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Thursday, August 29, 1996

Hospital OKs county's offer to collect taxes

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 29, 1996 - The Reeves County Hospital District board of
directors voted to continue their relationship with the Reeves County
Tax Assessor-Collector's office for another year on Tuesday, when the
board voted to accept their bid to handle the hospital's 1996-97 tax

Board members voted 2-1 to go with the county over the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD's tax office, during their special meeting on
Monday in the RCH classroom, following a motion by Chel Flores and a
second by Marcella Lovett.

The two were the votes in favor, while board member Hiram Luna voted
against. Board member Jesse Prieto announced earlier he would abstain
from voting because his wife, Lydia, served as the school district's tax
collector, while RCH board chairman Jeannette Alligood did not vote
because there was not deadlock on the matter.

The hospital board had earlier received a bid of $17,300 from the P-B-T
ISD, while Reeves County bid $16,500. The county's bid is $6,000 below
the amount they charged the hospital district for collection of 1995-96
taxes, and $14,000 less than the district was paying Reeves County for
tax collections two years ago.

There was one provision given to the county by the board, concerning the
selection of attorneys for collection of delinquent taxes.

"We want to retain the ability to choose our own delinquent tax
collection firm" Alligood said this morning. "We also requested the
commissioners take up the matter at the earliest possible opportunity,
so if there are any problems with the contract, the board can look at
something else."

Alligood was hoping commissioners could schedule a special meeting on
the contract, so the RCH board could consider the final measure during
their own special meeting, scheduled for Tuesday in the RCH classroom.

Elfida Zuniga, Reeves County Tax Assessor-Collector, who was appointed
to calculate tax rate for fiscal 1997, was at Wednesday's meeting and
she felt confident the county would not object to the one provision of
the board.

Gramm touts ban of welfare for drug felons

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PECOS, August 29, 1996 - U.S. Senator Phil Gramm will visit Pecos on
Friday afternoon to outline a new measure that forbids convicted drug
felons from collecting welfare.

Gramm has scheduled a 5:30 p.m. briefing with Reeves County Sheriff Andy
Gomez to outline his provision in the welfare bill that denies benefits
to convicted drug dealers.

The briefing will take place at the Reeves County Sheriff's Department,
located at Fifth and Oak Streets. The senator will be available to the
media after the briefing before going to Monahans for a similar briefing.

"People who are selling drugs should not be collecting welfare," said
Gramm of the measure which is included in the final version of the
welfare reform bill signed by President Clinton last week. "It's a tough
measure, but it's time to get tought."

Gramm's amendment will impose a lifetime ban on the payment of welfare
for those convicted of drug-related felonies in either state or federal

Gramm is seeking a third six-year term in the U.S. Senate this fall,
after ending his bid in February for the Republican presidential
nomination. He'll face Victor Morales, the Democratic nominee for
Senate, in the November general election.

Gramm visited Pecos in late June, as part of a series of West Texas
stops to tout his proposal to create a federal registry of child sex
offenders. President Clinton announced his support for that measure
prior to the start of this week's Democratic National Convention.

Rains continue flash flood threat in area

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From Staff and Wire Reports

PECOS, August 29, 1996 - Flash flooding caused problems across areas of
North Texas during the night and early today as heavy rainfall drenches
a vast area of the state.

Scattered showers fell across West Texas, continuing a pattern observed
for about a week. Pecos received a trace of rain Wednesday, while Ward
County had spotty rain showers.

Most of the area rains were on three sides of Pecos Wednesday. Flash
flood warnings were out at times for Lea and Eddy counties in New
Mexico, Presidio, Brewster, Jeff Davis and Pecos counties to the south,
and Crane, Upton, Midland and Martin counties to the east.

Some of the worst flooding was in Eastland County where over 4 inches of
rain fell, causing flooding problems in Pleasant Hill and Rising Star.

In Navarro County, heavy rain caused some flooding in a construction
area along the southbound lane of Interstate 45 south of Corsicana. As
much as 3 inches of rain fell in some areas of Navarro County.

Two roads in Comanche County remained flooded during the pre-dawn hours
after as much as 4 inches of rain fell. Deputies said Texas 36 and Farm
Road 587 were flooded.

In Mills County, Texas 16 along the Mills-Comanche County line was
closed because of high water and Farm Road 218 west of Priddy was washed
out following the heavy rainfall.

A flash flood watch was in effect today for the Concho Valley, southern
Permian Basin and Edwards Plateau in West Texas.

Forecasts called for scattered showers and thunderstorms over most of
West Texas through Friday.

Lows tonight will be in the 60s and 70s in West Texas. Highs Friday will
be in the 80s except in the Big Bend area where readings will be in the

A flash flood watch was in effect today for northern areas of South
Central Texas and in Southeast Texas.

Heavy rain fell over northwestern areas of the Hill Country early today.
In Real County, one road was closed due to high water.

Copyright 1996 Pecos Enterprise. All rights reserved. AP contributed to
this report.

Bigger turnout predicted for Son Shine `96 concert

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 29, 1996 - A bigger crowd is expected this year for the
annual Son Shine '96 concert slated for Saturday organizers of the event
said Wednesday.

The concert is scheduled to be held at Windmill Square next to the West
of the Pecos Museum on South Cedar Street. In case of inclement weather,
it will be moved to the Pecos Community Center, next door to the Police
Department on South Oak Street.

"We're expecting a larger crowd this year, with Jimmy Edward coming to
join us," said Eddie Vasquez, a member of the group Sudden Impact which
will be one of the featured artists at Saturday's event.

"The Labor Day weekend has become, for many, last gasp of summer fun,
but in West Texas, the weekend has become another opportunity to
celebrate the joy of Jesus Christ in Pecos," said Vasquez.

This year marks the eighth year for the Festival of Concerts, which is
free to the public.

Each year this concert hosts many Christian artists from as far west as
Albuquerque and as far east as Nashville. Along with Pecos' Sudden
Impact, other groups from El Paso, Carlsbad, Levelland, Lubbock, and San
Antonio are scheduled to perform at this year's event.

"We'll be having a lot of out-of-town guests, especially from
Albuquerque and we're really excited about this," said Vasquez.

Headlining the concert will be ex-Tejano star Jimmy Edward. Vasquez said
Edward gave his life to the Lord over two years ago and has since been
using his talents for Christ ever since.

He has recently put out his first Christian release entitled, "Los
Cristianos." The music in this release has the same style as his older
recordings, the difference is the positive, Christian message in the

Since it's release, not only have Christian programming included this
music, many Tejano and Spanish programs have also played it, Vasquez

Edward is excited to once again be in the Pecos area. He will have his
new release available in both CD and cassette.

Sudden Impact has been the host group since the Son Shine concert's
creation in 1989. At that time, the group wanted to share their
Christian music with the people of this area, with hopes of an annual

"By the grace of God, Son Shine has become so much more than was
anticipated, many styles of music has been a continual part of this
concert, both in English and in Spanish," said Vasquez.

Sudden Impact will have an added treat in their performance this year.
They have invited some local friends to sing with them, both with their
older songs as well as one some new songs never before performed.

"This year should prove to be a great blessing for Sudden Impact," said

Robert Lopez, Jr. is another featured artist of Son Shine '96 who has
been involved with this concert for many years. But not until last year
was he joined by his wife Marcia Railey Lopez, who also loves and sings
for Jesus, according to Vasquez.

They were married just prior to last year's concert, and they have been
singing together ever since, including this year.

He had worked in the past at Oasis Fellowship Church in Carlsbad, N.M.
He has recently moved to Levelland where he now works as a Youth Pastor
and a worship Leader at Grace Church.

The couple are expecting a child in January of 1997.

"Through the continuing changes in their lives, Robert and Marcia have
kept on common ground - their faith in and love of Jesus Christ," said

Another featured artist at the concert is Oasis. This group has also
been involved in recent concerts: however, they were formerly known as

Oasis is comprised of musicians who serve the Lord in exuberant praise
and worship, including former Pecos resident Albert Alvarez. This
eight-member team has a wide variety of music and talent to bring the
Lord's people into His presence, and to exalt the name of Jesus,
according to Vasquez.

After two years, the Lord has finally opened the door for Oasis to
travel and minister in music and praise with great joy in their hearts.

"However, Oasis does not travel to entertain, their mission is to draw
people into a closer relationship with the Lord," said Vasquez.

Many other artists, will also be involved, including Guillermo Macia and
his group from El Paso. He brings a fresh style of Spanish praise and
worship to this year's concert. He was also involved in last year's
event, and is excited to return to Pecos.

A group new to this Festival of Concerts is not new to Christian Spanish
ministry. Tres Con Fe of Lubbock, is led by Manuel Rodriguez and is very
excited to be a part of this year's concert. Their musical style is
similar to the International styles of music you might hear in Mexico.
Tres Con Fe has been in music ministry for 10 years and has three
releases that will be available at the concert site.

Host for this year's event will be Rev. Rick Zamorano.

"Many young people are excited that Rev. Zamorano will be involved. He
works every well with the youth as well as with the community as a
whole," said Vasquez. "This will be a chance to see another side of
`Father Rick,'" he said.

"Everyone of all faiths is welcome to attend this free concert," said

Attendees are asked to bring their lawn chairs. Booths will be available
with soft drinks and water. Other booths will feature T-shirts,
cassettes and CD's featuring many Christian music groups.

Landfill cost's removal helps cut city deficit

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PECOS, August 29, 1996 - A decline of $900,000 in the Town of Pecos
City's cash balance, as listed on a preliminary budget report given to
city council members during a meeting on Tuesday, is not likely to
occur, City Finance Officer Steve McCormick said today.

McCormick said the deficit figures are misleading, due to an budgeted
expense that the city is unlikely to have to pay for following a vote on
trash collection during Tuesday's meeting.

The preliminary budget listed revenues of $6,683,000 and expenditures of
$7,570,000 for fiscal 1997, but McCormick said $700,000 had been set
aside for construction of a new landfill trench, which the city would
have to build to properly disposed of waste and trash.

The current landfill is almost full to capacity, and the present
two-year-old trench cost Pecos $1.2 million to build.

However, council members voted on Tuesday to contract with West Texas
Waste for solid waste pickup and disposal under a 90-day trial plan,
during which time the city's waste will be taken to a regional landfill
near Penwell.

WT Waste will purchase about 160 dumpsters costing $48,000 and build a
transfer station if the 90-day trial period proves satisfactory, under
terms of the agreement.

Even if the contract is not extended, the city could still vote to haul
trash on its own to other sites, to avoid having to build a new trench.

The deletion of the $700,000 cost will give the proposed budget more
balanced figures, but expenditures are still expected to outpace
revenues by $200,000 under the plan, despite a $4 million increase in
the city's property tax valuations for fiscal 1997.

Under the proposal, the city will begin the 1997 fiscal year on Oct. 1
with a cash balance of $2,451,000. With the landfill cost deleted, this
city is expected to finish fiscal `97 with $2,264,000 cash on hand on
Sept. 30, 1997.

Other revisions may be made in the budget in order to bring it closer
into balance before final approval is given sometime next month.

Ector jurors deliberating on Dutchover

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Staff Writer

PECOS, August 29, 1996 - After a two day trial, an Ector County jury was
sent in for deliberation just before lunch today to decide on
drug-related charges against Balmorhea resident Daniel Salcido Dutchover.

Dutchover was given a 10-year deferred adjudication sentence by 143rd
District Attorney John Stickels after pleading guilty to a charge of
delivery of a controlled substance, cocaine, within Reeves County.

Today's deliberations are connected to separate charges filed in Ector
County last December against Dutchover by the Permian Basin Drug Task
Force, following a two-month investigation that put an undercover agent
in Dutchover's circle of colleagues.

The agent testified during a habeus corpus hearing in which Dutchover's
bond was lowered by $300,000 that the Balmorhea man sold him marijuana
and cocaine on eight different occasions.

Dutchover's home was raided by the task force on November 21-22 of last
year with the aid of a local entry team. The raid occurred after
Dutchover allegedly attempted to sale the undercover officer about 4½
pounds of marijuana in a PVC pipe and an approximate pound of cocaine,
that were delivered to the Balmorhea residence by Hector Brito Pando and
Yolando Pando.

Charges against several other persons arrested during both entries were
dismissed by the district attorney, while the Pandos received the same
sentence as Dutchover for drug possession charges.

Stickels said earlier this week that his reward for information leading
to the arrest of Hector Brito Pando, who was found guilty of probation
revocation in May, has doubled to $1,000.

Pando fled Reeves County after his probation officer reported that his
urine specimen had tested positive for opiates, a violation of his plea

In dismissing the other charges, Stickels said that an El Paso Court of
Appeals ruling in March stated that the PBDTF has no jurisdiction
outside of Ector County. Because of that, the district attorney said he
was unable to try the cases for those others charged as a result of the

The task force is currently facing a lawsuit by Stickels for libel after
they released a letter requesting his resignation to Reeves and Ward
County and Monahans and Pecos City law enforcement officials. The letter
was also sent to 143rd District Judge Bob Parks, Randy Reynolds,
successor for Stickels' district post, and the State Bar Association, as
well as to the Enterprise.

In the correspondence, PBDTF Commander Tom Finley states that Stickels
has been a failure in prosecuting their drug fighting efforts in both
Ward and Reeves Counties, and specifically mentioned the Dutchover raid.

Stickels contends that the letter was libelous and it exposed him to
public contempt and ridicule by impeaching his integrity, honesty and
reputation. He added that the task force was negligent in publishing the
letter to his motion.


The Fort Stockton Pioneer

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FORT STOCKTON, Aug. 29, 1996 - Pecos County Commissioners are scrambling
for funds to pay for boarding juvenile offenders in out-of-county
facilities. County Auditor Charlotte Carey warned commissioners Monday
that the money shortage has come about as a result of closing the old
Pecos County Juvenile Detention Center. The situation will continue
until construction of the new center is completed in six to seven months.

Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch

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FORT DAVIS, Aug. 29, 1996 - Despite conventional thinking that tornadoes
don't strike in the mountains, there were funnel clouds dancing in these
mountains Monday. Confirmed by law enforcement and pictures taken of
them, the funnel clouds danced in and out of clouds Monday evening on
the flats between Blue Mountain and Fort Davis. Many observers saw two
funnels, while others saw a third.

The Big Bend Sentinel

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MARFA, Aug. 29, 1996 - Come rain or shine, the 10th annual Marfa Lights
Festival gets underway Friday. The Country and Western music of Craig
Carter and his Spur of the Moment Band begins this year's celebration of
those magical, mystical, mysterious lights with a street dance from 8
p.m. to midnight Friday by the historic Presidio County Courthouse.
Tickets are $5 per person the night of the dance. Tejano Music Award
winners Mazz and Delia Gonzales y Culturas will highlight the concert
beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday on the Vizcaino Park state east of town off
Golf Course Road.

The Alpine Avalanche

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ALPINE, Aug. 29, 1996 - Paracelsus Healthcare of Houston and Chama
Healthcare of Scottsdale, Az. will present letters of proposals on a new
hospital to the Big Bend Regional Medical Center board of directors
Sept. 12. "They talked about building a new facility on land leased from
the hospital district," said board chairman Ralph Meriwether, who met
recently with company representatives in Houston.

The International, Presidio Paper

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PRESIDIO, Aug. 29, 1996 - A former city of Presidio employee pleaded
guilty to felony theft Monday in 394th District Court in Marfa. In a
plea-bargain agreement, Juana Hernandez said she took money from the
city. Judge Kenneth DeHart sentenced her to 10 years probation, a $1,500
fine, 600 hours of community service and restitution to the city of
$8,900. Hernandez was charged with theft of about $117,000 from Presidio
City Hall between January and September 1993. Since the theft, the city
collected all but $4,100, said District Attorney Albert Valadez. The
city paid $4,800 for an audit to determine the amount missing.

The Sul Ross Skyline

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ALPINE, Aug. 29, 1996 - The Texas State University System board of
regents approved preliminary plans for the new $6 million Sul Ross State
University Center Friday in its meeting in Alpine. The board authorized
the university to have architects prepare final plans and specifications
and advertise for bids. Completion is expected in 1998.

The Monahans News

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MONAHANS, Aug. 29, 1996 - Following a review of data submitted to the
Texas Education Agency by the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote ISD, the district
has been moved from "low performing" status to "acceptable." Supt. Jack
Clemmons received notification this week that every campus within the
district will receive "acceptable" or above ratings.


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percent chance of showers or thunderstorms. Low in the mid 60s.
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of showers or thunderstorms. High in the mid 80s. Southeast wind 5-15
mph. Labor Day weekend forecast, partly to mostly cloudy with a slight
chance of late afternoon and nighttime showers or thunderstorms. Lows in
the lower to mid 60s. Highs 80-85.
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