

Patriotism is the theme of the 52nd Annual Reeves County Fall Fair &
Livestock Show the next weekend, Oct. 10-12, inside the civic center.
That's when all the good cooks and canners show off their culinary
skills. Then crafters get to enter their best work and artists display
paintings, drawings, photos and whatever else they concoct.

School exhibits are among the most interesting booths each year.
Everyone seems to go all out to put their best foot forward to make
their school proud.

Pets get to put their best foot forward in the pet show, too. Some
mighty good-looking dogs, cats and exotic animals strut their stuff for
the judges. Sometimes there's a little tension when the dogs and cats
get too close together. I don't recall a pet mouse being entered. If
cats were judges, they would literally eat up that contestant.

They have some good food booths at the concert, and a few may stick
around for the fair. That's my favorite part.

Of course, the livestock show is a major part of the fair. Youngsters
wash and clip their sheep, groom the pigs and primp the steers and
heifers for their brief time in the ring. You'd think they were going to
perform for the President, the way some families work on those animals.
I don't know what they do to the goats. Probably give them a bath.

Outside the civic center, little kids and older siblings alike will
enjoy the carnival. It hasn't been all that long since I tried out one
of those exciting rides. And the bumper cars are still fun. I guess the
kid in us never grows us.

"The lambs will provide you wiht clothing, and the goats with the price
of a field." Proverbs 27:26, NIV.

Peggy McCracken is an Enterprise writer and editor whose column appears
each Tuesday.
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