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August 14, 1996

Inaugural junior rodeo draws 50 entries

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PECOS, Aug. 14, 1996 - Several local competitors came away winners over the weekend, in the inaugural Reeves County Junior Rodeo, held Friday and Saturday night at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena.

The event was sponsored by the West of the Pecos 4-H Saddle Club and
attracted about 50 competitors from neighboring counties in Texas and
southeastern New Mexico.

The rodeo included barrel races, poles, goat tying and the flag race as
part of the speed events, and team roping, tie-down calf roping,
breakaway roping and ribbon roping in the roping competition.

The largest number of entries came in the Girls 9-12 Division. Kaci
Harrison finished first out of 12 entries in the barrel race, with a
19.103 time, and also won first out of 11 competitors in the poles, with
a 21-53 effort. Lauren Lucas won the 9-12 girls goat tying in 12.839
seconds; and Salem Mitchell won the breakaway roping in 6.059 seconds.

In the 13-15 division, Courtney Bowman won the barrel race, in 19.177
seconds; DeAnda Allgood took the poles with a 25.64 time; Brandi
Harrison won the goat tying with a 10.693 effort, and Ryan Thomas won
the breakaway roping, in 4.502 seconds.

Barrel racing was the only event in the girls 16-18 year old division,
and it was won by Renea Rasberry, with a 19.322 time.

Boys and girls competed together in the 8 and under division. Winners
there were Blake Bowman in the barrel race (19.3 seconds); and the flag
race (11.36 seconds) and Justin Wilson in the pole race (27.859 seconds)
and in goat tying (19.307 seconds). The boys and girls also competed in
the 13-15 year old team roping, where the only times recorded were by
Derek Erskine and Clay Ryan McKinney, who had a 17.79 second effort.

In the boys divisions, among the 9-12 year olds Aurelio Lopez III
captured the barrels in 20.858 seconds, the goat tying, in 21.598
seconds; and the poles in 23.961 seconds; while John Marvin Clark
captured the breakaway roping with a 4.541 time.

In the 13-15 year old division, McKinney won the tie down roping event
with an 18.030 time; while Jeremy Green won the ribbon roping in 11.811
seconds and also took the breakaway roping, with a 3.189 time.

Among 16-18 year olds, David Long won the breakaway roping in 4.381
seconds and the Ribbon Roping in 9.219 seconds, while Joe Bob Hayter
took the tie-down roping with a 15.857 second effort.

Barrels 8 & Under

1. Blake Bowman, 19.30
2. Justin Wilson, 19.94
3. Victoria Lucas, 20.20
4. Guthrie Long, 23.40
5. Shelly Martinez, 25.03
6. Andrew Lopez, 30.91

9-12 Girls Barrels

1. Kaci Harrison 19.103
2. Salem Mitchell 19.142
3. Lauren Lucas 19.265
4. Courtney Clark 19.643
5. Amanda Armstrong 19.767
6. Dallas Thomas 20.270
7. Lacy Wilson 20.309
8. Lindsey Ewing 21.268
9. Jordan Heagy 21.497
10. Lindsey Riley 22.597
11. Nikki Allgood 23.557
12. Mandy Hawthorne 24.459

9-12 Boys Barrels

1.Aurelio Lopez III 20.858
2. Patrick Hawthorne 22.427
3. J.R. Gonzales 22.632

13-15 Girls Barrels

1.Courtney Bowman 19.177
2. Brandi Harrison 19.320
3. DeAnda Allgood 19.739
4. Christy Hodge 19.987
5. Jessica Kiker 20.982
6. Kisha Riley 22.641
7. Tamara Lavander 23.250

16-18 Barrels

1. Renea Rasberry 19,322
2. Kristin Stewart 19.878

Poles 8 & Under

1. Justin Wilson 27.859
2. Guthrie Long 29.224
3. Victoria Lucas 35.897

Poles - Girls 9-12

1. Kaci Harrison 21.530
2. Lacy Wilson 22.278
3. Lauren Lucas 22.657
4. Lindsey Ewing 22.710
5. Jordan Heagy 22.726
6. Amanda Armstrong 26.190
7. Courtney Clark 27.472
8. Lindsey Riley 29.042
9. Dallas Thomas 30.408

Poles - Boys 9-12

1. Aurelio Lopez III 23.961
2. Clay Haws 25.192
3. Patrick Hawthorne 25.473
4. Dustin Erskine 25.760
5. J. R. Gonzales 26.519

Poles - Girls 13-15

1. DeAnda Allgood 25.640
2. Courtney Bowman 26.773
3. Kisha Riley 28.156
4. Brandi Harrison 40.210

Flags 8 and Under

1. Blake Bowman 11.356
2. Andrew Lopez 12.601
3. Shelly Martinez 14.430
4. Victoria Lucas 18.480

Goat Tying 8 & Under

1. Justin Wilson 19.307
2 Guthrie Long 24.771
3. Andrew Lopez 26.250
4. Shell Martinez 27.073

Goat Tying Girls 9-12

1. Lauren Lucas 12.839
2. Courtney Clark 13.561
3. Dallas Thomas 15.722
4. Mandy Hawthorne 15.812
5. Lindsey Riley 17.457
6. Amanda Armstrong 19.099
7. Lacy Wilson 24.969
8. Salem Mitchell 25.696
9. Lindsey Ewing 37.331

Goat Tying Girls 13-15

1. Brandi Harrison 10693
2. Courtney Bowman 14.258

Goat Tying Boys 9-12

1. Aurelio Lopez III 21.598
2. Dustin Erskine 26.741
3. J. R. Gonzales 34.523

Breakaway Roping - Girls 9-12

1. Salem Mitchell 6.059~

Breakaway Roping Boys 9-12

1. John Marvin Clark 4.541
2. J.R. Gonzales 9.998

Breakaway Roping Girls 13-15

1. Ryan Thomas 4.502
2. Brandi Harrison 5.725
3. Jessica Kiker 6.952

Breakaway Roping Boys 13-1~5

1. Jeremy Green 3.189
2. Clay Ryan McKinney 5.402
3. Randall Barmore 6.015
4. Derek Erskine 16.269

Breakaway - Boys 16-18

1. David Long 4.381

Tie Down Roping - Boys 13-15

1. Clay Ryan~ McKinney 18~.030
2. Jere~my Green 37.315

Tie Down Roping 16-18 Boys

1. Joe Bob Hayter 15.857
2. David Long 18.914

Ribbon Roping Boys 13-15

1. Jeremy Green 11.811
2. Randall Barmore 13.261
3. Clay Ryan McKinney 18.056

Ribbon Roping Boys 16-18

1. David Long 9.219
2. Joe Bob Hayter 9.804

Team Roping - Boys & Girls

Derek Erskine - Clay Ryan McKinney 17.790

Resurgence by Rangers widens lead

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ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Only last week, the Texas Rangers appeared to be
sliding toward one of the late-summer fades for which they've become
known in Dallas Cowboys country.

Now it looks as though the unprecedented - a Rangers pennant race during
football season - might actually be within reach.

Heck, if Texas keeps soaring, and Seattle keeps sliding, there may not
even be a pennant race. The Rangers have a 6-game lead over the Mariners
in the AL West after Roger Pavlik gave Texas its fourth consecutive
quality start, and the Rangers set a club record with their 10th
straight errorless game in a 6-2 decision over the Detroit Tigers on

Texas has never been so high, so late in a season.

The Rangers, the only AL team never to have made the playoffs, also have
never been in first place as many days as they have this summer - 131 as
of Wednesday, including 116 in a row.

Texas has done it through pitching and defense, two tenets preached by
general manager Doug Melvin and manager Johnny Oates.

Melvin brought together the pieces and Oates has put them together
perfectly. Melvin may have added the final link last week when he
acquired pitcher John Burkett in a trade with the Florida Marlins.

Burkett pitched a six-hit shutout Sunday in his debut. Ken Hill pitched
a five-hitter Monday, giving Texas consecutive shutouts for the first
time since Sept. 29-30, 1989.

Things may seem fine and dandy now, but as recently as last week there
was fear that the Texas summer was finally getting to the Rangers.

They lost two straight to Detroit, dropping them to 28-31 since June 1.
The Mariners crept within 1½ games, and cynics were sure it was the
beginning of the end.

Oates feared it, too, so he went ballistic and threw an uncharacteristic
locker-room tirade. As happened the last time Oates held a closed-door
meeting, Texas responded with a victory.

Still, backup catcher David Valle feared there were still some kinks, so
he called another meeting.

``The best baseball meeting I've ever been involved with,'' said leadoff
hitter and center fielder Darryl Hamilton. ``Valle was outstanding. He
went down the row to each player, each coach, everyone, and asked, `Are
you willing to make a commitment to this team for the next seven weeks?'

``(Reliever Dennis Cook) said he was so fired up afterward, he wanted to
wear his uniform back to the hotel and sleep in it.''

Valle said he just did what he felt needed to be done.

``There were too many things going in too many different ways,'' he
said. ``In essence, we needed to be sure we were united for one purpose,

``I can't speak for everyone else, but my mind had been straying toward
personal things. I knew it wasn't right. I've been around long enough to
know that if I was feeling that way, then others probably were, too.''

Texas followed the consecutive meetings with a sweep of the Blue Jays in
Toronto. It was the Rangers' first three-game winning streak since June
7-10 and the first three-game road win streak since May 25-26 and June

The key, though, will be building enough of a buffer over the Mariners
so that Seattle doesn't slay Texas when the teams go head-to-head for
four games beginning Sept. 16.

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