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Monday, Aug. 26, 1996
By Mari Maldonado

Movie buff lists

favorite flicks

Let's talk movies.

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Ever since I moved into a new home and have had to wait almost two
weeks for cable hook-up, I've had to rent movies practically every
night. It's been a great opportunity for this movie buff to catch up on
the shows I missed at the theaters.

Even if I'm not watching the television set, I have to have the TV
going, as I listen to conversations while I'm working around the house.
I always go back to watch the scenes, as I've had the convenience of
having them on tape. Naturally, it takes me hours to finish one movie.

So next time you're in the video store here are some good flicks to
check out:

Braveheart - didn't get its record number of Academy Award titles for
nothing! Of course, who can resist Mel Gibson? I saw it twice.

Executive Decision - Anytime I see Kurt Russell on the actors list,
it's got my vote. Those eyes! - By far, a great edge-of-your-seat,
action movie.

Dusk Till Dawn - George Clooney of ER stars in this movie. Enough said.
- Aside from that, this movie holds some good surprises for viewers, but
not young viewers;

Losing Isaiah - A heart-wrenching drama that focuses on an issue that
plagues the country today, and one I would never hope to go through;

An Eye For An Eye - Sally Fields is always a favorite. The story is
based on a suburban mother's horrific experience that makes the ending
understandable, as controversial as it may seem;

Seven - Brad Pitt really makes my corn pop - But then again, I'm always
a sucker for a good crime drama;

Powder - A really neat drama and a sure-see.

Naturally in my recent movie-marathon I ran across some I don't care
see again. Those would have to be the one's Martin picked out that
usually had a half-naked female on the cover, although Jade was a pretty
interesting crime drama with a neat twist.

I do have to credit him for his action selections.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column
appears each Monday.


Centrist campaign

best hope for GOP

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The Republican National Convention is finally over; all that's left is
next week's similar media production from the Democrats. The nation's
two major parties can then get back to their principal job during
elections, which is to grovel for votes and try to make the opposition
look bad. ...

Republicans are touting that their convention, and Bob Dole's selection
of Jack Kemp as his running mate, has energized the GOP ticket and given
the suddenly friendly partners a 10-percent bump in public opinion
polls. Some polls have Dole trailing President Clinton by just 10 points
after months of lagging much further behind.

Can Dole and the Republicans build on that momentum? It's going to be
tough. A candidate traditionally gets a surge in the polls immediately
following his party's convention. The bad news for the GOP is that if
history holds true, the Democratic convention could enable Clinton to
increase his lead again.

Kemp's selection should help Dole. Some arch-conservative party members
are miffed at the inclusion of a running mate who has supported
affirmative action, bashed harsh immigration proposals, and long urged
Republicans to reach out to blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic
communities. ...

It's disappointing, but not surprising to see Kemp already beginning to
retreat from the progressive stands he has always taken on social and
race issues. The GOP's far right, it seems, must be appeased. Maybe Dole
and Kemp can get past the rightist rhetoric and run a centrist campaign
in the vein of an Eisenhower or Reagan.

A centrist-leaning Dole-Kemp campaign - with perhaps some help from
Colin Powell - represents the best hopes of closing the gap. President
Clinton is likely one of the best campaigners and political orators this
country has seen in recent decades. He and Vice President Al Gore will
be formidable opponents as Republicans look out into a fall campaign
season where the incumbents have a decided advantage. ...
- The Monitor, McAllen


Denying education

to illegals is folly

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Senate and House conferees recently reached an agreement on an unwise
provision to oust illegal immigrant children from public schools.

The compromise plan, contained in an otherwise promising immigration
reform bill, would effectively deny children who have been brought to
this country illegally by their parents any hope of receiving education.
That means they would have no opportunity to learn to read or write or
speak English - or gain even the minimal education needed to get a job
one day.

Barred from the classroom, the nation's 700,000 undocumented students
would have little to do but roam the streets.

That's why police chiefs and other law enforcement authorities across
the country have pleaded with Congress to reject the so-called Gallegly
amendment, which seeks to expel illegal kids from school.

Under the watered-down amendment, illegal students would be allowed to
remain in their present schools, but they would be banned from enrolling
in new ones, such as when they advance from elementary to junior high or
move to new locations.

Senate and House negotiators will take up the immigration bill after
the August recess. We hope that federal lawmakers will adopt the
intelligent consensus of state officials in Texas by recognizing the
folly of denying education to large numbers of young people who clearly
are going to remain in the U.S. whether they receive any schooling or
- The Victoria Advocate
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