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Aug. 15, 1996

Five-Star students

ready for school year

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By Rosie Flores

You know it's time for students to go back to school, when you go home
after work and your teenager has rearranged the living room furniture.
If they're that bored then you know it's time to get them back to their
usual setting. The classroom.

Already, students are talking about or have prepared themselves by
getting their school supplies, clothes, etc., together.

One popular item this year seems to be the "Five Star." For those of
you have no idea what a Five Star is, (something I just learned myself
recently) it's a popular name brand for notebooks and binders.

The notebook, which is the big one that holds most of the paperwork and
other smaller binders, costs about $15. Many of you out there are
thinking, like I did, didn't they used to cost something like $3?

I'm dating myself, but these items somehow seemed a lot cheaper when we
were in junior high and high school.

Judging from the commercials for the item, this product will not only
enhance your learning abilities, but will also enhance your social life.
It's guaranteed to make even the clumsiest person popular.

Students are eager to get back to school, not only because of the new
and innovative products out on the market these days that are guaranteed
to make any individual look really "cool," but also because by now they
have run out of fun things to do. Somehow, learning comes in second!

After talking with several other mothers of teenagers, all agree that
they are more than ready to send that youngster off to school.

You know they're totally bored when they volunteer to mow the lawn,
wash the car, or do extra chores. They're not only bored, they're
looking for ways to earn extra spending money to buy those Five Star

Whatever happened to loose-leaf paper, a pencil, pen and that's it,
you're ready for that new school year? Every year, something else is
added to the list, and it's not added on by the teacher, but the

They all have to have that expensive product that is guaranteed to make
their lives easier during the school year. But does it really? No.

These are just gimmicks from manufacturers who are trying to promote
their product. And from the looks of it, they do a really good job.

I asked one mother if she was going to purchase the Five Star notebook
for her child. Her answer as she held up her fist was, "No, I told him
I'd give him a Five Star!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of
Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Thursday.


Old ways suit mother

who has found success

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter was written by a former Pecos resident, who
now resides in Hobbs, N.M. to the Hobbs Daily News, regarding a
Lifestyles section feature on May 26 that recognized four Lea County
working women who left "the old ways," and found "success in the new

Dear Editor:
I, too, am a Hispanic woman raised in a home where the woman stayed at
home caring for the children, the husband and the home. And, yes, making
tortillas was a part of it. My father worked hard to provide for us, but
I never saw it as my mom needing a man by her side. In fact, it was the
other way around. I don't think my father would have done very well
without her by his side.

For my mom, success meant raising her eight children as best as she
could and living up to her marital vows until death did them part, and
she did no matter how hard it was at times. I only pray that I can do as
good a job.

I have chosen to cling to my heritage, which I believe to be sacred,
and stay at home caring for my husband and my children (four for now). I
don't often make tortillas, but when I do it's out of love for them.

I didn't need a man to take care of me. In fact, we need each other,
for it was God who said, "It is not good for man to be alone. I will
make a suitable partner for him" (Genesis 2:18).

My husband and I are partners in life. I don't feel any less of a
person for choosing this way of life. I too believe that men and women
are equal, for it was not from the feet that woman was formed, nor from
the head, but from the side so that we could be equal.

But I also believe that we each have our roles in life. I believe that
children were entrusted to us to raise and educate. So much so that I am
home schooling my children.

No one can say that I am wasting my gifts and talents. I am teaching my
children not only work but, just as important, that marriage is a holy
and sacred union made by God and that children are the fruits of that
union. That life is a precious gift that should be cherished and
respected in all its forms, "from the womb to the tomb!" I teach them
respect for authority by my example of respect towards my husband, for
it was God who chose him as head of the family (Eph. 5:22,23).

My husband teaches them to love and care for their fellow man by his
love and care for me. We teach them to respect their elders and not
raise their eyebrows to them or talk back, for that matter. We teach
them that God always provides for all our needs even if it's just one
income as long as they "seek the kingdom of God first" and "obey His

Someone once said, "There is no greater love than this: to lay down
one's life for one's friends" (John 15:13).

My husband is my best friend; my children are my best friends.

Those of us who know what's really important know who that someone is!

I might not be blazing a new trail, but I know that I have found
"...the way, the truth and the life" (John 14:5).

I know that my bonuses, promotions, degrees and rewards will be waiting
for me after this life is over.

By the way, there was once another woman who humbly chose her role as
mother and wife. She stayed at home caring for her son, her husband and
her neighbor in need. These were her words: "Let it be done to me
according to thy will." (Luke: 1:38).

Thank God she said yes. Her name was was Mary and she is the mother of
our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior. Hopefully, more women will choose
this path!

I sign my name not to receive glory but to show that I am not ashamed
of living God's plan for marriage and family.

Dolores Guzman
Hobbs, New Mexico
Former Pecos Resident

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