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By Mari Maldonado

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Local vet cares

for pets and owners

As some of you may or may have guessed by now, it was my dog that was
bit by a rattlesnake out near Martinez Field just before the Fourth of

I decided to do the story about it that ran in the July 1 Enterprise,
because I thought the public should know there are snakes out there,
especially since they were going to be visiting the area to pop

We took our dogs out for a jog and Turtle, the larger, but younger, of
my two Rottweilers was running along the shoulder when she came up on
the snake.

We saw her sniffing around a Mesquite tree when she jerked back and
went back to running the course she had taken on.

We didn't think anything was wrong until we saw blood on her snout from
the puncture wounds and by the time we were able to get her home her
face was about 25 percent larger than its normal size.

I quickly ran inside and dug into my "doggie medicine cabinet" and
pulled out some Prednisone pills, a steroid, that Dr. (Ronald) Box had
administered for her some two years ago when her face had swollen after
she was stung by a good number of scorpions when she stumbled onto their

That night, I tried to contact Dr. Box but was unable to do so right away, as it was Sunday evening. By the time Dr. Box got back to me, Turtle's face was twice its size and I could tell she was in a lot of pain, as she was panting heavily and wouldn't leave my side.

Turtle and I met Dr. Box at his office and he quickly injected her with
several medications, shaved the part of her face with the wounds and
attempted to bleed out some of the venom.

A lot of people have told me that their dogs have gotten bit by a
rattler and they've managed to survive without any vetrinary treatment,
but I think Dr. Box realizes I would need the sedative pretty
soon if he didn't do something for my pet.

Anyhow, I'm grateful for his attention and saving my dog's face, as it
is back to normal, except the hair hasn't grown back.

I found it interesting all the different remedies that people have
discovered dogs have for treating their snake bites, one including
climbing into an old crude oil pit and rubbing their bite wounds against
an old cedar.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mari Maldonado is an Enterprise reporter whose column
appears each Monday.


Thanks to all for backing all-stars

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Dear Editor:
"On the Road Again" - This popular phrase probably best describes the
Pecos Junior League All-Stars and their fans this season. For the past
two weeks, the Junior Leaguers were on the road four times, playing
against all-star teams from the San Angelo area in District 4 tournament

Not only did they go far (in miles), but also far enough in "staying
alive" to finish the tournament. Winning their games and raising the
necessary funds for road travel kept the Junior Leaguers going. For a
team that almost never was, this is amazing! At the end of regular
season play, we were told a Junior League All-Star squad would not be
possible this year due to lack of funds. We were advised there would be
lots of travel, with expenditures being $300 per trip. These boys had
played all season. They deserved to be included in all-star play. Why
leave them out? They (local league officials) later said there was
enough money to at least start the tournament on July 3. However, more
money would be needed if the squad was to continue playing the scheduled
out-of=town games.

So the parents got together and pulled through for their sons. The
Junior Leaguers helped their parents raise over $1,000 in one week's
time! Although the work was hard and tiring at times, was also rewarding
to all involved. The key was cooperation - working together in harmony.
Of course, it couldn't have been done without the help of the community,
the businesses, interested groups, caring individuals, relatives and
friends. We appreciate you and we thank you.

The Junior Leaguers played their first game in the small town of Miles,
located about 19 miles from San Angelo. Pecos won 11-0. Our boys felt
happy, excited and confident since the moment their feet landed on
Tri-County territory! The stands were filled with loyal and excited fans
- mostly parents, brothers and sisters, who had traveled the long
distance to cheer their team on. The coaches, looking calm and
collected, led the team well. Everyone seemed to be feeling a true sense
of pride. After all, these Junior Leaguers were representing the town of

They earned the right to face San Angelo Western for the championship
game on July 13. Although they lost the game by a final score of 9-8, we
were, and still are, proud of our boys. After all, they had come this
far! Our All-Stars and coaches deserve a big hand of applause.

We'd also like to especially thank Jon Fulbright and the Pecos
Enterprise, Bill Randall Cole and Art Corrales from KIUN; radio
broadcast sponsors; and the merchants who donated so much! Especially we
thank our Lord Jesus Christ for HIS protection and help. We give HIM all
honor and glory!

The Junior League All-Stars included Alex Garcia Jr., Michael Herrera,
Chris Bryant, Pifi Montoya, Matthew Lara, Gilbert Fierro, Omar Luna,
Carlos Rodirguez, Tori Rodriguez, Angel Villalobos, Jacob Barrera, Benny
Juarez, Rosalio Carmona and Ernie Baca. We'll always remember your
efforts, boys. Thank you!

Signed: James and Nova Herrera, Alex and Alma Garcia, Belinda Bryant,
Danny and Gloria Reyes, Armando and Tencha Fierro, Molly Lara, Esteban
and Irma Barrera, Chava and Yolanda Villalobos, Benny and Sylvia Juarez


Demos hang tobacco on Dole's neck

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Bob Dole isn't a fool - but he is if he lets Democrats continue to make
tobacco a 1996 campaign issue.

The scientific fact is that tobacco is addictive, although Dole denies
that it is ``for everyone.'' Dumb!

And the political fact is that while Clinton & Co. have hung the Big
Tobacco albatross around Dole's neck, Democrats have milked Big
Tobacco's cash cow out behind the barn for a long time, too.

In fact, while Democrats ridicule Dole on the campaign trail with
``Butt Man,'' a human attired as a giant cigarette, Democrats recently
took at least $65,000 from Big Tobacco, according to the Wall Street

The stipends, $25,000 from Philip Morris to the Nevada Democratic Party
and $40,000 from R.J. Reynolds, divided among the California, Colorado,
New Jersey and Nevada Democrats, was exposed when the Californians
returned the loot, saying they don't accept tobacco money.

And while Dole is wrong on addiction, he isn't the only politician to
oppose the Food and Drug Administration rules proposed last August by
President Clinton aimed at curbing teen smoking.

At the time, so did House and Senate minority leaders Dick Gephardt and
Tom Daschle. But they've held their tongues lately while Dole has bitten

Clinton has other Big Tobacco links, including Vernon Jordan, head of
his 1992 transition team, who refused to give up his seat on the R.J.
Reynolds board, even though tobacco was then, as it is now, a red-hot

Once again, as we've said before, this should not be a political issue.
It is a health issue, and steps should be taken to control the lure of
tobacco - especially to young people.

Anyone who argues that tobacco is not addictive or not dangerous to
one's health is loony. Dole is not loony, but he is if he lets Clinton
frame this debate.

EDITOR'S NOTE: San Antonio Express-News
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