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June 13, 1996

Pecos City Council picks two engineers

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Staff Writer
PECOS, June 13, 1996 - Pecos City Council this morning awarded Frank X.
Spencer & Associates the job of planning and engineering the water/sewer
project, but gave the airport storm water pollution work to Parkhill,
Smith & Cooper.

Spencer said the water/sewer project includes development of the South
Worsham Field, water distribution, sewer repairs and water treatment
plant expansion.

He has worked with the city for four years on the project and knows what
needs to be done. Grant requests are in the mill for part of the
estimated $6 million-plus the total project will cost. Planning fees are
included in the grant amount.

Spencer also offered a proposal on the airport job, but said that his
staff would have to spend a lot of time getting familiar with the
airport layout, and his costs would be higher than PSC's, which has done
previous work on the runways and other facilities.

Danny Winchester, engineer for Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, said they would
allow city crews to do part of the work, thus reducing their costs,
estimated between $3,000 and $4,000.

Elvia Reynolds and Randy Graham reported they are still trying to
determine costs of operating trash collection and transportation to
Charter Waster Management's landfill near Penwell, vs. contracting with
West Texas Waste.

Don Foard of West Texas Waste said they will have to hire another
company to make a detailed study of the landfill situation to estimate
what they would charge to operate a Type IV landfill and transfer waste.
That could take up to six weeks and would be costly, he said.

Armando Gil said that the Texas Natural Resources Conservation
Commission recommended keeping the Type I landfill permit and operating
a Type IV landfill for such refuse as tree limbs and appliances.

He said he is getting costs for city staff to purchase another truck and
haul directly to Penwell, along with the costs for a transfer station
and long-distance hauler.

At the request of Tom Rivera, Pecos Chamber of Commerce executive
director, the council agreed to close down Second and Oak Streets for
the annual Fiesta Night in Old Pecos June 29.

They took no action on Calvary Baptist Church's request to close an
alley that runs between their buildings on Yucca Street. City Attorney
Scott Johnson said that all owners of land adjoining the dedicated alley
must join in the petition.

Calvary pastor Ron Garcia said that Roy Lindsay owns the remainder of
the block, and he will contact him for his permission.

Octavio Garcia, utilities director, asked for and received permission to
advertise for bids to purchase a gooseneck trailer to haul heavy
equipment to the water field.

The home-made trailer now in use is too heavy and too high for the
equipment and has become a danger to employees, he said.
Mary Barfield requested permission to place a statue of the legendary
figure Pecos Bill on Windmill Square, which is owned by the city.

She said the statue would be near the curb between the Pecos Senior
Center and Pecos Chamber of Commerce office, where it would be visible
to traffic from both north and south on U.S. Highway 285.

Tourists seeing the statue are expected to stop for photos and to
request information from the chamber office and possibly visit the
museum, she said.

Since the Postal Service will issue a Pecos Bill stamp on July 12, with
special cancellation for 30 days, the statue would add to publicity
generated by the stamp worldwide, Barfield said.

In discussing a date to auction off surplus equipment, Reynolds asked if
the county and school district could be asked to join the city and to
employ a professional auctioneer.

Doug Cox, shop foreman, said the last time the three held an auction in
the city yard, the leftover equipment stayed in the yard for four months.

Steve McCormick suggested that three separate auctions be held on the
same day with the same professional auctioneer.

The council adopted an ordinance on first reading to place stop signs on
Fourth Street at Bois d'arc.

Mayor Dot Stafford appointed Jesse Stephens, Erasmo Acosta, John Teague,
Frank Spencer and Saul Roquemore to two-year terms on the planning and
zoning board, and Mike Murphy, Judy Tipton, Teresa Winkler, Barney Lee,
Chuck Bratland, Tom Rivera, C.W. Roberts, Larry Levario, Craig Hill and
Carolyn Winkles to one-year terms on the Pecos Tree Board.

City gives up on forfeiture

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PECOS, Tx. June 13, 1996 - City Attorney Scott Johnson on Wednesday
withdrew his suit for forfeiture of $12,695 found in the home of Evigael
Navarette on March 14, along with a white powdery substance believed to
be cocaine.

Navarette's attorney, Roddy Harrison, had filed a motion to compel the
city to reveal names of all those involved with the case, including the
name of a confidential informant who said drugs were sold from the house.

Rather than reveal the informant's name, Johnson chose to withdraw the
claim on the money, which officers serving a search warrant found hidden
in various locations in the house.

Navarette was not charged with a crime in connection with the search of
his home. He said the white powdery substance was for his own use. His
wife said the money officers found in the house was an income tax refund.

Driving frenzy ends in hospital

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Staff Writer
PECOS, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Charges are pending for a local man whose
reckless driving frenzy put him in the hospital and resulted in the
damage of property to more than one eastside resident.

Investigating officer Tony Dawdy reported that the driver of a 1977 GMC
pickup who started his destructive path at the eastside park on the
corner of Locust and 12th Streets, had a strong odor of alcohol on his
breath as he was taken into custody when he came to a final stop at the
residence at 701 S. Pecan.

The driver refused to be treated at the scene, where ambulance
attendants attempted to give first aid, and was later rejected by Reeves
County Jail officials because of his condition.

He was taken to the local hospital, where is currently awaiting formal

Because he has not been officially charged and warrants have not been
issued and the suspect is still being treated at Reeves County Hospital
for fractured ribs, a punctured lung and scull fracture, his name is
currently unavailable for publication.

The police report indicates that the 37-year-old man, bearing a Pecos
address, entered the eastside park in his pickup, knocking down a
parking rail and another as he exited the lot.

He continued south, crossing the street in the 500 block of East 12th
Street and entered the Carver School parking lot, which he exited and
entered continously, jumping the curb in a westward direction.

After leaving the school campus, he turned the corner, just missing a
fire hydrant, and continued across the intersection at 12th and Locust
and jumped the northwest corner into the yard at 1115 S. Locust. He
crossed the roadway by jumping the curb and struck a wooden pole,
knocking it down.

Headed west again, he made a complete circle and struck a telephone pole
and came to a stop.

The alleged intoxicated driver then backed up and continued north on
Locust until he came to a residence at the corner of Seventh and Locust
Streets, where he entered the driveway at an angle.

There he struck a 1976 Ford Granada, registered to Steven Ray Henry,
which in turn struck a 1994 Nissan Sentra, belonging to Amanda Henry. He
attempted to back up, but got hung up on something underneath his truck,
so he went forward and struck the Ford Granada again. He put his vehicle
in park, making the vehicle jerk, striking the older model vehicle again
and finally backed up, exiting the driveway at a high rate of speed.

Turning right off of Locust and onto Seventh Street, the driver then
turned south into the driveway of a residence at 701 S. Pecan, where he
hit a fence located in front of the residence and came to a final stop.

Ambulance and police units were dispatched about 12:10 p.m.

He is facing charges of child endangerment due to his wreckless driving
in the area of an occupied school ground and DWI. Blood samples were
taken for alcohol analysis.

Florez steps into vacant commissioner post

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Staff Writer
MONAHANS, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Ward County Commissioners approved the
oath and deputation of Julian Florez as Commissioner Precinct 1 at their
regular meeting held Monday morning.

Florez, a Barstow resident, stated that, "my main concern for getting
appointed was that I wanted someone to represent Precinct 1 at the
budget workshops."

Budget workshops for Ward County began on Monday also, and Florez said
"that was his main concern to have someone represent Precinct 1 and make
sure their needs were taken care of."

In accordance with Chapter 87, Subchapter C, Section 87.042 Local
Government Code, County Judge Sam G. Massey had appointed Julian Florez,
the Democratic nominee in the Nov. 7, General Election, to fill the
unexpired term of Ben Villalobos as Ward County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Villalobos did not seek re-election and resigned from office on March 13.

Villalobos was convicted last year in 143rd District Court of felony
theft by a public servant, but has appealed the conviction.

A convicted felon may not serve in an elected office, but the conviction
is not final so long as it is on appeal.

At a previous meeting, Massey explained to the court and the public that
he did not make an immediate appointment to fill the County Commissioner
Precinct 1 position (that was vacated on March 13) because he did not
wish to influence the outcome of an election - either the Primary Runoff
on April 9 or the Nov. 7, General Election both of which had or will
have opposing candidates in the Commissioner Precinct 1 race.

Massey stated that while he was aware that the law entitled Ben
Villalobos to a salary until an appointment to fill his position had
been filled, Villalobos must make a request for it.

Former Commissioner Villalobos did present (to the judge) a written
Attorney General's opinion that stated, "until the a replacement has
been appointed to fill the office of Precinct 1 Commissioner, that he
(Villalobos) maintains the responsibilities and duties as a
commissioners and is entitled to his salary."

Villalobos also presented to the judge a tape, prepared by Auditor
Barbra Walsh, showing the total amount of salary he requested to be paid.

At that time, Massey stated that since former Commissioner Villalobos
had requested his salary to be paid, he proceeded with the Commissioner
Precinct 1 appointment, "so that the person drawing a salary would be
doing the work."

Florez was elected in the April runoff to the post and stated he was
"happy to be attending his second meeting."

"I'm really happy to be representing my precinct and I promise to work
really hard for them," said Florez. "I feel like I have more time now
and I plan to be a full-time commissioner," he said.

Florez also wanted to thank everyone in Reeves County who helped him
throughout the elections and with various projects.

"I plan to work diligently at this job," said Florez.

Florez states that he has always been active in the community in
different projects and plans to continue being active and working
towards making the community and the county a better place to live.

He is past fire chief for the Ward County Fire Department, a post he
held for 16 years and is currently assistant fire chief.

Florez is president of the parish council of Our Lady of Refuge Catholic
Church in Barstow and a member of the Juvenile Advisory Board in Ward


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Fort Stockton Pioneer

FORT STOCKTON, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Pecos County Commissioners on Monday
approved purchase of 10 acres of land as the site for a new juvenile
detention center. The 9.9 acres owned by Pete Terrazas will cost the
county $20,000 of a settlement received earlier this year in a lawsuit
filed against the builder of the original detention center. That center
was condemned when it became dangerous.

Jeff Davis County Mountain Dispatch

FORT DAVIS, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Rick McLaren said this weekend he
finally agreed to go along with a federal judge and get himself out of
jail so tht he could avoid "any bloodshed." McLaren did not say whose
blood might be shed, nor who might do the shedding, in his brief stop in
Jeff Davis County after speaking in Lubbock, then heading for Dallas and
the Texas Valley. He was released from jail Friday in Pecos after
agreeing to a lengthy set of requirements imposed by federal Judge
Lucius Bunton. McLaren claims to have taken over the state government
and is in the process of "throwing out the state and federal governments
from the Republic."

The Big Bend Sentinel

MARFA, Tx. June 13, 1996 - All four rafting companies based in south
Brewster County have suspended the rafting expeditions thry normally run
down the Rio Grande because the river is so low. Beth Garcia, who runs
Big Bend River Tours, has been sending tourists from around the country
down the river to experience the Big Bend wilderness for the last
decade. But Garcia had to stop the rafting tours about two weeks ago, as
did Texas River Expeditions, Far Flung Adventures and Rio Grande

Alpine Avalanche

ALPINE, Tx. June 13, 1996 - The topic of most conversations in Alpine
this week has been the Black Bear that paid the town a visit Sunday
morning. Eddie Barraza, employee of Alpine Country Club, spotted the
six-foot, 200-pound bear at the golf course about 6:30 a.m. The bear
went along the fence trying to get out. When Barraza went to notify
police, the bear disappeared. He raided garbage cans in Kokernot Park
and was sighted by a jogger on the park track, apparently following
Alpine Creek north out of town. A bear found dead of a gunshot wound
Monday near Highway 90 is thought to be the same bear. About 20 black
bears are known to be in the Big Bend National Park area.

The International, Presido Paper

PRESIDIO, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Redford School will remain open for the
1996-97 school year while Marfa Independent School District's board of
trustees continues to struggle with whether to accept a recent
compromise hammered out between them and Presidio ISD committees.

The Monahans News

MONAHANS, Tx. June 13, 1996 - Organizers of the Third Annual
Butterfield-Overland Stagecoach and Wagon Festival requested the
Monahans City Council close off streets in three downtown blocks for the
Aug. 1-4 festival. Pam Treadaway said this is the first year the
festival will be held in the downtown area.


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PECOS, June 13, 1996 - High in Pecos Wednesday 100, low last night 73.
Tonight, a slight chance of evening showers or thunderstorms. Otherwise
partly cloudy. Low 65-70. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Chance of rain is
less than 20 percent. Friday, partly cloudy with a slight chance of
showers or thunderstorms. High near 100. Southeast wind 5-15 mph. Chance
of rain is less than 20 percent.

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