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June 21, 1996

Police warn residents of rise in burglaries

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 21, 1996 - Pecos Police are warning local citizens to be
alert and keep good records of their belongings, as burglaries and
thefts are becoming a frequent occurrence.

Police officials can only guess at the reason for the increase in thefts
and burglaries, but Criminal Investigator Kelly Davis said that with
school being out and visiting workers in town, they may be contributors
to the dilemma.

Both Davis and Pecos Police Captain David Montgomery added that
narcotics play a big role in the matter as well.

"I would not say that every crime here is connected to narcotics,"
Montgomery explained, while saying that "Yes, we have a significant
number of burglaries," that can be attributed to drugs.

"A lot of individuals we arrest for a burglary, we know are narcotics
abusers," he said.

Montgomery did add, however, that there are some cases where the
offenders, "were just hungry." The police captain noted an instance
where officers were told an unknown party had entered a family's home
and took only food items. "There was evidence that food was eaten in the
house," he said.

The police official encourages all local residents to, "talk to your
neighbors; know your surroundings and know your neighborhood."

He added that people who walk in their neighborhoods deter criminals
from their property and their neighbor's homes and yards.

Montgomery said that the Neighborhood Watch program that was adopted
after a high crime rate was reported in 1985 took off, and resulted in
substantial decreases in the number of burglaries and thefts in the
following years.

But he said in recent years, "we're getting away from that."

"People need to stick with the program," he said, adding that if persons
have any questions about developing a Neighborhood Watch program for
their neighboring areas can call the police department.

"We're still interested in the program," he said. "We can set up
meetings and we still have posters." Montgomery said that if more
material is needed the department will send for more upon organization
of a Neighborhood Watch committee.

"Our city is as safe as we allow it to be," he commented. "And it's
small enough to keep crime to a minimum."

He emphasized the importance of community involvement. "Every time we
employ the community to help us out, we start getting phone calls,"
which Montgomery claimed, "generally lead us to the suspects."

Davis said that he's been kept on the go, working about one burglary or
theft per day. He stressed the importance of persons labelling their
property and keeping records of such items so that in the instance that
they are stolen they can be returned to them upon completion of an

The police investigator said that currently the department is holding a
warehouse full of stolen items that cannot be traced to their proper
owners because of the lack of identification records or any type number
on the property.

For items that don't have a serial number on them, he said, an owner
should consider engraving their license number on them, although it is
the serial number that is used in the state and nationwide tracking
system that allows officers to track property that is sold or taken out
of the city limits.

Davis said that the police department does have an engraver that can be
checked out for residents wanting to label their property. In a
presentation to the Pecos Lion's Club Wednesday, Davis stated that
labelling tools and other small items that are susceptible to thefts
while out in the yard can also aid in the process of locating property.

"It so nice to be able to call somebody and say `we've got your car
stereo,'" he said.

He said for persons leaving on vacation, which is a common scenario
during summertime, residents should make they keep a light on or
something to make the house look like someone is there.

"We'll be glad to come by (homes)," he said to conduct a security check,
for residents wanting to identify any vulnerable points of their homes.
He also said forms are available at the office for persons wanting to
put a patrol on their homes while they're away.

"We appreciate the chance to check something out," Davis said of people
calling to report any suspicious activity. "We prevent crimes that way."

He added that burglars can be discouraged from committing a crime when
spotting a police unit patrolling the area or are checked out by an

"We want them to call," he said of leery residents.

Van Horn bank robber among 10 indicted

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 21, 1996 - Federal grand jurors on Thursday indicted 10
persons, including Lynne Lee Anderson, 45, on a bank robbery charge.

Anderson allegedly robbed the Van Horn State Bank on May 15.

Charged with importing and possessing marijuana with intent to
distribute are Hugo Felix Marquez-Valverde, 21, on June 5; and Leonardo
E. Cardenas de la Pena, 32, of Anahuac, Mex., on March 30.

Mario Alejandro Rodriguez-Rivero, 50, and Javier Chavez-Molina, 45, are
charged with conspiracy to possess and possession with intent to
distribute marijuana on May 24.

Roxann Licon, 19, of Coyanosa, is charged with possession with intent to
distribute marijuana on May 11.

Shane Ray Horton, 20, is charged with possession with intent to
distribute marijuana on May 11.

Anita Nayola is charged with misprison of a felony. She is one of
numerous defendants alleged to be involved in a drug smuggling ring
operating out of Midland.

Misprison of a felony is knowing about a violation of the law and
failing to report it to a law enforcement officer of judge. Nayola
allegedly traveled with her husband when he transported marijuana from
Mexico to Midland.

Juan Daniel Sanchez-Rios, 30, of Dallas and Victor Manuel Sanchez-Rios
of Ojinaga, Mex. are charged with four counts of transporting illegal
aliens. Victor Manuel is also charged with illegal re-entry after being

INS jails Anchor workers

for illegal entry into U.S.

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Staff Writer

Eight employees of Anchor West Inc. were arrested Thursday in a sweep
by Immigration and Naturalization Service agents out of the El Paso
office of investigations.

All admitted being citizens of Mexico and obtaining counterfeit
documents in order to work in the United States, the complaints allege.

Upon checking documentation provided to Anchor by the employees to
prove their citizenship, agents found the social security and/or
resident alien card numbers did not exist, an affidavit attached to the
complaint alleges.

Charged with possessing false documents with intent to defraud the
U.S., all appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kathrine Baker at the
Pecos federal courthouse late Thursday.

They are Anjel Lujan-Gutierrez, 22, of Ojinaga, Mex.; Maria Luisa
Iniguez-Sandoval, 25, of Guadalajara, Mex.; Jorge Luis
Quintero-Hernandez, 31, Coahuila, Mex.; Laura Gabriela Iniguez, 23,
Guadalajara, Mex.; Maclen Perez-Zapata, 23, Ojinaga, Mex.; Jose
Villegas-Salcido, 25, Juarez, Mex.; Miguel Berumen-Ulloa, 29,
Guadalajara, Mex.; and Maribel Lujan-Gutierrez, 18, Ojinaga, Mex.

Affidavits attached to the complaints allege the defendants admitted
purchasing the false documents from vendors in Odessa, Brownsville, Los
Angeles, Calif. and other locations.

Gramm in town Saturday

to outline sex offender bill

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 21, 1996 - United States Senator Phil Gramm will be in town
Saturday for a brief visit while on a West Texas "swing," to unveil
federal legislation aimed at protecting children from predatory sex

Senator Gramm and his wife, Wendy, will be in the Reeves County
Commissioners Courtroom, located on the third floor of the Reeves County
Courthouse at 12:30 p.m. to discuss the recently passed, "Sexual
Offenders Tracking and Identification Act of 1996" said Julie Hillrichs,
deputy press secretary of the senator's office. Local law enforcement
officials and the Town of Pecos City Mayor will be present for the
special visit.

Gramm's legislation would require convicted sexual predators to register
with the FBI when they cross state lines. A nationwide FBI tracking
system would also be put in place to monitor the interstate movements of
sexual predators, particularly in states that have no offender
registration laws.

Sexual offenders who fail to comply with the federal registration
requirements could face a mandatory sentence of a year in prison and
fine up to $100,000.

Texas sex offender laws were strengthened after Ashley Estell of Dallas
was abducted from a Plano park and killed in 1993. The man convicted of
her murder had a record of sex offenses.

"We feel good about the progress we're making through the legislative
process," said Hillrichs. She added the senator and his team feel that
the bill, which passed the Senate Judiciary Committee last Friday, "will
make a huge impact on communities across Texas and America."

Gramm, who is being challenged by Democrat Victor Morales in his bid for
a third term in the U.S. Senate this November, will be dropping by after
a visit with the Fort Stockton community and a stop in El Paso, said

Citizens will have the opportunity to address any questions to the
senator, of whom it was recently announced, will take the Agriculture
Committee seat that was left vacant by the resignation last week of
Senator Bob Dole, the imminent Republican nominee for president. Gramm's
appointment was announced Wednesday.

"Bob Dole's decision to leave the Senate made it possible for me to take
on additional work on one of the Senate's key committees," Gramm said in
a press release.

"I appreciate having this unexpected chance to work directly on issues
that affect the lives of Texas farmers and ranchers at a time when our
state is being devastated by drought."

"My first and most critical mission on the Agriculture Committee will be
to make certain that Texas agricultural producers have every bit of
assistance that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is capable of
providing," the senator said.

"The federal government can't make it rain, but USDA has a budget of
$63.08 billion of taxpayers' money and a mission to help farmers. I
intend to make sure that help starts flowing faster and that it gets to
the people who need it now, not sometime in the sweet bye and bye."

Gramm has previously served on the agricultural appropriations
subcommittee. He currently serves on the Senate's Finance, Banking and
Budget committees, and will retain those committee memberships. His
appointment to the Agriculture Committee becomes effective following
Senate ratification, which is expected to occur quickly.

Stockton gets clean-up honor

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FORT STOCKTON, June 21, 1996 - Fort Stockton has earned an award in the
Keep Texas Beautiful environmental excellence competition.

Nine communities will share $700,000 in landscaping prizes from the
Texas Department of Transportation. Winners will be recognized at KTB's
29th Annual Convention to beheld in Irving July 10-12.

The governor's community achievement awards are presented to communities
in nine population categories that have the best grassroots, volunteer
environmental programs in the state.

Winners exhibited excellence in organization, cleanup, beautification,
recycling and litter law enforcement. These prizes, donated by the Texas
Department of Transportation, are designated for landscaping along
state-maintained highways. Fort Stockton placed third in cities with population between 7,501 and 17,500. Laura Lantrip, KTB president, said the quality of the entries was
exceptional. Over 70 communities were nominated.


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Information contained in the Police Report is obtained
from reports filed by the Pecos Police Department, Reeves County
Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, or other agencies;
and from interviews with officers of those agencies.

A Reeves County deputy assisted the Ward County deputy in Barstow on the
night of June 1, about 2 a.m., when he arrested Benjamin Morales, 18, of
5302 Chinati Rd., and Adam Anaya, Jr., 18, of 1914 Wyoming St., for
possession of marijuana during a traffic stop in the corner of Bryan and
San Antonio Streets in Barstow. Three male juveniles were also
questioned and later released to their parents and guardians.


Charged with disorderly conduct after having been caught by sheriffs
deputies fighting outside the Reeves County Sheriffs Office were Elva
Brito, 31, of Midland and Cecilia Valdez, 17, also of Midland. They were
arrested on the afternoon of June 4.


On June 5, sheriffs deputies arrested Jeannie Estorga, 35, 723 S.
Sycamore St., for terroristic threat.


Reeves County Extension Agent Carol Mowery reported an act of criminal
mischief to police. She said sometime between 8 a.m. and noon on June 6
an unknown party had damaged her 1993 GMC van while parked at her place
of work in the 700 block of Daggett Street. She told the investigating
officer that a pellet gun was possibly used.


John Alan Hart, 30, of Florida, was arrested by a Reeves County deputy
for soliciting a ride. He was taken into custody on the night of June 7,
five miles north of Orla.


Maggie Hamblin reported to sheriff's deputies that sometime between May
and June 7 someone had taken her 12 X 60 foot mobile home from her lot
in the University Trailer Park, at 7000 Arlington Street, without her


On the night of June 8, sheriff's deputies arrested Benjamin Valles
Valeriano, 37, 1921 Scott St., at his residence during a warrant service
for probation revocation on an original charge of murder, involuntary


Oscar Dominguez was arrested by police for assault under the Family
Violence Act on the night of June 9. He was apprehended at his residence
in the TraPark. Address and age for Dominguez were not available.


On June 9, sheriffs deputies arrested Carlos Mendoza Contreras, 23, 802
S. Cypress St., for public intoxication at the Reeves County Civic
Center parking lot.


Maria Florez reported to a sheriff's deputy that someone had scratched
the back fender and slightly cut the side wall of the tire of her
vehicle while parked at her residence at 1707 Alamo sometime between
June 8, 8:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m., June 9. She estimated the damage at


Police released a male juvenile to the Reeves County Juvenile Probation
Office authorities after he was apprehended at the 100 block of Alamo
Street on June 10. The teen was charged with assault under the Family
Violence Act.


On the afternoon of June 10, police arrested Javier Hernandez, 22, 115
S. Pecan St., during a warrant service. He was apprehended at the corner
of Fourth and Pecan streets and charged with probation revocation on an
original charge of aggravated assault.


About 12:15 a.m., June 10, Edward Hidalgo reported to a sheriff's deputy
that someone had run into his 1996 Dodge while parked at the Reeves
County Civic Center parking lot. The incident occurred sometime between
9:40 p.m. June 9 and the time of the report.


Olga B. Orona, 35, 513 S. Walnut St., was arrested on a sheriff's office
warrant for revoking her probation set after originally charged with
theft. Police took her into custody at the 500 block of South Walnut
Street on the night of June 11.


Oscar Rubio, 30, was arrested during a warrant service conducted by
police June 13 at his residence at 221 N. Cedar St.


Police arrested Rodolfo C. Deanda for outstanding DPS warrants during a
traffic stop June 14 at the corner of Fifth and Eddy streets. He was
pulled over just before 2 a.m. Age and address for Deanda were not


During the early morning hours of June 15, police arrested Daniel Barron
in the 2100 block of Eddy Street for outstanding municipal fines.


Jose Angel Vasquez, 35, 906 S. Willow St., was arrested for driving with
a suspended license during a traffic stop in 100 block of East 11th
Street on the evening of June 15.


Pecos police arrested Juan Gonzalez, 32, for public intoxication just
before 1 a.m. June 18 at the corner of Third and Plum streets.


Sharon Moore reported to police that someone had taken two air
conditioner motors and pumps from two apartment units in the 200 block
of South Plum Street. East unit was worth $60 and each pump, $15. She
said that the crime occurred sometime between 5 p.m., June 12, and the
evening of June 13.


High Thursday 110, low last night 74. Tonight, clear. Low in the mid
70s. Southeast wind 5-15 mph. Saturday, mostly sunny. High 100-105.
South wind 10-20 mph.


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Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, June 20, 1996 - A typo has prevented the Pecos County
Commissioner's Court from considering a proposal that is being debated
in counties across West Texas. Pecos was one of several counties in the
region to consider a ban on the private use of fireworks. However, the
action item on last week's agenda was improperly worded. Reeves, Jeff
Davis and Midland counties voted for a complete ban on the sale,
possession and use of all fireworks.

Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch

FORT DAVIS, June 20, 1996 - Firefighters and emergency medical service
held a disaster drill in Davis Mountains Resort June 9, with a simulated
airplane crash. After all teams completed their assignments, they
reassembled to critique their performance. They agreed the drill went
extremely well except for problems with radio communications. This
problem will hopefully be alleviated by the installation of a radio
repeater on Apache Mountain.

Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, June 20, 1996 - The principal owners of the First Presidio Bank
plan to acquire controlling interest in the Marfa National Bank. Richard
C. "Dick" Slack of Pecos and his son, Clay Slack of Dallas, are the
principals. Clay Slack is a Marfa bank director and both father and son
are Presidio bank directors. They started the Presidio bank about 20
years ago. Dick Slack said they have had stock in the Marfa bank for a
number of years and recently got the opportunity to acquire more stock.
"Our motive and intentions are only to enhance the bank and Marfa,"
Slack said. Both banks will have more lending capacity and should help
Marfa grow.

Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, June 20, 1996 - Alpine ISD superintendent Wayne Milligan told
school trustees Tuesday night that the new middle school should be ready
for occupancy by July 8, five days early. The board authorized Milligan
to purchase some property adjacent to the middle school.

The International, Presidio Paper

PRESIDIO, June 20, 1996 - A 20-year-old Ojinaga, Mex. man shot in the
face by a Presidio County deputy sheriff during a vehicle chase has been
charged with attempted capital murder. Jose Gonzalez Pinion tried to run
over the deputy, Oscar Gallegos, after running a roadblock on U.S. 67
north of Presidio on May 28. When Gallegos overtook the fleeing suspect
and tried to pass to set up another roadblock, Pinion attempted to ram
his vehicle. At the new roadblock, Pinion attempted to strike Gallegos
with his van, the complaint alleges. Pinion remains in Big Bend Regional
Medical Center in Alpine recovering from a shotgun wound to the face.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, June 20, 1996 - Ward Memorial Hospital's board of managers
heard a plan Tuesday to affiliate with Winkler County Hospital in
Kermit. Administrator David Keith said the alliance would benefit both
hospitals, and that both would retain their identity. By sharing
facilities, each could cut costs and improve the quality of service, he
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