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April, 16, 1998

Men's Lobo track pack wins by 18

MIDLAND - Monahans High School's men's Lobo Track Pack swept
to victory in the Midland Greenwood Relays on Saturday,
April 11, by 18 points in the 10-team meet.

When it was over,the Lobo tallied 118 points. Seminole,
which finished second, had 100. No one else was even close.

The Big Green had it's usual cast of heroes on the track and
in the field.

Quint Melius set a new meet record in the shot when he threw
the iron ball 56 feet, three and one-half inches.

Robin Hanna won twice. He took the pole vault with a leap of
15 feet even. Hanna's still reaching for 16 and he expects
to make it - possibly in the district competition in
Monahans this week and then added a 40.28 victory in the 300
meter high hurdles.

David Williams also tallied two golds for the Loboes.
Williams took the high jump when he topped six feet, four
inches. Then Williams won the long jump with a 21 feet, four
and three-quarter inch effort.

Greenwood Relays Summary

Men's Team Score: 1. Monahans 118 2. Seminole 100 3.Rankin
72 4. Crane 53 5. Denver City 50 6. Kermit 50 7. Fort
Stockton 36 8. Greenwood 35 9. Lamesa 31 10. McCamey 12.

Individual Events

Pole Vault
1. Hanna, Monahans 15 2. T. Atwood, Monahans 12-6 3.
Grissom, Seminole 11-6 4. Stringer, Greenwood 11 5. Dean,
Rankin 10-6.

High Jump
1. Williams, Monahans 6-4 2. Alaniz, Rankin 6-2 3. Ivy,
Denver City 6 4. Sawyer, Fort Stockton 5-10 5. Hubbard,
Crane 5-10 6. Jordan, Denver City 5-10.
Long Jump

1. Williams, Monahans, 21, 4 and 3/4 2. Rogers, Crane 20 and
3/4 3. Jordan, Denver City, 19-7 and 1/2 4. Reed,
Monahans, 19-6 5. Dale, Seminole 19-3 and 3/4 6. Myers,
Kermit 19-1 and 3/4.

Triple Jump
1. Dale, Seminole 42-11 2. Ortiz, Lamesa 42-6 and 1/2 3.
Hernandez, Lamesa 41-11 and 3/4 4. Jordan, Denver City, 41
5. Norwood, McCamey 19-10 and 1/4 6. Avary, Monahans 38-3
and 1/2.

Shot (New Record)
1. Melius, Monahans 56-3 and 1/2 2. Reed, Kermit 49-6 and
3/4 3. Morrison, Crane 47-3 and 1/4 4. Compton, Greenwood
45-9 5. Alaniz, Seminole 45-5 and 3/4 6. Longoria, Denver
City 45-3 and 1/2.

1. Curtis, Denver City, 170-6 2. Kelly, Denver City, 153-9
and 1/2 3. Gregory, Lamesa 153-7 4. Melius, Monahans
149-9 and 1/2 5. Reed, Kermit 147-5 6. Paiz, Lamesa 141-0.

3200M Run
1. Morales, Kermit 10:07.35 2. Arias, Fort Stockton
10:27.27 3. Jorant, Kermit 10:56.06 4. Kostelich, Denver
City 11.17.33 5. Hinojas, Rankin 11:18.59 6. Casas, Fort
Stockton 11.21.55.

800M Run
1. Rodriguez, Denver City 2:04.16 2. Gonzales, Fort Stockton
2:04.73 3. Rios, Seminole 2:06.32 4. Loftin, Rankin
2:07.30 5. Mendoza, Crane 2:07.57 6. Dean, Rankin 2:09.52.

110M Hurdles
1. Hanna, Monahans 15.06 2. Alaniz, Rankin 15.21 3.
Rodriguez, Rankin 15.21 4. Whiting, Lamesa 15.53 5. Ogden,
Seminole 15.57 6. Phipps, Crane 16.41.

100M Dash
1. Shain, Seminole 11 2. (Tie) Hanks of Monahans and Wilson
of Rankin at 11.49 4. Collins, Crane 11.50 5. Rogers,
Crane 11.60 6. Daves, Seminole 11.65.

400M Dash
1. Morrison, Greenwood 50.36 2. Gross, Crane 50.95 3.
Rios, Seminole 51.27 4. Hubbard, Crane 51.59 5. Allen,
Monahans, 51.95 6. Brooks, Greenwood 52.22.

300M Hurdles
1. Hanna, Monahans 40.28 2. Guadarrama, Rankin 40.62 3.
Hobbs, Kermit 41.31 4. Clay, Seminole 41.42 5. Whiting,
Lamesa 41.61 6. Lopez, Fort Stockton 42.01

200M Dash
1. Norwood, McCamey 22.79 2. Dale, Seminole 23.17 3.
Melendez, Fort Stockton 23.20 4. Reed, Monahans 23.29 5.
Sanez, Kermit 23.47 6. Daves, Seminole 23.76.

1600M Run
1. Morales, Kermit 4:40.50 2. Arias, Fort Stockton 4:57.81
Carnaro, Seminole 4:59.50 4. Grant, Kermit 5:00.16 5.
Hinojos, Rankin, 5:03.00 6. Trencher, Kermit 5:05.02

400M Relay
1. Seminole 43.09 2. Monahans 43.28 3. Greenwood 43.75 4.
Crane 43.94 5. Rankin 44.03 6. Lamesa 44.81

1600M Relay
1. Rankin 3:26.76 2. Seminole 3:27.24 3. Monahans 3:27.25
4. Crane 3:27.7 5. Greenwood 3:30.74 6. Lamesa 3:30.90

Monahans to be sports center of West Texas

Athletes from across West Texas will jam Monahans this
weekend, April 17 and April 18 turning the Ward County seat
into a sort of mini-Olympic village.

University Interscholastic League 3-3A district
championships will be decided in track and field, tennis and

Shooters from an area extending from El Paso to Midland and
south to Del Rio will compete for 4-H District 6 honors.

Tammy Swigert, the Monahans Chamber of Commerce executive,
estimates at least 1,000 visitors, probably more, will jam
into Monahans for the sports championships.

Terry Kirkland, the coach of the Ward County 4-H .22-caliber
rifle competitors, says the shooting competition alone will
mean an influx of about 300 to the city's population based
on past district rifle competitions.

"This is good for the school district. This is good for the
community," says Larry Hanna, the athletic director for the
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote school district.

Hanna is the principal host for the tennis, golf and track
and field athletes from Alpine, Clint, Fabens, Mountain
View, Presidio and Monahans.

Motel space in Monahans began filling several weeks ago.

Rooms will be at a premium.

Lines in the various area restaurants are expected to be

The Chamber has sounded the alarm so Monahans and Ward
County merchants can prepare for the sudden growth in the
area population by all the young athletes.

In a letter mailed to the merchants, Swigert writes:

"We are expecting several hundred participants and
spectators to be in Monahans during these events. We hope
that information such as this will help you with your
ordering of supplies and scheduling of employees."

Kirkland and Hanna have prepared their schedules and are
prepared for the inevitable tactical problems that can occur
in any district wide competitions.

District 6 4-H shooters will compete at The Armory on Tenth
Street at Mable near the Airport.

UIL District 3-3A track and field will be at Lobo Stadium;
3-3A tennis at the Stadium Courts; District 3-3A Golf at the
Ward County Golf Course adjacent to the Country Club RV Park.

Says Hanna: "We're going to do it again next year."

Lions stop Green, take district lead

Stolen bases and production at the bottom of the order were
the difference when District 3-3A's undefeated league
leaders, Clint and Monahans, met at Lobo Field on Tuesday,
April 14.

Clint won the baseball game 5-3.

Lion Shortstop and starting pitcher Jeremy Arnold swiped
three bases for the Lions. Leftfielder Roger Baeza took one.
Between them, they scored four of the Clint runs, two each,
enough to take the game.

The sharp hitting came from Centerfielder D.J. Check, two
for three and a sacrifice fly, who drove in two runs.
Lion Rightfielder Patrick Guerra was two for four with an
RBI. Check and Guerra batted sixth and seventh.

Shortstop-Pitcher Freddy Ortiz, the winner in the game, also
scored two runs and had a run batted in. He relieved Arnold
and got the victory. Ortiz is supposed to hit. He bats third.

On the Lobo side, production also came from the bottom of
the batting order. Third baseman Anthony Aguilar, batting
seventh for the Green, was two for three. He scored a run.

Lobo Designated hitter Jared Young, batting eighth, was one
for two and had an RBI. Monahans fell to 2-1 in District
play. Clint is 3-0.

Golf pro gets 90 days

Doug Ward is granted contract extension

Ward County Golf Course Pro Doug Ward received a three
month extension on his contract on Monday, April 13.

Ward has been in the spotlight due to issues concerning the
current condition of the golf course.

"We didn't already have a decision about Doug," said County
Judge Sam G. Massey. "We kept our minds open during the tour
and the Golf Association proposal before we made our

Ward was pleased with the Courts decision.

"We expected them to renew my contract," said Ward.

Golf Association president Randy Pipkin was fairly sure the
commissioners' Court would extend the contract although the
Association was going to make a proposal.

"We felt the commissioners would renew Doug's contract,"
said Pipkin. "The renewal gives Doug a chance to find
something else and to show that he might be able to improve
the course.

"I asked Doug in the meeting if he was a certified greens
keeper and he said, 'no.' That's a lot of the problem. Doug
just doesn't have the experience he needs to maintain the
greens and to train the other employees to do it."

Pipkin was not alone in his feelings about moving Ward out
of the golf course.

"After the tour, the Ward County Golf Association presented
its plan yet the Judge and Commissioners appeared reluctant
to take any action," said Republican Candidate Ward County
Judge, Candido Gutierrez.

Nobody wanted to take the lead. Finally, Commissioner Welch
made a motion to allow Doug Ward 90 more days.

"It appears to me that this Court is reluctant to make a
management decision. An employee who by his own admission
is not qualified for his job should not be given an
additional 90 days. I can go along with a 30 day extension,
but not at the Golf Course. I am sure the Judge can find
something for him to do at the courthouse for 30 days."

Gutierrez says, "We can't let one employee stand in the way
- no matter how nice he is."

WCGA makes proposal to control course

The Ward County Golf Association made a move, in Monday's
Commissioners' Court meeting to take control of the Ward
County Golf Curse in Monahans..

According to the current proposal the Golf Association:

1. Is prepared to assume operation of the golf course
anytime after April 14, 1998.

2. Proposes to hire a full time golf course superintendent.

3. Will purchase Ward's remaining stock in the pro shop.

4. Will assume responsibility for Doug's lease carts.

5. Requests a subsidy from the Commissioners' Court for the
operation of the golf course.

A. The amount of the subsidy is detailed in the financial

B. The WCGA anticipates that the amount of the subsidy
will decrease over time.

6. Guarantees a membership rate structure in return for the

7. Will give all current golf course employees first
consideration for employment.

8. Anticipates no financial gain from the operation for the
golf course.

9. Stipulates that all proceeds from operation of the golf
course will be put back into the operation of the golf

10. The WCGA is willing to negotiate an arrangement with the
Commissioners Court for the existing equipment at the golf

11. All aspects of this proposal are open to negotiation in
order to reach an agreement with the Commissioners Court.

The commissioners expressed concern about the possibility
that the issue might not work as well as planned.

"The Golf Association is definitely a proposal," said County
Judge Sam Massey.
"Some facts came up during the meeting that the Association
was not aware of so they are going to go back to the table
and work them out.

"We don't want to set them up to fail. If they are able to
see all the expenses and understand all the work then I
think it could be great."

The Commissioners and the Golf Association have agreed to
meet to work out the details of the proposal.

Golf Association President Randy Pipkin felt the proposal
went over well and is looking forward to working with the

"I feel confident the Golf Association can work out a deal
that is very tax payer friendly, good for the community as a
whole and will save money," said Pipkin. "The Association
could do more than an adequate job in running the course.

"The fact that some of the employees are not fully vested
does bother us a bit. We are working on a new proposal that
would have the Golf Association just take over the pro shop
and let everyone else work for the county.

"However, I feel confident that when we get a certified
grounds keeper out there we will see a big improvement in
two years and a huge improvement in three."

"The Golf Advisory Board appointed by Commissioners Court
favors the plan put forward by the Association saying "it's
the best plan we've seen," said Republican Candidate Ward
County Judge, Candido Gutierrez.

Commissioniers take grand tour of links

In a scene worthy of the ending of a classic western, the
Ward County Commissioner Court, in wagon train fashion, took
a tour around the golf course.

The purpose of the tour was to show the commissioners the
damage on the course the Golf Association had been talking

"This is the second tour we have taken at the Golf Course,"
said Ward. "The first time we showed them the same problems
and made our Christmas wish list for repairing the course."

"I learned a lot," said County Judge Sam Massey. "The golf
course looks better from the last time we toured it. The
course looks like it needs some weed control and maybe we
can come up with the dollars for it."

Golf Association President Randy Pipkin lead the tour around
the links, pointing out the different grasses, leaves on the
greens and fairway damage that Golf Pro Doug Ward has faced.

"I was a little disappointed in the lack of interest in what
was going on," said Pipkin. "The Judge and a few others were
concerned but that's about it."
Some folks, however, feel that the solution is obvious.

"I heard many speakers explain the problems and heard many
suggestions for solutions," said Republican Candidate for
Ward County Judge, Candido Gutierrez. "But they all come
back to management.

"Everyone, including Doug Ward, agreed that mistakes have
been made and the he does not possess the technical
expertise to keep the greens in top shape. It was
abundantly clear to me that Doug Ward needs to be replaced."

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