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June 14, 1996

Ornelas stays on tax board

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Staff Writer
PECOS, June 14, 1996 - Attempts by the tax appraisal district directors
to have the appointment of a disgruntled employee to the tax appraisal
board recalled proved futile during Thursday's regular meeting of the
Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD Board of Directors.

School trustees opted to go with their attorney's advice and allow
Estella Ornelas, who they appointed to the Reeves County Tax Appraisal
Board of Directors in May, remain as their representative on the tax
appraisal board.

Appraisal district board members asked for the recall because of
Ornelas' past dealings with the RCTAD, in which she filed a complaint
against her then employer for racial discrimination and unwarranted

The Texas Commission on Human Rights ruled against Ornelas' allegations
in October of 1995.

Board President Linda Gholson, who noted she asked for the school
board's attorney recommendation in writing after she received word that
she was wrongfully interpreting his advice, read an excerpt of the
letter that stated that, "the school district take no action," and allow
Ornelas to serve. He further advised that if her performance on the
RCTAD board was unsatisfactory that school board members should then
make a motion to recall her appointment.

RCTAD Director Billie Sadler told the school board that she personally
felt that the Ornelas' appointment was made on a "personal vendetta."
She further commented that the school board has allowed criticism and
defamation to come before the RCTAD board and added that they were at
the school board meeting, "to see if you could relieve this."

"She (Ornelas) was brought to us in good faith," said school board
member Hugh Box.

School trustee Frank Perea, who initiated Ornelas' nomination, told
Sadler that when he bacame aware of the vacancy on the RCTAD board after
former school board member Oscar Saenz's resignation he asked Reeves
County Detention Center Warden Joe Trujillo if he would like to
represent the school district.

Trujillo declined on the basis that he didn't have the time to serve,
said Perea, when Ornelas went to him and asked to represent the school

"My nomination was based on her experience," said Perea. "My
recommendation was not based on malice, but strictly on her
qualifications," he continued.

Ornelas formerly worked as Tax Assessor/Collector and later as City
Secretary for the Town of Pecos City.

"How would you feel if you were in the same situation," Sadler asked the
school board about having to serve on a board with a disgruntled

"But I guess we'll have to live with it if that's all you can offer,"
she added.

In other business, board members awarded a bid to Bosworth Company of
Midland for $235,670 for the HVAC Crockett Middle School project. Five
bids were submitted. Bosworth's was the lowest.

Members of the local TAAS (Texas Assessment of Acadmic Skills) parents
committee were present to present board members with their
recommendations for changes in what is considered to be excessive
testing and prepartion for testing, but no action was taken, as many
changes, clarification, additions and deletions were noted. The item
will be scheduled for the next board meeting.

Charles Clark of CRC Engineering, who engineered the plans for the HVAC
Crockett Middle School project, was on hand to present his
recommendations for air conditioning repairs in the Pecos High School
"A" Building. No action was taken on the matter.

School health insurance company representative Phil Watts was on hand
for a brief overview of the school district's plan. No action was taken
on the update but in another insurance item, but board members did vote
unanimously to accept proposed health insurance.

Also approved by all present members was the idea of offering all taxing
entities the school district's tax collection services. P-B-T ISD
Business Manager Cookie said that if an entity participates they will
charge them $19,700; two entities, $17,300 each and three entities,
$16,500 each.

Canon cleared any misconceptions for the district's Summer School
Program, "students are not all retainees," and outlined the different
program funds that are financing the program.

Dollar figuers will be awaited before any action taken on the
compensation for driver's education instructors and the board approved a
pay schedule for school district employees. Paydays will be: Sept. 26;
Oct. 25; Nov. 26; Dec. 20; Jan. 24; Feb. 26; Mar. 26; Apr. 25; May 26;
Jun. 25 and Aug. 26.

Trustees voted unanimously to allow the district to participate in the
Region 18 Title II Math/Science Cooperative and Title IV Drug Free
Schools Cooperative programs.

The board also heard hearings on the district's Title I, Title 1-Part D
and Title VI programs.

Milk products bid was awarded to Borden and bread products bid to the
only bidder, who was out of El Paso.

After an executive session of the board, board members approved the
following appointments: Michael Adams to Zavala 7th Grade Physical
Education/ PHS Coach; Peter Glenn Allen to Special Education Teacher;
Michael Denis Ferrel to PHS English Teacher and Coach; Robert Franco to
Pecos Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher; Monique Anne Hernandez to Bessie
Haynes 5th Grade Teacher; Jerry May to Pecos Elementary 3rd Grade
Teacher; Jessica Franco Molinar to Special Education Teacher at Pecos
Elementary; Leslie Olibas to Reading at Crockett 8th Grade; Francisco
Ornelas to Life Science at Crockett 8th Grade; Bernadette Portillo
Ornelas to Bessie Haynes 4th Grade Bilingual Teacher; Jesus Frank
Sanchez to Austin Elementary 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher; Danna Keller
Swaim to Austin Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher; John Woodall to Special
Education Teacher at Pecos Elementary; Kristy Regina Workman to
Kindergarten Teacher and Alan Wyles to PHS Math Teacher and Coach.

Resignations approved included: Sabrina Addington from Music Teacher;
Jacklyn Alastuey from Bessie Haynes 5th Grade Teacher; Joe Gonzales from
Austin Elementary 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher; Sandra Gonzales from
Austin Elementary 1st Grade Bilingual Teacher; Mikel Martinson from
Crockett 8th Grade Life Science Teacher; Alicia Montgomery from Bessie
Haynes 5th Grade Teacher; Jennifer Spence from Pecos Kindergarten
Teacher; Nancy Stewart from Bessie Special Education Teacher.

Band hall named for Bill Carrico

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PECOS, June 14, 1996 - Pecos-Barstow-Toyah School board members voted
unanimously Thursday to name the band and choir hall "The Bill Carrico
Music Center."

Carrico was responsible for developing an outstanding band program in
Pecos in a span of 33 years, during which he was choral director for 31
years. In 1954 he organized the first stage band in the Pecos system and
directed it for 26 years.

Head Band Director Steven Clary told board members that he doesn't
personally know Carrico, but ever since he came to Pecos he's heard a
lot about the former Pecos High School director.

"He made the local school band program known throughout the state," he
said. "All we're trying to do is thank the gentleman while he's still
alive," said Clary, "for all of his influence on this community."

"We have a tendency to do things for people after they've passed one,"
he mentioned earlier in his speech.

Clary also noted that he hopes to get an alumni band together to liven
things up for homecoming festivities.

Carrico comes from a family who considered music a way of life. His
father, William L. Carrico, was a professional musician and band leader
who performed as a member of the Chicago, St. Louis, Houston and Dallas
symphonies during his lengthy career. During the winter months, the
senior Carrico organized and conducted his own orchestras to perform for
the cultural Chautauqua events popular at the time in the luxury resorts
of sourthern Florida.

Lefa H. Carrico, Bill Carrico's mother, grew up performing with her
family in a traveling show that reached several midwestern states. After
marrying she taught piano and voice in the various towns where the
family settled.

Bill Carrico's older brother, Dr. John Carrico, directed university
bands in Texas and Nevada until his death in 1978.

In 1982, after the death of his wife, Bill Carrico retired from teaching
after 40 years of school service. He currently resides in San Angelo.

Healthier employees ease city finances

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Staff Writer
PECOS, June 14, 1996 - Employee health problems have abated for the city
of Pecos, and the self-funded medical plan has required less taxpayer
funds this year than last, the Pecos City Council learned Thursday.

Independent agent Phil Watts reported on the status of the plan, which
New Era of Houston underwrites.

The city's contribution to the plan is based on the total amount of
claims paid.

The council also awarded the bid for seal coating to Lipham Construction
on their low bid of $58,368. Other bidders were Van Zant and Jones Bros.

Controller Steve McCormick said that $55,000 was budgeted this year, but
that $71,000 is left in the street work line item.

Engineer Frank Spencer said the specifications include instructions to
seal coat up to the curb on street corners. Last year, Jones Bros. made
square corners, leaving a space at rounded curbs uncoated.

The work is to be completed by June 29, Spencer said. Lipham is working
in the area and has already begun to stockpile materials.

City Manager Harry Nagel was in Midland Thursday seeking a $400,000
grant for improvements to the Ward County water line. He said the
Permian Basin Regional Planning Commission had applications from 19
cities, and many have a 20-point advantage over Pecos because they did
not get a grant last year.

Pecos has received grants the past two years for work on the Ward County

Octavio Garcia, utilities director, said his staff is keeping a close
watch on the line and repairing leaks before they become a problem.

"We have a man working on the line all the time," he said. "He gets them
before they are completely busted."

In approving May bills totaling $505,059, Mayor Dot Stafford noted that
included bond payments and new police vehicles.

Police Chief Troy Moore said the new vehicles are in use.

Police and other law enforcement officers will attend a school on new
juvenile laws during rodeo week, Moore said. An instructor will come to
Pecos for the course.

Councilman Gerald Tellez Jr. commended Garcia for making and installing
purple and white street signs and for completing curb painting started
by the community development committee on May 18.

In executive session, the council evaluated City Secretary Geneva
Martinez. They then granted the 3 percent merit raise budgeted.

Hangman and gang to ren-enact shootout

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Staff Writer
PECOS, June 14, 1996 - Capers is what Fredie Capers is noted for. And he
and his outlaw band will caper in Pecos July 4 during the centennial
celebration for the No. 11 Saloon at West of the Pecos Museum.

"The Hangman's Henchmen," with Capers as the hangman, will re-enact an
1896 shootout that actually happened in the saloon, said Genora Prewit.

In that shootout, Jim Miller's henchmen went to the saloon to kill
Barney Riggs, but Riggs killed both of them, Prewit said.

Riggs later moved to Fort Stockton, where he lost his final gun battle
to the son of his ex-wife, Annie Riggs. Fort Stockton's Annie Riggs
museum is one of the prime tourist attactions in Pecos County.

Capers, a long-time law enforcement officer, former Fort Stockton police
chief and justice of the peace, has been Pecos County judge since 1991.

His sideline is promoting chili cookoffs, charity benefits and leading
his gang of gunslingers around the country.

"We have been a little bit of everywhere," Capers said today. "We just
smoke up the town. We shot up Iraan last Saturday. They loved it."

This Saturday, they will perform at St. Joseph Catholic Church's family
festival in Rooney Park.

Last week, they put on a spontaneous show for 12 British journalists who
stopped at Sarah's Cafe on their way to Los Angeles, Calif.

"We took over the cafe and gave them a wild western welcome," the
bearded, 55-year-old Capers said.

"I was voted to be the most colorful character of the Big Bend in
February," Capers said.

He describes the Hangman's Henchmen as a neat group who has a lot of fun.

Henchmen are Kenneth Morrison, Brad Newton, Sidney Creech, Don Creech,
Joe Hinojos and Cliff Harris.

Prewit said that three authors will be at the museum during the
centennial celebration to autograph their books. They are James L.
Kenney, "The Cowboy Life of James L. Kenney," Patrick Dearin, "Crossing
Rio Pecos" and Bill James, "Barney Riggs," "Jim Miller" and "Buck

Rodeo clown Quail Dobbs will be at the museum July 3-4 for autographs.

Other rodeo-related events include special exhibits June 15-July 15 on
Johnson/Heard Pioneer Families, Dobbs, West of the Pecos Rodeo pictures
and Pauline Bryan artwork.

Fiesta Night in Old Pecos June 29 includes a fiesta in the museum
courtyard featuring foods from local restaurants; sarsaparilla,
cantaloupe a la mode and old-fashion picture taking in the saloon, and
an artwork display by artist Sonya Haynee.

Old timers will gather for their 32nd annual reunion July 3, and will
watch the parade as it passes down First Street.

The pioneer family will be honored at 9:30 a.m. July 4. Class reunions
are set for July 5-6.

Isolated brush fire burns 40 acres

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Staff Writer
PECOS, June 14, 1996 - Wednesday evening, Barstow and Pecos firefighters
fought to contain a Ward County brush fire that burned some forty acres
just west of Reeves County FM Road 1216.

Fire Marshal Jack Brookshire said that the cause of the fire has not
been determined, but it was evident that it was intentionally set.

He indicated that there has been a lot of traffic out in that area with
persons heading out to visit the Barstow Dam, which was located just
further north of where the fire burned.

Flames were lit in the middle of a thick section of brush and cedar that
disallowed fire units to get in said Pecos fire volunteer Arnulfo Rivas.
Units were dispatched about 7:26 p.m.

Rivas said that units remained just west of the section on fire on the
dirt road that leads up to Barstow Dam and sprayed the fire's northern
boundary to contain it, as telephone poles were coming up on its path
about a quarter-mile to the north of it.

"There's really no way to fight a brush fire like that," he said. He
added, "we couldn't get the trucks in there."

He added that Pecos fire units were out there about an hour to an 1 1/2
hours when they transferred their water supply to Barstow fire units, as
they remained at the scene.

Barstow Assistant Fire Chief Julian Florez said that Barstow fire units
remained at the scene until 9:15 p.m. to make sure the wind didn't pick
up and stir up any hot spots.

Ward County Deputy Tommy Hernandez investigated the incident.

Golden Girls take to the air

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With a busy schedule behind them already, 1996 Golden Girl nominees
still have an even busier schedule ahead with local and area radio
broadcasts, as well as the anxiously awaited Golden Girl Revue.

Chairperson for the event Linda Gholson said that the seven senior girls
will be airing on Fort Stockton and Monahans radio stations June 17 and
the local radio program, Pecos Talking, June 20 and 21.

This comes after the girls June 3 visit to the KMID television station
in Odessa, which aired their appearance on June 5.

Introductions were made on June 10 at the Pecos Nursing Home and Tuesday
at the Pecos Senior Center.

The revue will take place at the Pecos High School Auditorium June 28
and tickets are on sale now at First National Bank of Pecos, Security
State Bank and Pecos Chamber of Commerce said Gholson.

Helping out with the annual event is Gholson's co-chairperson, Carolyn

Nominees are: Lindley Workman, Sarah Lam, Cathy Ybarra, Marisa Levario,
Ana Smallwood and Christin Stewart.


Jay Dannelley

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Jay Charles Dannelley Jr., 50, died June 12, in Nairobi, Kenya from a
sudden illness.
He was born in Gorman, Tx., on Nov. 23, 1945 to Jay and Fern Heath
Dannelly lived in Texas and later in Michigan.
Following his education at the University of Michigan and Central
Michigan University, he taught elementary school in Bay City, Wisc. In
1976 Dannelley moved to Kenya to begin a teaching career in both church
and public schools.

While in Kenya he married Sylvia Shirk, originally from Harrisburg, Va.
The family moved to Lancaster, Penn., in 1989, and to Pecos in 1993.
Since moving to Pecos, both Dannelleys have taught special education
students at Bessie Haynes Elementary School. They have been active
members at First Baptist Church of Pecos.
Dannelley left for Kenya on June 1 to film documentaries for missions
education. He was fulfilling a lifelong goal and mission of documenting
God's work in Kenya at the time of his death.
Survivors include his wife, Sylvia Dannelley of Pecos; two sons, T.K.
and Jay Allen Dannalley, and one daughter, Nichi Rebekah.
A memorial fund has been set at both Pecos banks to benefit the
children's education.


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