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Monday, September 23, 1996

Bang, Galindo argue about `hidden' pay

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 23, 1996 - In a 3-1 vote and following a lengthy
discussion Reeves County Commissioners approved personnel and salary
changes for several departments, including the Reeves County Detention

Commissioner Precinct 1 Lupe Garcia, Precinct 3 Herman Tarin and
Precinct 4 Bernardo Martinez voted for the personnel changes, while
Commissioner Precinct 2 W.J. Bang voted against the changes, which
included raises for the Reeves County Detention Center.

Bang questioned whether it was practical to give these individuals
another raise, some of whom just received a raise at the last
commissioners court meeting.

"Some of these individuals were on the list the last time also," said

Among his other concerns, Bang cited the fact that two other county
workers had received raises without his knowledge.

"You can't tell from this, exactly how much these two individuals are
making, since the amount is still the same," said Bang. "You should make
this clearer," he said.

The figures only reflected what has been allocated to the two in their
paychecks from the Reeves County Detention Center Fund and not from the
General Fund. The two are paid out of both funds, combining each salary
into a one paycheck.

Both are employees at the Reeves County Courthouse as administrative
assistants for the county judge's office and do work for the Reeves
County Detention Center as contract oversight assistants for the
facility. One of the employees will be earning $20,000 a year, while the
other one is noted to be allocated $17,000.

"The administrative's assistant's salary for this office was set in 1994
before I came into office, when Mike Harrison was in office," said
Reeves County Judge Jimmy B. Galindo.

Galindo stated that the two do a tremendous amount of work for the
Reeves County Detention Center, where part of their salary comes from.

"He (W.J. Bang) was not complaining back then about the salary and that
salary schedule for this office had salaries ranging from
$12,000-$20,000 and I have not exceeded any of those," Galindo said.

"When I voted for these particular salaries last week, I voted according
to the information given to me, which did not reflect raises for these
two individuals," said Bang.

"The figures should be written here and they should be accurate, so that
we can make the right decision," he said. "We need to do things in a
fair manner."

"My office does a lot of work and you just don't appreciate it," said
Galindo, who added that Bang does not have enough information to make
the comments he is making, since he only attends the public meetings
which are held twice monthly and does not come around the courthouse at
other times.

In regard to the RCDC raises, Bang suggested that the court wait until
new CEO Rodolfo "Rudy" Franco arrives and makes his own decisions on the
matter. Franco was hired by commissioners two weeks ago.

"My recommendation would be to wait until the CEO gets here and get his
input, because there's already a lot of discontent among the employees,"
said Bang. "It not good for the morale."

"What Dr. Bang fails to realize is it's not up to us to micromanage the
prison. We have to set policy, to set salary perimeters, not to decide
on individual raises," said Galindo. "It's a decision that should be
left to the executive staff of the facility and as long as department
heads are within their salary schedule and budget, Dr. Bang has no place
to try to micromanage office in this county."

The new salary changes at the facility were made because of the
resignation of 10 workers which occurred there recently. Several
reportedly resigned to take higher-paying correctional jobs elsewhere.

"The positions are vacant and we are moving officers into these
positions," said Warden Joe Trujillo.

The figures and salaries are the same as approved, only the names have
changed to reflect the recent resignations.

Changes include:

- Jose Hernandez, from Correction Officer III at $19,000 a year to
$20,000 a year;

- Raises for Correction Officer III from $18,000 to $19,000 went to
Daniel Bitolas, Miguel Chavez and Eutiquio Zuniga;

- Raised from C.O. II at $18,000 to C.O. III at $19,000 was Omero

- Raises from C.O. II at $17,000 to C.O. III at $18,000 went to Oscar
Solis, Benjamin Madrid, Tommy Cobos, and Tony Hernandez;

- Raises from C.O. II at $16,000 to C.O. II at $17,000 were approved for
Robert Carrasco, Enrique Jaso, and Daniel Marruffo;

- Raises from C.O. I at $15,000 to C.O. II at $16,000 were given to
Ruben Baeza, Edward Prieto and Eric Salcido.

"This is just another step we're taking in creating a veteran staff
core," said Galindo.

All these changes were approved by the BOP, according to Trujillo.

Other personnel and salary changes included new hires at the facility,
all with starting salaries of $15,000 a year. Hired were Kevin
Bardksdale, Rose Rodriguez, Jose Talamantez, Frank Orona, Jr., Javier T.
Orona, Ricky G. Nunez and Ramon G. Lara.

Other county personnel and salary changes were Ruben Contreras and Angel
Ramirez at the Road and Bridges Department, part-time at a salary of $7
per hour, working on the second perimeter fence at the RCDC.

Sulema Dominguez at the Reeves County Clerk's office as election worker
at $6 per hour. Martha Trujillo will replace Debbie Thomas as early
election employee.

County seeks share of Lotto sales

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 23, 1996 - Reeves County Commissioners approved a
resolution in support of a proposed Senate bill regarding the Texas
Lottery, which they hope will produce more money for the county.

"I wanted to bring this up because I read where another county did this
and they get to keep a portion of the money spent on the lottery," said
Commissioner Precinct 1 Lupe Garcia during this morning's
commissioner's court meeting.

Under the proposal, Reeves County would be allotted five cents of the
lottery money on tickets sold within the county.

"I think we should support Senator Haywood's bill," said Garcia.

The language in the bill itself would designate how much would go to
each entity the city and the county, according to Reeves County Judge
Jimmy B. Galindo.

"The state legislature would define appropriate uniform method of doing
this," said Galindo.

Under the proposed resolution, the county would net 2½ cents of the five
cents with the other 2½ cents going to the city.

The bill will be up for consideration at the 1997 Legislative session.

The resolution is to support Senator Haywood's efforts in establishing
this bill.

In other business, a screening committee for housing grant #714160 was

Grant administrator Mari Maldonado updated the court on the progress of
the grant she is currently working on.

"The point we are at right now, that we have gained approval from the
state and now we need to get applications out to colonias residents for
this project," said Maldonado.

The screening committee would look at the applications and score them on
a point basis. The top 20 would be approved for housing rehabilitation.

"I am planning a colonias meeting and will meet personally with each
applicant so that they understand the standards of the project," said

She told the court that houses for which funds had previously been
approved would have to reapply, and it was up to the court whether these
homes should take priority.

This came after Commissioner Precinct 3 Herman Tarin, questioned whether
these individuals would now receive the help they need or not.

Steering committee members include, Ricky Herrera, of the Town of Pecos
City Council; Rosendo Carrasco, Balmorhea City Council; Paul Hinojos,
Pecos Chamber of Commerce; and Bruce Salcido, representing of the
private sector.

"I will represent the county in various spectrums in this committee,"
said Maldonado.

A resolution for central counting station for the November election and
the extension of software license on election computer system were

Helen Vernon was approved as a reserve deputy for the Reeves County
Sheriff's Department.

Chief Deputy Fred Lujan reported to the court that the sheriff's
department received 25 inmates from the U.S. Marshal's office in El Paso
and the downtown facility is currently up to capacity.

"We're doing really well and this will be an ongoing thing," said Lujan.
"We'll be getting inmates from the U.S. Marshals on a regular basis."

The capacity at the facility is 86 and the jail is currently housing 90,
according to Lujan.

"That's great to hear, and I hope this continues," said Galindo.

Pecos teen is charged in shooting

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Staff Writer

PECOS, September 23, 1996 - A Pecos teen is currently being held in
Reeves County Jail for attempted murder after he allegedly fired two
shots at a local man while he sat in his car.

Municipal Judge Phyllis Salyer set a $20,000 bond for the release of
17-year-old Robert Jimenez, who was taken into custody Sunday morning at
his residence, located at the corner of Sixth and Elm streets.

Salyer issued the arrest warrant on information compiled by police
during their investigation of a Saturday morning report by Eliseo Lujan,
who lives at 2106 Hackberry St., contending that he had been shot at.

Lujan identified Jimenez at the time of the report, according to

Criminal Investigator Kelly Davis said that Lujan stated he was sitting
in his 1992 Mercury Cougar early Saturday morning, while parked outside
his residence and facing another vehicle. Davis said that according to
Lujan, Jimenez was seated in the back seat of the other car when he
fired two shots from a pistol, believed by police to be a 9 mm.

There were two other subjects in the car with Jimenez, Davis said, and
authorities are currently seeking to identify them.

The gun allegedly used in the incident was recovered by police, but
ballistics tests have not been received, said Davis, who was at the
Reeves County Jail interviewing the alleged shooter this morning.

Ballistics are run at an Austin laboratory, Davis said, and a shell was
also retrieved from the victim's vehicle.

Lujan entered his report at 4:56 a.m., Saturday, according to the police

Jimenez was arraigned Sunday.

The shooting was one of two incidents in the area during an 6½ hour

Complete information on Friday night's disturbance on Interstate 20 in
western Reeves County was not available this morning. However, DPS
reports indicated that Monahans Department of Public Safety Trooper Eric
White was involved in a four-minute-long pursuit along I-20 from mile
markers 22 to 25, between Toyah and Salt Draw, starting at 10:24 p.m.

The suspect vehicle was traveling east in the westbound lane, according
to the local DPS dispatcher.

Performance to proceed Pecos Airfield Reunion events
CAFs annual Airsho set this weekend

PECOS, September 23, 1996 - If you're an aircrafts enthusiast, Midland
International Airport will be the place to be this Saturday and Sunday
for the Confederate Air Force's Airsho 1996.

Airsho '96 will feature the fast-paced action of the Confederate Air
Force's World War II Airpower Demonstration. Beginning with the surprise
attack on Pearl Harbor, through the battle of the Pacific and European
theaters, concluding with the fateful aerial assault on the Japanese

Celebrating 50 years of formation flying, the world renowned U.S. Navy
Blue Angels will perform during Airsho '96. Flying high with precision
and pride in their F/A 18 Hornets, the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration
Team will also be executing spectacular maneuvers with their C-130
Hercules, affectionately known as "Fat Albert."

Jan Collmer will perform aerial magic in the sky with his new Fina
aircraft, an extra 300. From classic aerobatics, to a hair-raising
routine of snaprolls on take-off and landing.

Tickets are $10 for adults at the gate, $6 for children 6-12. Advance
tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for children 6-12.

For more information call 915-563-1000 or 1-800-CAF-SHOW.

Mother of Snyder toddler

gives birth to quintuplets

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LUBBOCK, September 23, 1996 - The first set of quintuplets believed to
have been born in the South Plains region of Texas appear happy and
healthy, though they could face 2½ months in the hospital.

Brent and Deshonna Taylor of Snyder, who had been trying to have another
child, made quite an addition to their family Saturday at St. Mary
Hospital in Lubbock. The Taylors also have a 4-year-old son, Joshua.

Doctors first told them to expect triplets, then quadruplets, then
finally quintuplets.

``We were trying to have one more,'' Brent Taylor had said in an earlier
interview. ``Like I told 'Shonna, I guess we should have played the
lottery that night, the way our luck went.''

Joshua suddenly has three brothers and two sisters. The oldest, daughter
Kenedy, also was the heaviest at 3 pounds, 4 ounces. The youngest, the
other girl, named Aleksi, was the lightest at 1 pound, 3 ounces.

The parents had picked the boys' names in advance: Jonah, Jacob and

The babies could remain at St. Mary for about 10 weeks in the neonatal
intensive care unit.

The quints are the second this year in Texas. The first set ever born in
Houston came on July 14.

Copyright 1996 Pecos Enterprise. All rights reserved. AP contributed to
this report.


Lillie Herron

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Lillie Mae Herron, 85, of Rotan, died Thursday, Sept. 19, at Fisher
County Hospital.

Funeral services were held Saturday at Weathersbee Funeral Home Chapel
with Rev. Lester Carter officiating. Burial was held in the Belvieu
Cemetery under the direction of Weathersbee Funeral Home.

Herron was born Mary 31, 1911 at Motley County, and has lived in Rotan
for 57 years. She was a member of the First Baptist Church, a volunteer
worker at the Fisher County Senior Citizens Center, an Avon salesperson
and active with the Rebecca Lodge.

She was preceeded in death by her husband, J.R. Herron.

Survivors include one son, Delbert Wilcher of Leuders; two daughters,
Bobbie Dickson of Rotan, Ava Williams of Merkel; four sisters, Daisy
Smith of Matador, Dorothy Lee of Roaring Springs, Billie Gedion of San
Angelo, Thelma Hughes of Graham; one brother, R.N. Davis of Carlsbad,
N.M.; nine grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.


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PECOS, September 23, 1996 - High Sunday 98, low this morning 57.
Tonight, partly cloudy. Low near 60. West wind 5-15 mph becoming
northeast 10-20 mph and gusty late. Tuesday, mostly cloudy and cooler
with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High in the lower
80s. Northeast to east wind 10-20 mph.
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