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July 19, 1996



By Rosie Flores

Make weekend longer

to ease Monday blues

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Have you ever noticed how fast weekends go by? Never weekdays! Weekday
afternoons especially drag by, making clock watchers out of most of us
who are working.

If you keep really busy, you don't notice it. But on days when there
isn't much to do, you're feeling tired and are anxious to go home, the
day can drag by like if it were years.

When post-lunch slump hits the office everybody feels it and it shows
by the way people are walking around, dragging their feet.

Weekends are just too short. I'm thinking maybe they should include
Monday with the weekend. That way nobody would hate Mondays they way we
all do now.

Sue Thompson, senior dietitian at The Methodist Hospital's Institute
for Preventive Medicine in Houston, suggests that everyone eat a
balanced meal as your best insurance against post-lunch slump.

Around our office a balanced meal consists of anything from potato
chips to nuts or an old burrito from one of the fast food convenience
stores. Now, that's healthy eating!

Carbohydrates - foods, such as fruit, pasta, bread and vegetables - are
great ways for quick energy. So instead of picking up that bag of chips,
grab a banana or orange.

Their effects, however, fade in about an hour. Mixing in low-fat
protein such as lean meat, yogurt, beans and cheese can help keep you
alert for as long as four hours. Maybe by then you can go home without
the boss giving you extra work and making you stay later.

Thompson suggests eating a mini-meal - up to five a day - about every
four to five hours.

Limit high-sugar foods such as dessert or candy. Sugar picks you up
quickly, but drops you just as quickly. This only works on adults, I've
noticed, because when you give a toddler sugar, it stays in them for
hours and hours!

Cut the fat during and after lunch. A little fat used sparingly gives
you staying power of up to six hours. Apparently, a typically fatty
lunch of a deluxe cheeseburger, french fries and a shake or dessert is
so overloaded with fat that your body has to work hard to digest it.
Energy is diverted to the food load, and leaves you feeling tired.

Other helpful hints include saving part of your lunch, for
mid-afternoon to provide energy till dinner. What lunch, you ask?

Drink water. This will kill the hunger, yet keep you going without the
calories. Of course, it will also make you go to the bathroom every five

Eat lightly, because bingeing will make you sluggish and sleepy. This
is also Peggy's favorite hint. She thinks that after she eats a lot it
makes her sleepy and needs to take the rest of the afternoon off!

This isn't necessarily true, if you keep active and alert.

Try to take a quick bread outside or anywhere away from the office
environment to energize a numbed brain. This is my favorite thing to do.
It not only clears the cobwebs from your brain, but relaxes you enough
to want to return to the office environment.

Always try to daydream about the following weekend. Yes, there's always
one right around the corner. And always make the most of your weekends.

After all, isn't that what everyone looks forward to!
EDITOR'S NOTE: Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of
Lifestyles and Golden Years. Her column appears each Thursday.


Wait to assign

TWA blast blame

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There are no words to express the emotions over the flight of TWA #800
Wednesday night. Feelings run the gamut, from horror to overwhelming
grief and shock.
The Boeing 747 is, and has been for some 27 years, one of the safest
planes in the air. Although officials are trying to make sure before
crying wolf, it would appear that this was an act of terrorism.
Whether or not it was foreign terrorists remains to be seen. That is
always the first thought, but as we learned from the Oklahoma City
experience, it is a judgement we need to withhold until more
investigation is completed.
We certainly have our fair share of kooks in the country. It would seem
that the fabric of our society and civilization is ripping to shreds and
the world seems to be reverting to cave man mentality - he who has the
biggest club is in charge.
We don't understand acts of the nature of blowing an airliner full of
innocent people out of the air or blowing up a building in Oklahoma City
or Saudi Arabia. We are assuming this airline explosion was an act of
terrorism. Hopefully, we will be proven wrong but it doesn't appear that
And again, hopefully, Americans will wake up to the fact that we are
not in this world by ourself - we must realize there are problems in the
world and help solve them.
Some of the problems are within our own borders and we need to address
those problems first. It would seem that at the root of the problem in
this country and around the world is distrust of the U.S. government.
People in Washington need to understand that.

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