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April 23, 1998

Lobo rules:

Monahans High tennis takes home league titles

Seven Monahans High School tennis players are on their way
to individual regional competition in Odessa April 29 and
April 30.

The Lobo Seven are members of a squad that already has
finished second in the state in team tennis.

Joanna Cupp, Erin Armstrong, Christina Wilbur, Sandra
Molinar, Lecia Baker, Megan Shawn and Kyle Clemmer earned
their way into regionals after the District 3-3A tournament
in Monahans on Championship Weekend, April 17 and April 18.

Big Green tennis won both the men's and women's District 3-3A titles.

Coach Justin Quest says of the district title weekend and
the matches on the Lobo Stadium Courts: "The weather was
beautiful and the competition was fierce."

Lobo Tennis earned two trophies and 10 medals in the
district individual competition.

On the women's side, the team won the Overall Trophy. In the
women's singles Loboes challenged each other for first
place. Cupp won, defeating teammate Armstrong. In the
women's doubles it was a replay of Lobo against Lobo -
Wilbur and Molinar versus Baker and Shawn. Wilbur and
Molinar were first.

Men tennis players tied with Fabens for overall points and a
share of the Overall Trophy. In the men's individuals, the
Green's Clemmer was first and teammate Robert Wilbur was
third. The Lobo doubles team of Jeremy Reyes and Drew
Skinner finished third in the doubles.

The tournament ended at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday after a
playback by Skinner and Reyes to determine second and third
in the doubles.

The opponents were the Clint doubles team of James Patton
and Patrick Estrada.

Lions Patton and Estrado took the first set 6-2 but Loboes
Skinner and Reyes came back to win the second 3-6. In the
third set, Skinner and Reyes were down three games when they
rallied to knot the set at five-all. Patton and Estrada won
the next two sets to take the match.

Shooters win fifth consecutive 4-H team crown

Ward County 4-H's fifth consecutive District 6 rifle
tournament championship came, says Coach Terry Kirkland,
because of team consistency.

"We shot as a team," says Kirkland. "We competed as a team
and that's why we won."

Kirkland's statements were supported by the statistics.
Three of the Top Six shooters in the competition were Ward
Countians -Dustin Kirkland, Corey Carter and Lacresia

The coach made the comments in the wake of the .22-caliber
rifle competition at The Armory on Tenth Street in Monahans
on Saturday, April 18.

District 6 shooters from El Paso east to Midland and South
to Del Rio brought their rifles to The Armory for the

Ward County 4-H won the team competition by 21 points over
second place Val Verde in the Seniors Division where the
most experienced and the best riflemen and riflewomen

In individual seniors shooting, as opposed to the more
important team shooting, Ronnie Warren of Crane finished
first and won the Top Gun Buckle with a total score of 262.
Val Verde's Adam Dacharme shot 248 for second. Dustin
Kirkland, who led his team to victory, shot 246 to finish in
the individual scoring.

"We've won five years in a row now," notes Kirkland. "We
have to be a little proud of that."

In addition to Kirkland's 246, winning Ward County's
Lacresia Porter shot 239; Corey Carter, 239; and Michael
Richey, 215.

Shooter Summary

1. Ward County, Coach Kirkland.

Team: Kirkland - Prone, 94, Stand, 70; Kneel, 82 for a total
of 246. Lacresia Porter, 89, 69, 81 - 239; Corey Carter -
85, 72, 82 - 239; Michael Richey - 87, 49, 79 - 215. Total:

2. Val Verde, Coach: Newsome. Team:

Adam Dacharme - 93, 77, 78 -248; Gina Caffey - 91, 58, 72 -
221; James Long -93,74,69 - 236; Michelle Zambrano - 85, 58,
60 - 204. Total: 705
3. Crane, Coach Crawford.


Ronnie Warren - 95, 76, 91 - 262; Jason Cunningham - 82, 27,
64 - 173; Dustin Crawford - 89, 45, 77 - 211; Wesley Phelps
- 70, 45, 55 - 170. Total 664

4. Reagan, Coach: Not Available


Casey Streicher - 75, 43, 49 - 167; Amanda McNeil - 67, 59,,
66 -192; Ty Lange - 53, 15, 39 - 107; Tom Ben Williams - 83,
59, 58 - 200. Total: 559

5. Pecos, Coach: Not Available

Richard Urias - 74-41-50 - 165; Jason Parker - 80, 49, 47 -
175; B.J. Kimbrough - 82, 63, 67 - 212. Total: 553

6. Val Verde II, Coach: Newsome


Raymond Newton - 90, , 57, 78 - 225; Adam Aberle - 89, 62,
75 - 226. Total: 451

7. Ward II, Coach: Kirkland

Team: Clayton Kirkland - 82, 49, 71 - 202; Marc Fuentes -
84, 47, 61 - 192.

7. Reeves, Coach Cardenas

Nolan Blount - 0, 0, 0 -0; Billy Brookshire -0, 0, 0, 0 - 0;
Ashlee Canon - 24, 10, 15 - 49.


Top 20

1. Ronnie Warren, 262; 2. Adam Dacharme, 248; 3.Dustin
Kirkland, 246; 4. Corey Carter, 239; 5. Lacresia Porter,
239; 6. James Long, 236; 7. Adam Aberle,225. 8. Raymond
Newton, 225. 9. Gina Caffey, 221. 10. Michael Richey, 215.
11. B.J. Kimbrough,212. 12.Dustin Crawford, 211; 13.
Michelle Zambrano, 204; 14. Clayton Kirkland, 202; 15. Tom
Ben Williams, 200; 16. Amanda McNeil, 192; 17. Marc Fuentes,
192; 18. Jason Parker, 176; 19. Jason Cunningham, 173; 20.
Wesley Phelps, 170.

Golfers take it all in district competition

Monahans High School's women's golf coach Becky Hix was
close to ecstatic.

Her Golf team won the District 3-3A championship on
Championship Weekend, April 17 and April 18. Five of her
golfers are All-District. Kandace Burnett and Lindsay
Fredericks finished one-two in the race for medalist honors.
The women Lobo golfers are on their way to the regional
championships at Ratliff Ranch Golf Course on April 27 and
April 28.

Says Hix: "The team did a great job! Our team scores are
improving each week. We are extremely excited about going to

Hix has a reason to be talking in exclamation points. Her
golfers won the district crown by shooting rounds of 357 on
Friday and 343 on Saturday beating a strong Alpine squad by
50 strokes, an Alpine squad whose second team finished
fourth in the tournament. Burnett led the team with an 87
and 77. That earned her first medalist honors. Fredericks
shot 88 and 85 for second medalist.

Lobo women golfers dominated the medalist standings. As a
result, they made all district. Led by Burnett and
Fredericks, Lobo all district golfers are Christin Linton,
Brandee McDaniel andAudrey Cox.

Team Totals 1. Monahans, 357-343--700; 2. Alpine I,
383-367--750; 3. Clint, 446-441--887; 4. Alpine II,

Medalists 1. Kandace Burnett, Monahans, 87-77--164; 2.
Lindsay Fredericks, 88-85--173; 3. Christin Linton,
90-89--179; 4. (tie) Brandee McDaniel, Monahans, 92-92--184,
and Adrienne Reyes, Alpine, 96-88--184; 6. Arlene Garcia,
Alpine, 95-90--185; 7. (tie) Sara Britton, Clint, 95-92-187,
and Randi Davis, Alpine, 94-93--187; 9. Katy Allen, Alpine,
100-96--196; 10. (tie) Nancy Allen, Alpine, and Audrey Cox,
Monahans, 98-99--197.

Monahans 357-343--700 Kandace Burnett, 87-77--164; LIndsay
Fredericks, 88-85--173; Christin Linton, 90-89--179; Brandee
McDaniel, 92-92--184; Audrey Cox, 98-99--197.

Alpine I 383-367--750 Randi Davis, 94-93--187; Arlene
Garcia, 95-90--185; Adrienna Reyes, 96-88--184; Nancy Allen,
98-99--197; Katy Allen, 100-96--196.

Clint 446-441--887 Sara Britton, 95-92--187; Beth Duran,
110-113--223; Nikki Stewell, 119-118--237; Amy Romero,

Fabens Deirdre Cobos, 124-129--253; Lorraine Garcia,
127-130--257; Emma Escobar, 137-138--275.

Alpine II 458-444--902 Libby Dalton, 99-110--209; Jamie
Johnson, 108-108--216; Kayse Grahm, 119-100-219; Vicky Pena,
132-126--258; Missy Atkinson, 143-154--297.

Monahans Monica Loera, 100-99--199; Nikki Fuentes,

Lobo men intimidate, dominate

Intimidation and domination are terms not to be used lightly
in any athletic competition.

But they just might apply in the District 3-3A Men's Golf
championships on Friday and Saturday, April 17 and April 18,
at the Ward County Golf Course where Monahans High School
hosted the district tournament.

Is it intimidation when the top five medalists in a golf
tournament are from one team?

Eric Ray, Don Fisher, Eddie Rowe, Josh Wilson and Josh
Gaddis, all of Monahans High School, finished in that order.

Is it domination when four more members of a golf team
finish in the medalist circle.

Loboes Stephen Neace, Alberto Navarette, Chad Ray and
Brandon Bicknell did.

Is it intimidation and domination when your golf team wins
the championship and your second string golf team finishes

Next stop for the Lobo men golfers is the regional

District 3-3A Golf

Boys Results

Team Totals 1. Monahans I, 303-303--606; 2. Monahans II,
335-337--672; 3. Alpine I 342-348--690; 4. Alpine II,
379-369--748; 5. Clint, 403-385--788; 6. Fabens I,
437-392--829; 7. Mountain View I, 491-424--915; 8. Fabens
II, 529-523-1052.

Medalists 1. Eric Ray, Monahans, 73-72--145; 2. Don Fisher,
Monahans, 76-76--152; 3. Eddie Rowe, Monahans, 77-76--153;
4. Josh Wilson, Monahans, 83-79--162; 5. Josh Gaddis,
Monahans, 77-86--163; 6. Sayl Contreras, Alpine, 82-82--164;
7. Stephen Neace, Monahans, 82-83--165; 8. Clinton Moore,
Clint, 84-81--165; 9. Alberto Navarrette, Monahans,
84-84--168; 10. Chad Ray, Monahans, 85-84-169; 11. Brandon
Bicknell, Monahans, 84-86--170; 12. Brandon Drewry, Alpine,
84-88--172; 13. Danny Holguin, Alpine, 86-86--172; 14. Clint
Langford, Alpine, 87-89--176; 15. Ryan Thomas, Alpine,

Monahans I 303-303--606 Eric Ray 73-72--145; Don Fisher,
76-76--152; Eddie Rowe, 77-76--153; Josh Gaddis, 77-86--163;
Josh Wilson, 83-79--162.

Monahans II 335-337--672 Steven Neace, 82-83--165; Brandon
Bicknell, 84-86--170; Alberto Nabarrette, 84-84--168; Chad
Ray, 85-84--168; Chad Ray, 85-84--169;

Bryan McDaniel, 89-DQ.

Alpine I 342-348--690 Saul Contreras, 82-82--164; Brandon
Drewery, 84-88--172; Clint Langford, 87-89--176; Ryan
Thomas, 89-89--178; Matt Meyers, 99-90--189.

Alpine II 379-369--748 Daniel Holguin, 86-86-172; Adam Hays,
94-95--189; Matt Ellison, 99-90--189; K. Whittington,
100-107-207; Ronnie Davis, 109-98--207.

Clint 403-385--788 Clinton Moore, 84-81--165; David Ryan,
100-92-192; Matt Ryan, 108-103--211; Tim Burt, 111-109--220;
Jon Dallin, 128-112--240.

Fabens I 437-392--829 Jose Yebra, 101-84--185; Rick Erskine,
102-100--202; Jason Grijalva, 112-103--215; Steve Zavala,
122-105--227; Fernie Alvarez, 133-107--240.

Mountain View 491-424--915 Mestor Villanueva, 99-98--197;
Charlie Fleming, 125-123--248; Rick Badillo, 133-98--231;
Richard Martinez, 134-105--239.

District champions set 7 records;

Robin Hanna sets 3, ties another

Next stop for the Monahans High School Lobo Track Pack:
regional competition at Odessa's Ratliff Stadium, Friday and
Saturday next week, May 1 and 2.

Then. Who knows?

"I don't think its too early to start talking about state,"
says Green Track Coach Doug Doege.

He is speaking in the wake of the Loboes romp to the
District 3-3A championship hosted by Monahans High School on
Championship Weekend, April 17 and April 18, at Lobo
Stadium. Doege's district champions set seven records - four
came from Robin Hanna, who set three new marks and tied

Of his whole team, Doege notes of their district
championship effort:

"I don't know anyone who didn't have a personal best. . .
We're putting in our best performances when it really
counts. I thought we dominated."

Dominated is not a work coaches use light.

"We dominated, especially in the field events," continues
Doege. "After the field events, we had a very comfortable
lead. We were first and second in every field event except
the long jump."

Doege notes he's getting leadership from his seniors but
don't forget the underclassmen. Freshman Travis Atwood and
Sophomore Raul Hinojos qualified for regionals.

Robin Hanna?

"Robin went wild," says Doege.

Track and Field

District 3-3A Championships

Monahans, April 17-18

Monahans wins with 200 team points. Clint finishes second
with 109.
Lobo Regional Qualifiers

Chris Allen - 400M, 400M Relay, 1600M Relay

Travis Atwood - Pole Vault, 1600M Relay

Cody Avary - Triple Jump

Robin Hanna - 110M Hurdles, 300M Hurdles, 400M Relay, High
Jump, Pole Vault,

Raul Hinojos - 1600M relay

Quint Melius - Shot Put, Discus

Rocky Reed - 100M, 400M Relay, Triple Jump

David Williams - 400M Relay, 1600M Relay High Jump, Long Jump

Aaron Swarzfager - Shot Put, Discus

Record breaking green Lobo pack

Members of the Monahans High School men's track team led an
assault on the 3-3A track and field record book at the
1998 district championships.

When the competition at Lobo Stadium ended, eight new
district records had been broken or tied. Loboes accounted
for seven of the eight. The record breaker who did not wear
Lobo Green was Vince Culbrath of Fabens whose 22.45 in the
200 meter dash Saturday sets the standard in that event.

Lobo Robin Hanna, a senior this year, now holds District
3-3A records in the 110 meter hurdles (14.05), the 300 meter
hurdles (38.49), the pole vault (16-3), the high jump (6-6
which ties the record leap last year of Brooks Vandervort of

David Williams, Rocky Reed, Chris Allen and Hanna share the
new 400 meter district relay record of 43.26.

Williams set the new standard in the long jump (21-5.25)

Quint Melius threw the shot 54 feet, five and one-quarter
inches for the new district record.

How close was it?

These Clint Lions made it real close

The closest competition at the District 3-3A Championship
had to have been in the 3200 meter run where a couple of
Clint Lions dueled before they finished one, two in the
longest race of the competition.

Only one-hundredth of a second separated the two long
distance runners..

Jose Lopez finished first at 10:01.89. Fellow Lion Martin
Orozco was second at 10:01.90.

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