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June 12, 1996

Cantaloupe festival set for August 2-4

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 12, 1996 - The on again-off again cantaloupe festival is on
again, and sponsors have already pledged funds to pay part of the

Fred Dominguez, festival chairman, told Pecos Chamber of Commerce
directors in their noon meeting Tuesday that support has come from
churches and individuals to continue the annual festival, begun in 1983.

Dates are: Aug. 2, Little Miss Cantaloupe Pageant, Pecos High School;
Aug. 3, fun runs, games, food, crafts, evening dancing, Reeves County
Civic Center; and Aug. 4, fly-in at Pecos airport with air show and
acrobatics display.

Vendors will have free booth space, with a $25 charge for electrical
hookup if needed.

Dominguez said the next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the
Style Shop. Anyone who wants to help is invited to attend.

Chamber president Gerald Tellez distributed the business expansion
survey that was mailed to 100 businesses. Of those, 20 returned the
completed survey with their comments on what would benefit Pecos

Tellez noted that suggestions include informing all businesses about
attractions to Pecos; tax abatements for expansion, create optimism,
lower taxes, improve appearance of city,

Improve the pessimistic attitude of the community, lower utility rates,
train workforce, improve quality of life; city and county working
together. Beautification; elected officials more committed to their job
and getting involved; creation of better business climate, better
overall attitude of the community and the governments.

Executive Director Tom Rivera said the Global Communities workshop was a
success, with a diverse group of participants from throughout West
Texas. He thanked local participants for their attendance.

"We have good feedback from the Department of Commerce. They were very
impressed by the facilities and attendees."

He gave special thanks to those who helped provide audio and visual
equipment, including Texas A&M Research Station and the Pecos Police
Department and Airlawn Furniture.

City and county crews helped get the Reeves County Civic Center ready
for the event.

"It was a real good workshop, Maybe next year we can be a host community
again," Rivera said.

Rivera reported that the ambassadors will hold a ribbon cutting Thursday
at His and Hers Hair Care in the former Crawford Hughes building at
Stafford and Texas Highway 17. Delma Sanchez is the owner. They were
accepted as new chamber members.

During Festival Night in Old Pecos, ambassadors will "pass the bucket"
to collect donations to defray expenses, Rivera said.

"We are trying to keep from soliciting donations from businesses," he

Jeanette Smallwood reported the Golden Girl practice has started, and
the girls went to Midland last week for a TV appearance, to the nursing
home Monday and will visit the Pecos Senior Center today, Monahans and
Fort Stockton today.

The Rotary Rodeo Revue portion of the Golden Girl Pageant is set for
June 28 in Pecos High School Auditorium.

Rivera said the advertising/tourism committee agreed last week to
provide $166 additional advertising funds for the Mariachi festival and
$1,715 for the rodeo.

All committee members received a copy of the civil statutes regulating
collection and expenditure of bed taxes, which the committee allocates.

Major problems with air conditioning at the civic center was discussed,
and the committee will try to fund repairs.

Kevin Duke said the community development committee had a "really good"
workday on May 18, and they plan another June 20.

Anyone who can help should meet at the Holiday Inn at 5 p.m. with their
chain saws to finish pruning salt cedar trees in that area. The county
will provide a backhoe and dump truck to dispose of the limbs, he said.

He commended the city and Texas Department of Transportation for
completing curb painting started by the committee.

Linda Gholson asked about complaints that the civic center does not have
adequate custodial care.

Rivera said he is attempting to get the city and county to help out with
that problem, because the transition from county to chamber operation
"has not been as smooth as we would like it to."

The biggest problem is not having anyone to empty trash and check
bathrooms during large events and to clean up afterward, he said.

Directors also discussed a conflict in booking that forced the group
performing a melodrama to find another location.

Rivera said the primary conflict is with the rodeo committee, who uses
the civic center for dances each evening. The melodrama stage would have
to be torn down and rebuilt each day of its four-day run.

"There's not enough stages to go around," he said. "It is almost
impossible to tear down the stage for the dance."

Hospital staff surfs Internet for help

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 12, 1996 - High-tech medicine is just a keystroke away for
medical staff and employees at Reeves County Hospital, with their access
to the Internet and World Wide Web.

Linked to the Internet through the Cancer Consortium of El Paso, the
medical staff has already located information and photos on an uncommon
type of tumor diagnosed in a local patient, said Nancy Ontiveros,
community relations director.

"We did a specific search on Alta Vista for the diagnosis and got
numerous areas to look at," Ontiveros said. "We found specific
information that we had been unable to obtain through the American
Cancer Society."

It took less than five minutes to call the information to the computer
screen, print out about five pages of text and a photograph of the
tumor, she said.

In another instance, respiratory therapist Frank Vasquez had been
searching for information on how to set up a pulmonary rehab program in
the hospital, but couldn't find information, Ontiveros said.

"We contacted the Texas Hospital Association and Texas Department of
Health, but they didn't have it," she said. "We did a specific search on
the Internet and found a lot of information."

Narrowing the search, they found specific information with the name and
address of an individual who set up a program in a rural hospital in
another state and had done work for the American Association of
Cardiopulmonary Disease.

"Frank and I contacted him and got all the information he needed,"
Ontiveros said. "Again, it took a matter of minutes. Now he's ordered
the books he needs, and we hope to have that department up and running
in a few months."

Hospital personnel have been able to obtain information from Health Net
Service on medical records coding and OSHA safety standards, she said.

"It provides a lot of information. To avoid wasting time, we will print
pages that show what's available. When we see what best suits our needs,
we can do a specific search and download a report or order it," she said.

Links with El Paso, Ward Memorial Hospital and Pecos County Memorial
Hospital allow the staff to communicate by e-mail.

"When I get in every morning, I check the e-mail," Ontiveros said. "It
is very easy to use and answer."

"Any physician or hospital employee who wants to communicate with their
counterpart at another hospital can log in and type up their message,
and they get it over there quickly," she said.

To avoid problems with unauthorized use, the computer is located in
Ontiveros' office and is available to staff from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Toyah kids rodeo `lively and wild'

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Staff Writer

TOYAH, June 12, 1996 - "We had quite a playday at Gary Ingram Arena in
Toyah," said event organizer for the Toyah Mesquite Festival Berta Begay
of Saturday's rodeo.

Announcers and timers for the operation were Dearheart and his sister
Misty Moon Begay, who presented a, "lively and wild," program, said
Berta Begay.

The rodeo included four different categories of events and most were
separated into three different age groups, 12 and under, 13-15 and 16-18.

In the First Team Roping event 1st Place buckles and monetary awards
went to Dewayne Jumbo and Randy Marshall; 2nd to Steve Begay and Billy
Farris, who received money for their team roping efforts.

In the Second Team Roping category, J.M. Sanderson and Billy Farris
received 1st Place ropes, donated by Pecos Valley Grain and money, while
Beto Navarette and Gary Taylor took home 2nd Place team roping
bracelets, "to assuage the ladies at home," said Berta Begay.

This event was a, "hot and lively one," said Berta Begay.

Placing in the Polebending contest for the 12 and under age group were:
Aurielo Lopez, 1st; Albert Lopez, 2nd; Logan Humphries, 3rd; Emily Cade,
4th and Chance Cook, 5th; for the 13-15 age group, Holly Moore, 1st;
D'Shawna Gober, 2nd and Wesley Cook, 3rd; for the 16-18 age group,
Teresa Hoffman, 1st; Shannon Cook, 2nd and Alan Russell.

In the Boot Scramble, which Berta Begay said, "was a little different
than the usual, but everyone enjoyed the variety," were: in the small
division, Shelly Martinez, 1st; Samuel Urias, Jr., 2nd; Austi Sullivan,
3rd; Lucas Maja, 4th; Andrew Lopez, 5th; Albert Lopez, 6th and Hawk
Sullivan, Honorable Mention; medium division, Chance Cooke, 1st; Emily
Cade, 2nd and Aurelio Lopez, 3rd; large division, Wesley Cook, 1st;
Holly Moore, 2nd; D'Shawna Gober, 3rd and Teresa Hoffman, 4th.

Placing in the Mesquite Critter Race were: in the 12 and under age
group, Aurelio Lopez, 1st; Albert Lopez, 2nd; Logan Humphries, 3rd;
Chance Cook, 4th and Emily Cade, 5th; 13-15 age group, Holly Moore, 1st;
Wesley Cook, 2nd; D'Shawna Gober, 3rd and Chris Cook, 4th; 16-18 age
group, Teresa Hoffman, 1st; Shannon Cook, 2nd and Alan Russel, 3rd.

In the Barrel Racing event, placing in youngest age group were: Aurelio
Lopez, 1st; Shelley Martinez, 2nd; Albert Lopez, 3rd; Emily Cade, 4th;
Samuel Urias, Jr., 5th and Andrew Lopez, 6th; 13-15 age group, Salem
Mitchell, 1st and D'Shawna Gober, 2nd; 16-18 age group, Teresa Hoffman,
1st and Shannon Cook, 2nd.

Taking the Barrel Racing trophy buckle was Pecos' own Sharlene Martinez,
who was timed at 18.31. Other that placed in the event were: Pam Cooper,
2nd; Rachel Miller, 3rd; Aurielo Lopez, 4th; Aurielo Lopez, Jr., 5th;
Melanie Shoemaker, 6th and Donna Humphries, 7th.

Jack Hoffman received a hand crafted buckle for the being the oldest
Trail Rider participant, "or rather the wisest," Berta Begay said.
Youngest rider in the event was, "tiny little Travis Cooper," who
received a trophy buckle. Berta Begay said he received the award also
for his perseverence as he kept asking his riding companions, "Is that
the last little hill?". Alan Russel from the Midland area received an
award for completing the farthest trailride.

The All-Around trophy buckle, adorned with coral and lapiz lazuli stones
went to a, "first timer from Pecos," and nine-year-old, Aurelio Lopez,
Jr. "This young man surprised even the older participants with a really
quick horse that got everyone's attention," said Berta Begay.

Berta Begay said, "our hats off to...all the day's participants who came
to join us for a very rewarding competition," and added, "we look
forward to the return of all these competitors and more next year."

Judge orders goat barns sold

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Staff Writer

PECOS, June 12, 1996 - Pecos River Livestock lost all its holdings in a
hearing before visiting Judge Paul McCollum on Monday, when the judge
ordered foreclosure and a sheriff's sale for the remaining assets.

John Stickels had filed suit against the corporation that had borrowed
$131,000 from Reeves County through its revolving loan fund administered
by the Pecos Industrial Foundation.

Stockholders have already sold all the goats and personal property,
paying $19,000 into an escrow account Stickels holds for the county.

Remaining assets include the land south of Pecos, on which a goat barn
and milking barn were built. Stickels said he expects the county to get
fair market value at an auction sale.

Ten stockholders who signed agreements to pay $19,650 each in case of
default on the loan are still liable for the balance after assets are
sold, Stickels said.

Randy Reynolds has entered into an agreement to repay his share and is
making payments, Stickels said. The other nine are party to the suit,
which is set for trial Sept. 9.

Defendants are Roger Simmons, Rosemary Wilkie, Louis Lively, John F.
Teague, David Kidd, Mark Wilkie, Wiley B. Kidd, Elvia Reynolds and
Trevor Teague.


Virgie Spray

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Virgie Spray, 87, died Monday, June 10, 1996, in Reeves County Hospital.
Graveside services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Mt. Evergreen
Cemetery, directed by Pecos Funeral Home.

She was born May 18, 1909 in Stonewall County, was a homemaker and
member of the Church of Christ.

Survivors include one son, Gerald Spray of Pecos; four grandchildren and
seven great-grandchildren.

Jose Adan Saldana

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Jose Adam Saldana, 55, of Santa Ana, Calif. died Sunday, June 9, 1996,
after a sudden illness. Services will be at 9 a.m. Thursday in St.
John's Catholic Church in Santa Ana.

He was a retired laborer and a Catholic.

Survivors include three sons, Jose Adan Saldana Jr., Raul Saldana and
Adalberto Saldana, all of Riverside, Calif.; two daughters, Cindy Rhodes
of Riverside and Joann Saldana of Santa Ana, Calif.; one sister, Juana
Jaquez of Pecos; three brothers, Conrado Saldana of Pecos, Victor
Saldana and Adalberto Saldana of Las Vegas, Nev.; and nine grandchildren.
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