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June 14, 1996

By Rosie Flores

Meetings across river

calm, cool, collected

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Professionalism, courtesy and friendliness were all displayed at a
recent commissioners court meeting I had the privilege of attending.

The meeting, which was held in Monahans, was the Ward County
Commissioners and lasted only about 20 minutes (at the most). Yet, all
topics on the agenda were covered appropriately and taken care of during
the short meeting.

It just proves that meetings don't have to last 24 hours for them to be
productive. It takes only a few minutes time, if the issues have already
been reviewed by the members of the court, to come to a decision.

Another thought that struck me was the professionalism displayed. Even
when a disagreement came up the individuals involved in the conflict saw
no need to raise their voices, do any fingerpointing or act outright
rude. Both presented their side and a mutual agreement was reached.

I was very surprised and pleased at the way the meeting was conducted
and impressed with those who serve on the commissioners court, including
Ward County Judge Sam Massey.

I had the chance to attend other meetings as well, including Monahans
City Council. The same amount of professionalism and friendliness was
displayed here as well. The Town of Pecos City Council has a great group
of individuals, also. But sometimes, when you travel elsewhere you
expect shoddy treatment or indifference.

Not so with the group in Monahans. Nothing but courtesy and
friendliness was displayed, which led me to think that maybe sometimes
we judge individuals without first having met them. For some reason,
everyone in Pecos thinks Monahans residents have a personal dislike of
those residing here in Pecos.

The group not only proved to be very helpful, but were very friendly.
All the material for the meetings was provided for the media. Anything
the media requested of them was made available and their attitude
towards us was nothing but easy-going and courteous.

For all those who have attended public meetings, this says a lot for
these individuals. Matters can be resolved in a calm and collected
manner if individuals who preside on the court, board or council, just
choose to do so!

Rosie Flores is an Enterprise writer and editor of Lifestyles and
Golden Years. Her column appears each Thursday.


Happy Father's Day to loyal dads

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In commemoration of Father's Day, we at the Office of the Attorney
General would like to recognize and thank those fathers who willingly
and lovingly support their children.

Because we are in the business of collecting child support, we focus
primarily on those fathers who do not honor their child support
obligations. And, unfortunately, those fathers who shoulder their
responsibilities and support their children are too often overlooked.
That is why we want to send out a special message this Father's Day
saluting those men who make the choice to support their children.

Fathers who stay actively involved in their children's lives make a
positive difference in their children's futures. Studies show that
children who are abandoned by their fathers face a greater risk of
failure in school, drug abuse, suicide, juvenile delinquency and crime
than do those children who have had the support and guidance of their

Even when children are unable to live with their fathers, they still
require the emotional and psychological security which fathers provide.
Mothers and fathers have different gifts to give to their children and
one parent can never replace the other.

Having the love of both parents provides a stabilizing environment for
children - a necessity in growing up feeling wanted and safe. Every
child deserves that start in life.

One of the responsibilities of my office is to collect child support
checks for kids. However, child support is much more than a check. Child
support is love and emotional support. It is parents forming a
partnership to raise their children - whether or not they reside in the
same household. It is a child waking up every day without having to
question the love and involvement of both parents.

If you are a father who has chosen to be a part of his children's
lives, you are the person we want to acknowledge this Father's Day. You
have our admiration and our respect.

Each day you reach out to your children in love, each time you offer
support in difficult times, each month you provide financial support,
you give your children an incomparable gift. And you give a gift to all
Texans by helping to reduce the welfare rolls and by raising children
who will have a greater chance to make positive contributions to our
country in the future.
This Father's Day, may this gift be returned to you a thousandfold.

Dan Morales is attorney general for the state of Texas. His weekly
column deals with legal matters that impact private citizens.
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