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Aug. 1, 1996

Chamber wants to hop on Amtrak effort

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Staff Writer

PECOS, TX, Aug. 1, 1996 - The Mexican American Network of Odessa is
seeking support from surrounding communities in an effort to bring
passenger rail service back to the Interstate 20 corridor from Fort
Worth to El Paso.

"We need everyone's cooperation in this effort," said MANO executive
director Iris Correa. "We're in the process of forming a coalition to
promote this project."

Amtrak recently awakened the interest of officials along the Interstate
20 corridor with its tentative proposal, called the "Sunshine Special."

This rail service would run along I-20 and I-10 through West Texas from
Fort Worth to Sierra Blanca, where it would meet up with Amtrak's
existing San Antonio to El Paso line.

MANO first brought up the issue three months ago, and Correa said cities
along the I-20 corridor, including Odessa, Midland, Big Spring and
Abilene, have not had passenger train service for nearly 40 years.

It was unknown if other cities along I-20, such as Pecos, Monahans and
Sweetwater, would also be includes as stops if service was resumed, and
Amtrak officials said a final decision on adding the line could be
several years away.

"I've been trying to get ahold of somebody in MANO," said Chamber of
Commerce Executive Director Tom Rivera. "I think we need to do something
to get on this band wagon."

Rivera said that this would be a great opportunity for Pecos, especially
if they made it one of their stops.

"Maybe they can do something with the old depot, since we haven't been
able to get anywhere with it," said Rivera.

"But I think this is a great opportunity for us and we definitely need
to join in this effort," he said.

The rail service will run through many different smaller towns with
Odessa being the hub of it all, according to Correa.

"This will also be a great opportunity for starter businesses," said

Cooperation has to come from the whole region, according to Correa.

"Abilene and Big Spring have come on board with us to promote this
endeavor," said Correa.

"The mayor from Big Spring, Tim Blackshear, has been a big supporter,"
said Correa. "We need more people like him to join us," she said.

"The only other route currently serving West Texas runs along I-10
connecting El Paso, San Antonio and Houston, this I-20 route would hook
up both sides," said Correa.

Amtrak's "Sunset Limited" follows Interstate 10 and U.S. 90 from El Paso
to Houston, and includes West Texas stops in Alpine and Del Rio.

Under MANO's plan individuals will be able to board rail service on the
east coast and come through from Chicago to Fort Worth and from there on
to El Paso and west to Arizona and California, according to Correa.

MANO has been discussing possible rail service with the national
corporation since May.

MANO became involved in the process after counterparts in El Paso first
approached Amtrak officials in 1993.

"Everything right now is very preliminary," said Correa. "We had a
meeting with Amtrak officials to propose our route and show them a
presentation, but everything is still very new," she said.

"This meeting was also held for officials from the different cities to
come and give their input, because we need everyone's cooperation," said

If the project is accepted, service wouldn't start for a minimum of four
years, according to Amtrak officials. Improvements would also be needed
on Union Pacific's track between Fort Worth and Sierra Blanca to handle
the 70-mile-per-hour passenger trains.

One of the main things the Hispanic Chamber is stressing is that the
service would help local industries.

"They buy from local merchants on their stops," said Correa. "We should
make this a part of our proposal," she said.

Correa cited for example the frozen food plant located here in Pecos,
Anchor Foods and the local cantaloupe industry.

"They buy all these products which are served on their train," said
Correa. "This certainly would help the local economy," she said.

However, Correa states that "a lot of this has to come from the
community, we can't do it by ourselves."

"It will make the Permian Basin accessible to all transportation," said
Correa. "This will add train ridership to our other services."

Cable company begins

changing local channels

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Staff Writer

PECOS, TX, Aug. 1, 1996 - Local television viewers will notice a change
in their cable service today, including the loss of both rock music
channels and the addition of the Disney Channel to the basic cable

Jennifer Tremblay, marketing manager for Classic Cable Co., said this
morning that all changes should be in place by today or within the next
few days.

Tremblay said Classic Cable representatives call the channel deletions
and additions, "a value enhancement," program. It will also include the
elimination of the Playboy Channel (Channel 22) from the premium service
options and the Faith and Values Channel (Ch. 30) from the basic cable

Other additions include The History Channel (Ch. 41), replacing MTV and
TV Land (Ch. 40), in place of VH-1. Tremblay said that although these
are not probably not popular deletions, "we feel that there were other
programs that customers prefer."

She said Classic Cable currently does not have a contract to carry these
services, although the same company, Viacom, supplies Classic with four
other channels on the Pecos cable system, including the newly-added TV
Land. Tremblay said VH-1 may be included back in the basic cable package
in the future.

Faith and Values is being replaced by Fox Sports Southwest, one of the
eight regional sports cable channels currently operating under the Prime
Sports name.

Live Saturday football games will be featured on this channel, said
Tremblay, under Fox Sports' contract with the Big 12. The channel also
broadcasts Houston Astros baseball games, Dallas Mavericks, Houston
Rockets and San Antonio Spurs basketball games and Dallas Stars hockey

The Playboy Channel will be replaced by Showtime, which currently is
located on Ch. 1. Tremblay also said the local access channel, Ch. 6,
will now feature Pay Per View options for boxing enthusiasts and other
special events viewers. Programs there will be purchased individually,
as opposed to on a monthly basis.

York vacates job in Pecos as postmaster

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Staff Writer

PECOS, TX, Aug. 1, 1996 - Pecos Postmaster Dwayne York said goodbye to
his staff and moved to Orange on July 19, after he accepted a similar
position there.

Cindy Pon, supervisor for customer services in Odessa, is officer in
charge while the Post Office seeks a replacement for York.

Herman Armendariz said he is the only local employee who has submitted
an application, with the deadline set for Friday.

Pon said she expects the postmaster position to be filled in the next
month or two.

Meanwhile, Armendariz is trying to set up a workshop for businesses who
can benefit by the new bulk mail classification system that changed the
rate for second-class mail.

"I had a letter typed up for all businesses to see who was interested in
a workshop August 14, but it has been canceled," Armendariz said. He
will notify everyone when a new date is set.

Pon said the new rates take advantage of more automated equipment to
allow businesses to mail at a cheaper rate if they put bar codes at the
bottom of mailings.

"It increases their savings, because we can process that through the
machinery," Pon said. "We want to tell them what they need to do to get
the new savings."

Rest room burning victim

flown to Lubbock hospital

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Staff Writer

PECOS, TX. Aug. 1, 1996 - A Pecos man was listed in stable condition
today after being burned in an accident Wednesday evening.

Ismal Bustamante was transported first to Reeves County Hospital by the
Pecos Ambulance Service and was later flown to the University Medical
Center in Lubbock for treatment of his injuries. A spokesman for that
facility said Bustamante is in a private room at this time.

According to reports, the Pecos Fire Department was dispatched to 1304
E. Third St. about 7:48 p.m. in reference to smoke coming from the rest

"Upon arrival I noticed a male subject standing outside the rest room at
Varela's Service Station," said Fire Marshal Jack Brookshire. "I noticed
the subject was wearing boxer shorts and the subjects pants were on the
floor of the rest room on fire."

Brookshire said he noticed that Bustamante had severe burns on his lower
right leg.

"I spoke to Albert Varela while I was at the station and he advised me
that he had seen Mr. Bustamante enter the rest room about ten minutes
before he noticed smoke coming from there," said Brookshire.

"Varela said that when he went to the rest room to see what was going
on, Bustamante would not open the door, and that's when he called the
police," said Brookshire.

Brookshire later went to the hospital to visit with Bustamante and he
appeared to be very intoxicated.

"I asked him if he could tell me what had happened and he said that he
was not sure, that he was using the bathroom, drinking beer and smoking
a cigarette and his pants caught on fire," said Brookshire.

Apparently he dropped a cigarette or a match on his pants setting them
on fire, the fire marshal said.

Brookshire said that he also spoke to Dr. Eusebio Barrientos and that he
said that Bustamante had first, second and third degree burns on his
right leg, with most of the burns being between the right knee and the
right foot.

The cause of the fire was ruled accidental with the main factors being
alcohol and smoking cigarettes, Brookshire said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained
from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County
Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other agencies;
and from interviews with officers of those agencies.

Police Report

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On July 3, Joe Garcia reported to county deputies that sometime between
4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., July 2, an unknown party had broke out the back
windshield of his 1993 Chevrolet pickup with a BB gun. Damage was
estimated at $600. The location of the crime was not indicated.


James Garcia, 20, of Balmorhea, and Adolfo Mendoza, 18, 220 W. 13th,
were arrested for disorderly conduct by deputies in the Reeves County
Civic Center parking lot July 3, just before midnight.


Gabrela Montez of Saragosa reported to sheriffs deputies that some
between 10 p.m., July 6 and 1:15 a.m., July 7, someone broke out her
kitchen window. Damage was estimated at $50.


Irma Salazar Jimenez was taken into custody by police at the Pecos
Municipal Court after being served with two warrants for outstandig
fines on July 10. Jimenez's age and address were not indicated.


Sheriffs deputies arrested Jose A. Morales, 27, 332 N. Cypress, for
evading detention in the 400 block of Mulberry Street on July 10.


During the afternoon of July 10, police arrested Maria Dolores Martinez
in the 400 block of South Mulberry for possession of drug paraphenalia.
Martinez's age and address were not available.


During the late night hours of July 10, police arrested Ramon Munoz for
DWI in the corner of Plum and Walthall Streets. Munoz's age and address
were not given.


Raul Garcia, 23, 812 S. Cypress, was arrested by police for outstanding
DPS warrant on July 11, about 12:45 a.m.


Police arrested John Natividad, 18, 904 E. Eighth, for abuse of aerosol
paint in the 1100 block of Orange, about 11:30 p.m., July 11.
Natividad's age and address were not given.


Francisco Orona Medrano, 32, 318 E. Eighth, was arrested by police July
11 for public intoxication in the 1100 block of S. Orange.


On July 11, Jon Igo reported a stolen Panasonic portable stereo from
the Carver Center, located in the corner of Locust and 12th Streets.


On the night of July 12, police arrested Francisco Castro for public
intoxication at 2011 Wyoming. Castro's age and address were not


Police arrested Jesus Martinez, 18, 915 S. Cherry, in the 800 block of
Cedar for public intoxication on July 12.


A gas drive off was reported by the clerk on duty at the Town and
Country convenient store in the 1200 block of South Cedar Street. The
suspect drove with $16.66 worth of gas, police were told, about 12:15
a.m. July 13.


Frankie Menchaca was arrested by police in the Reeves County Civic
Center parking lot on the evening of July 13 and served with a sheriffs
department warrant on July 13. The police blotter did not indicate the
charge on the warrant, nor Menchaca's age or address.


Leticia R. Rodriguez, 23, 905 E. 11th, was arrested for public
intoxication during the early morning hours of July 14 in the 900 block
of S. Cherry.


Elia Lujan reported a stolen bicycle from her residence at 1319 S. Elm
Street. Police took the report on the morning of July 15. Lujan said the
crime occurred sometime between 11 p.m., July 14 and the time of the


Terry Louis Burkholder, 51, was cited for unsafe backing on July 15,
just before the lunch hour, when he backed up from the parking area in
the 100 block of West Fourth Street in a 1994 Chevrolet Suburban into a
1994 Pontiac Sunbird, driven by 37-year-old Irma Martinez Leon.


Tomas Carmona, 46, 915 S. Cherry, for assault under the Family Violence
Act July 15 at his residence. Police were called to the scene about
10:25 p.m.
He was arrested again on the same charges at his residence July 22.


Joe Coody, Pecos-Barstow-Toyah Maintenance Director, reported an act of
criminal mischief in the Pecos High School football field to police on
the morning of July 18. The crime was committed sometime between July 17
and the time of the report. The nature of the incident was not indicated.

Cruz Jimenez, 22, 1014 E. Eighth, and John Natividad, 18, 904 E. Eighth,
were arrested by police and charged with abusing aerosol paint in the
800 block of S. Mesquite Street, July 18.


Gernomino Hignojos was arrested on two warrants for outstanding fines on
July 16. Place of arrest, and Hignojos' age and address were not given.


On July 16, Jamin Weidner was arrested by police for assault by threat
under the Family Violence Act in the 2200 block of Eddy Street. Address
and birthdate for Weidner were not given.


Police arrested Rudy Mora Minjarez for theft over $50 at the Town and
Country convenient store at 915 W. Third Street July 17.


Ismael Salcido Menchaca, 20, 2201 Veterans, was arrested at the corner
of Third and Willow Streets on a warrant for outstanding municipal fines
on July 18.


After investigating a two car accident at the corner of Elm and Third
Streets, police cited Olga Juarez Garcia, 39, who was driving a 1990
Chevrolet pickup for failing to yield right of way at a stop
intersection and Monica Jo Bustamante, 16, for driving without a
driver's license, on July 19.


Donacio Torres, 56, 527 Martinez, was arrested for public intoxication
at the Illusion bar on July 20, about 12:30 a.m.


Police arrested Gilbert Juarez in the 1400 block of 13th Street July 20,
just after noon, for outstanding DPS warrants. Age and address for
Juarez were not available.


On July 21, about 1:30 a.m., police arrested Ricardo Rocha for public
intoxication in the 500 block of East 12th Street. Rocha's address and
age were not available.


Police arrested Eric Garcia for criminal trespass in the 2400 block of
Sage Street July 22. Garcia's age and address were not indicated.


Felix J. Madrid, 21, 1938 Scott, was arrested by police during a warrant
service July 22, He was charged probation revocation on an original
charge of hindering apprehension.


On July 23, about 6:30 p.m., police cited Guadalupe Herrera, 22, for no
driver's license, no insurance, and failing to stop at a designated
stopping point, after investigating an accident in the corner of Bois
D'Arc and Fifth Streets. He was driving a 1978 Buick Regal when he
struck a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire, driven by Hilda M. Rodriguez, 31.
Rodriguez received no citations.


Police arrested Ysa Munoz for criminal trespass and outstanding fine
warrants in the 700 block of Meadowbrook, Pecos Housing Authroity
projects, the evening of July 23. Munoz's age and address were not


On July 25, Diego Arriaga, was arrested by police for no driver's
license and no insurance during a traffic stop in the corner of
Jefferson and Eddy Streets. Arriaga's age and address were not avaiable.


Nicomedes Florez reported to police on July 26 that sometime between
July 23, midnight, and 9 a.m. that day, someone had scratched his vehile
while parked at his residence at 2129 Hackberry.

Augustin Valdez Muro, 38, 1901 Scott, was arrested by police in the
corner of Texas Highway 17 and Business I-20 during the early morning
hours of July 28.


Police arrested Rodolfo Carrasco Renteria, 25, 203 S. Walnut, at the
Illusion bar on July 28 for revoking his probation on an original charge
of Felony DWI and escaping and resisting arrest.


Catarina Ornelas, 38, 913 E. Ninth, was arrested by police for public
intoxication in the 500 block of South Oak Street on July 28.


A male juvenile was taken into custody by police at the Saragosa Hall on
July 28, just before 1 a.m., for fleeing the scene of an accident.


Police arrested Javier N. Ramirez at the Illusion bar on July 28, about
12:20 a.m., for public intoxication.


Omar Medina was arrested for outstanding fine warrants in the 700 block
of Cherry Street July 28, during the late night hours. Medina's age and
address were not indicated.


On July 28, just before 11 p.m, police arrested Vickie Renteria for
outstanding fine warrants in the 100 block of Almond Street. Renteria's
age and address were not available.


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PECOS, TX, Aug 1, 1996 - High Wednesday 101, low last night 74. Tonight,
fair. Low 70 75. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Friday, mostly sunny. High
near 102. Southeast wind 5-15 mph.
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