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Thursday, April 16, 1998

Monahan's Well

By Jerry Curry
We've moved into a new house in Monahans and everything
looks pretty good out there on South Gary Street.

The second week in the house one of those private for-profit
messenger agencies delivered us two packages while we
weren't looking.

One of those was to someone about whom we had some
knowledge. I took that one over to the hospital and left it
although I must confess I really wanted to open it and see
what might be afoot. It came from one of those private
health care companies that had been talking a little here
and there about maybe leasing Ward Memorial Hospital and
saving health care in Ward County.

But the company that sent the package to my house apparently
is not a factor in anything anymore.
When I dropped the package that was sent to my house but not
to me off at the hospital, I remarked that I would have
opened it except my momma taught me not to do such things.

I'm certain if I opened someone else's mail momma would have
materialized in a cloud of smoke, grabbed me by the ear and
dragged me screaming off down the road.

Now I want you to know my momma never did that kind of thing
to me but I thought and I believe that she would if I broke
one of her moral pronouncements, one of which is not to open
other people's mail.

My mother is a moral woman and I believe she produced some
moral sons and a moral daughter.

Absolutely none of us would open anyone's mail although we
might think about it.

We are not late 20th Century Moralists who determine that
anything is moral if they can get away with it.

You may not believe this but none of us would cheat at gin
rummy, poker or baseball.

Although when it comes to baseball, we will fight you down
to the last nubbin. And we will run the bases forever with
or without hits, if we can get somebody on base and we will
block the plate.

Jimmy did that once.

It happened in Cotter which is in North Arkansas when we all
were still kids. Terry and I were watching the game when
this idiot broke for home on a fly to short left field.

So Jimmy blocks the plate.

This poor idiot coming from third apparently thought he
could run over Jimmy, which shows you what his intelligence
level must have been, somewhere between a wilted radish and
three-day old catfish.

Jimmy may not have had to tag him with an upper cut, fist
closed around the baseball but he did. Jimmy, although he
will not read other people's mail, just might do that

The runner is out and laying in the third base dug out when
his teammates decided they were going to get Jimmy. So Terry
and I just figured we'd come out of the steps and help,
which we did.

But we will not read other people's mail.

Big Doin's Ahead

This weekend in Monahans, a good part of the athletic might
of West Texas comes to town.

District 3-3A championships will be decided in golf, tennis
and track and field. Shooters in 4-H District 6 will decide
their championship crowns.

The Chamber of Commerce estimates a thousand or more
athletes, coaches, bus drivers, parents and just plain
fanatics in the various sports will be in around, over and
under our little Oasis in the Desert.

We've prepared a special section in The Monahans News this
week in an attempt to help our visitors find their way
around and find a place to relax and have a meal in between
the important things that will be going on at The Armory
(marksmanship), the Ward County Golf Course, Lobo Stadium
(track and field) and the Lobo Stadium Courts (Tennis).

Lobo Tennis already has made us proud this year. They
finished second in the team tennis tournament at Waco when
no one expected them to do anything. In addition, Coach
Justin Quest expects some of his players to advance through
district competition. The same is expected out of the other
Lobo teams and from our Ward County riflemen and riflewomen.

We don't like to brag but we do have a shot.

Welcome everyone. We'll see you around town this weekend.

Take a look. Patronize the people who helped make it

We're planning to do it again next year.

First Lady of Texas

The First Lady of Texas is coming to Monahans in a couple of

Ms. Laura Bush is coming to congratulate us for Main Street
Monahans and Suzi Blair, the Main Street Project Manager.

We want to thank The First Lady for deciding to drop by and
we want her to know that we'll make her as welcome as we
plan to make the athletes who are coming in here this week
to see how fast they can run, how well they can shoot, how
strong they can be and how well they can make their way
around the greens at the Ward County Golf Course.

It is not often that somebody from Austin agrees to come
this far West of Interstate 35 so that proves that Laura
Bush is a courageous individual.

Congratulations to her and to Main Street.

Christie Kittley's

Cyber Gab

I owe Larry and Cinda Breyer (the operators of UltraVision)
an apology.

I also owe the local voters an apology...but let me start at
the beginning.

About three weeks back, I received word from Larry Breyer
informing me that he and Cinda had constructed a County Election Homepage. I thought that it was a great idea and wanted to write a column on it, unfortunately I had already turned in my column for that week. It was still under construction so I was going to wait and put it in the
paper right before the election.

For some reason I thought the elections were on the 17th of

Seeing as how the Breyers had only one candidate (Candido)
respond to their homepage suggestion, and it was the only
page operational, I decided to do one more article before
theirs, to give them time to finish it.

After turning in the last article I read the paper.

Seems the elections were on the fourteenth all along. Now
instead of the elections page (that the Breyers were hoping
to bring to everyone's attention)being in the paper in time
to possible help a voter make an educated decision about a
candidate, it will be there in time for everyone to know it
was there all along.

Which is just about a day late and a dollar short.

So my apologies to Larry and Cinda Breyer and to all the
voters that might have used this page.

Net Tip for the Week: Please go see the free election page
that the Breyers worked so hard on, if for nothing else just
to see how many candidates didn't have information put up on
the page.

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