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Sept. 17, 1996

Hobby leads to special tile painting

Staff Writer

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Painting tiles for the West of the Pecos Museum is just one of many
hobbies a museum volunteer enjoys.

Freda Blahosky paints the beautiful tiles which are displayed in the
lobby of the museum.

The tiles depict everything from ranch brands to memorials made in honor
of deceased loved ones.

"I've been painting these tiles for the museum for a number of years,"
said Blahosky.

The tiles are $100 each and are painted with whichever the design the purchaser

"We paint whatever the buyer wants put on it," said Blahosky.

The tiles are purchased by family members, clubs, organizations or
individuals with proceeds benefiting the West of the Pecos Museum.

"There's just so many of them now, and they all have a different design
on them," said Blahosky.

Blahosky is not only one of the artist for the museum, but volunteers
her time on Wednesdays.

"I really enjoy volunteering here at the museum, I get to meet a lot of
people from different parts of the country," said Blahosky.

Blahosky has been a member of the Porcelain Art Club for 18 years.

"I got started doing porcelain art, when I went to the Senior Center one
day and Dot Pearce was there teaching it," said Blahosky. "I got hooked
ever since," she said.

"I really liked it the first time I tried it, and stopped by Sue Toone's
Arts and Crafts and have been painting ever since," she said.

Even though the art store no longer exists, porcelain painting has

Blahosky thoroughly enjoys painting, even though most of her painting
these days is done solely for the museum.

The porcelain art club meets once a month the first Saturday of the
month, from September through May.

Blahosky has been a resident of Pecos, since 1952, when she moved from
Lynwood, Calif.

"My husband and I moved here in 1952 and have been living here ever
since," said Blahosky. "Ever since we moved here, we have really enjoyed
living in Pecos," she said.

Blahosky's husband, Roy, however, passed away in May of this year, the
day after the couple's 57th anniversary.

Blahosky also enjoys quilting and crocheting.

"I used to love to play golf and bowl, when I was younger and stronger,"
said Blahosky.

Knee surgery, however, has led Blahosky to try calmer hobbies, which she
claims she thoroughly enjoys.

"I had to have knee surgery, which led me to start quilting and
crocheting," said Blahosky. "Since I was laid up for a while I took up
these different hobbies," she said.

Macrame was also a popular hobby, during the time Blahosky had surgery.

"It used to be a very popular hobby, and had I not had knee surgery I
might never have started doing that," she said.

About her many hobbies, Blahosky states, "Nothing is difficult once you
learn how to do it."

"I never complained when I had surgery, that I couldn't walk or do much,
I just picked up different things to learn how to do," said Blahosky.
"I'm really glad I had to the chance to learn how to do all those
things," she said.

Upon arriving in Pecos, Blahosky worked for the local attorneys.

"I worked with them for awhile when we first got here and later worked
at the Galbraith Steel Company, a wholesale house," said Blahosky.
"There were a lot of businesses back then," she said.

Blahosky has one daughter, Sandra Thomas Lively, five grandchildren and
four great-grandsons.

"I try to keep busy, and volunteering at the museum has been very
rewarding, the people are so friendly," said Blahosky. "I get to meet a
lot of interesting people that I otherwise would not have the
opportunity to do so," she said.

Blahosky's count of how many tiles she has done for the museum, has been
set at many.

"I don't know exactly how many I have painted, but there are quite a
few," she said.


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By Bonnie Cearley

Greetings again from Brown County!

The calendar and the weather are in accord - summer is to be officially
over next Saturday. Probably it is the same there as here, it still gets
very hot in the afternoons.

The days are shorter so we can enjoy the evenings. The front porch is
really nice, to sit and watch our little part of the world go by. This
morning when I walked out in the yard, there was definitely a new
feeling - a hint of change coming.

Most of the flowers are gone - there are some late blooming roses since
the bit of rain which brought some cooler days. The live oak trees are
dropping acorns but the post oak leaves are not yet falling. Next month
when the red oaks start changing color there will be many spots of
color. One large area of particular beauty is southeast of here on the
way to Austin.

Another reason to know we are in the Fall season - Monday Night Football
is back on television. Football fever is all around and it affects many
people. For those who read the sports pages of newspapers, there is
plenty of information to satisfy most everyone.

Having been a sports fan almost forever it has been interesting to try
and keep up with teams, players, statistics, and such. In West Texas it
had gotten pretty easy to follow sports. Here in Central Texas the towns
are much closer together and nearly everyone has a team from USL 5A down
to 1A and six man football.

There is no keeping up - junior varsity games on Thursdays and varsity
teams on Fridays, sometimes on Saturdays. Schools are troubled quite
often trying to do a "balancing act" in maintaining the required
academics and providing a proper place for athletics. Try as hard as
they may, their efforts most always draw criticism.

Brownwood is having trouble in a re-building program. In the winning
days of the Gordon Woods era fans got spoiled, I think. Now Coach W. T.
Stapler is surely challenged. Marthana and Coy have gone to the home
games already, I listen to the radio. I had to do that before we left
Pecos when I got where I could not "do steps" anymore.

Someone has written "Old age is not for Sissies" and that is really
true. It has been difficult to be resigned about what one cannot do but
I have found most every cloud has a silver lining.

For instance, on the vacation trip I ignored pride and independence and
agreed to a wheelchair. John Allan and Janie assured me that they did
not mind what I called trouble - they got to pre-board on the planes, be
at the head of the lines for the tour bus, get individual tours of the
U.S. Capitol and other buildings.

There is no way I cold have seen all of Williamsburg had I walked. There
was just so much to see and we made it all. So there is compensation for
getting to be "that little white-haired lady" - sometimes deference is
giver to my ideas and judgement.

Sunday before last was Grandparents Day - that status of life certainly
is a plus. For me it was wonderful to get grandchildren - John got to
see, enjoy and be proud of the five of them also. Now an added blessing
- five great-grandchildren - life is good!

Lately, time continues to pass too quickly but the last three weeks have
been frustrating, almost to be considered "wasted time." A late summer
flu or an early winter virus, whatever, brought me down. Could not even
catch up on reading my magazines or books because my head and eyes hurt.
Trying to maintain a modicum of sanity I re-lived good days by way of
memory and camera pictures of vacation time.

When we were in Washington, D.C. all the Smithsonians Institution
buildings were marked with huge 150th Anniversary flags. These will be
in place the rest of this year. To commemorate this year special coins
have been minted, proof coins in five-dollar (gold) and silver
one-dollar denominations. Part of the proceeds of the sale of the coins
will be donated to the Institute for the expansion of the many

Most everyone knows the Institution was started with money from the
estate of James Smithson of England who never was in America. A wealthy
scientist, Smithson left his money to a nephew, with the stipulation
that should this nephew have no heir the estate would go to the U.S.
government to use "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge."

The legacy came to America in the form of 104,960 British gold
sovereigns. British currency was not legal in this country so the United
States mint melted down the sovereigns and reminted them as Goddess of
Liberty ten-dollar gold coins.

These were used to finance the building of the Institution after some
years of discussion and decision, even some wrangling. (We learn human
behavior has remained much the same through the years).

The first building, now known as The Castle, was completed in 1855 after
a design by James Renwick. There are now 52 museums and the National Zoo.

This next Saturday and Sunday, September 21-22, the National Zoo will be
the site of the Wildlife Art Exhibit which includes a Juried Art Show
and Sale of entries from one hundred artists, the Kids' Creation
Station, Art Demonstrations and Photo Safaris of the zoo.

This festival is made possible by Eastman Kodak, MIX 107.3 FM,
Washington Gas and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
Sorry I cannot go back to D.C. for this - it would be great fun.

Plans are for being in our state capital city for the Texas Federation
of Women's Clubs Fall Board Meeting. Club members from over the state
will converge Thursday at the Holiday Inn Town Lake for informative and
entertaining sessions TFWC clubs are resuming regular meetings this
month. Actually as this is being written Modern Study Club is meeeting
there in Pecos in the home of the new president, Joyce Morton. I send
best wishes for their planned year.

In Austin we will hear changes in General Federation stated programs for
the 1996-98 administration, special projects and participate in
workshops along with the regular business. Invited speakers will be
heard on the subject of literacy, learning disabilities, volunteerism
and the TFWC Link with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The Past Districts Presidents Breakfast is always a special event.
Sessions conclude at noon on Saturday.

Also planned is a several-day visit with John Allan and Janie in Liberty
Hill. Coy and Marthana plan to attend the Pecos High School 1956 Class
Reunion in Austin on the Sept. 27-28 weekend, then they will pick me up
on their way home.

The Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis was chosen for the meeting since class
members are scattered far and wide. Replies have been received from many
of the class, several from other states. Marthana did not attend Pecos
High School but through the years has come to know many PHS ex-students.

That same weekend a really special 60th Reunion has been planned for
Pecos. Phyllis Stool heads the arrangement plans for the group of
students who graduates in 1936. She said she has had some "very
interesting" replies. One person who is a mutual friend for both Phyllis
and me who plans to attend, is Millie Schafer Sanders.

She was a teacher and coach at Pecos High School for this class. I
became acquainted with her through Eastern Star activities in the in the
El Paso Valley at Fabens and Tornillo. She has been a wonderful friend.
Surely hope this event is a happy one for all concerned.

All aficionados of country music were saddened this past week by the
death of Bill Monroe, the elder statesman of Bluegrass Music. Way back
in the 30s years (many of you were not born then) those of us older
generation listened to Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs on the

Nowadays his music style is carried on by such stars as Ricky Skaggs and
Alison Krause. It brings a peculiar sadness to contemplate the passing
of one who is a contemporary.

In the mail comes a reminder that Oct. 16 is World Food Day. We are to
be more aware of those who are in need. Many organizations and church
groups observe this day with donations, not only for such programs as
Save The children and C.A.R.E., but local needs also. The General
Federation as a project for many years.

Looking at the calendar, today is Citizenship Day. All of us need to
contemplate this subject - really consider "What does Citizenship Mean
To Me?"

We got through two national political conventions by way of television.
Between now and November first Tuesday we will probably hear more
politics than we really want to know. I wish it would be possible that
everyone could consider just being Americans and concentrate on the good
of our country.

No one political party has all the answers - it makes one wonder what
will make this country great again. I will exercise my right to vote and
hope all of you do also.

Just before this becomes a sermon will say goodbye again and ask that
you can do one thing that will help whatever ails us - Love One Another!
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