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April 9, 1998

Preparing for individual regionals

Lobo Tennis wins its own invitational

Lobo Joanna Cupp played through a nagging injury and won the
women's singles. Teammate Erin Armstrong was second.

Monahans also won first and second in the women's doubles.
In a crisp, nearly flawless match, Loboes Jeremy Reyes and
Drew Skinner stopped Hobbs, N.M., in the men's doubles but
then lost to Pecos to finish second.

Already the state runner-up in team tennis, the Monahans
Loboes prepared for the individual competition regionals by
winning their own invitational on Friday, April 3.
Monahans is the host for the individual tennis competition
this Spring.

On a warm nearly perfect day Friday, Coach Justin Quest's
charges walked away with the first place trophy.
Seven teams had gathered in Monahans for the annual
Invitational tournament.

While Hobbs offered the biggest challenge to the Loboes,
Yslette, Pecos and Brownfield also had some talented

Finals began around six p. m.

Battling for first place in girls singles were Joanna Cupp
and Erin Armstrong.

"Joanna is very tough and Erin played her the best game I've
seen so far," says Quest.

In the girls doubles Megan Shawn and Lisha Baker defeated
another Monahans team Sandra Molinar and Christina Wilbur to
take the top two places in that division.

Jeremy Reyes and Drew Skinner had a fabulous game against
Hobbs, but fell to the Pecos doubles team settling for a
second place trophy.

Kyle Clemmer brought in points for the team by placing
fourth in the boys singles.

Asked how the team fares with regional individuals ahead,
Quest says: "Joanna Cupp may have pulled a muscle, but it
didn't look too serious. Curtis Gibson has been having some
serious health problems, but he hopes he will be able to
finish out the season. Armstrong is back and looking strong
after knee surgery."

Quest thanks the tennis fans for all their help. New signs
and banners were hung bright and early Friday morning for
the tournament.

Several coaches of the visiting squads said the Monahans
tournament was conducted well.

"This would not have been possible without all the help
from the Tennis Booster Club," says Quest. "A special
thanks to those who helped with the concession stand and all
the work Mrs. Shawn did obtaining the tennis trophies."
Another thanks came in a booster club statement:

"We would like to thank Midnight Thunder for her
entertainment qualities. Our next tournament will be
Thursday April in Snyder. The Snyder Midnight Madness is a
lot of fun. Coach hopes everyone continues to work hard.
He thinks the whole team stands a good shot at going to
Individual Regional Tournament."

This Spring, Monahans hosts the District Individual Tennis
Tournament April 17 and 18.

More from the Tennis boosters: "This is going to be a big
weekend for Monahans with Tennis, Track, Golf and a 4H Rifle
shoot. The Monahans Tennis Boosters would like to thank
Coach (and Athletic Director) Larry Hanna (of the
Monahans-Wickett-Pyote School District) and Coke for all the
help they supplied with this tournament and the coming
district individual tournament."

Allen and Williams take gold in Seminole

By a sports correspondence of the News
SEMINOLE - Lobo David Williams soared and team mate Chris
Allen roared to gold in the Seminole Indian Relays on
Saturday, April 4.

Williams won first in the high jump with a leap of six feet,
two inches for the Monahans High School Track and Field

Allen won the 400 meter dash in 52.02, a full second ahead
of the rest of the field.

The victories came in the annual competition hosted by the
Indians for both men's and women's track and field squads
from the various competing schools.

Seminole Relays 1998
Varsity Boys
High Jump: 1st Williams, Monahans, 6'2"; 2nd Bollinger,
Andrews, 6'0"; 3rd Cobb, Stanton, 6'0"; 4th Ivy, DC, 5'10";
5th TIE 5'8", Whiting, Lamesa/Avary, Monahans; 6th Chesaire,
Andrews, Potts, Frenship.

Long Jump: 1st Davis, Stanton, 21' 1.5"; 2nd Williams,
Monahans, 20' 6"; 3rd Dale, Seminole, 20' 2.5"; 4th Hunt,
Denver City, 19'9"; 5th Hull, Stanton, 19' 3.5"; 6th Reed,
Monahans, 19' 1.25".

Triple Jump: 1st Dale, Seminole, 42' 11.75"; 2nd Ortiz,
Lamesa, 40' 10.75"; 3rd Cobb, Stanton, 40' 3.5"; 4th Davis
Stanton, 40' 2"; 5th Kapler, Lamesa, 39' 4.5"; 6th Avary,
Monahans, 39'1".

Pole Vault: 1st Thames, Frenship, 14'7"; 2nd Myers,
Lovington, 12'0"; 3rd Scott, Frenship, 12'0"; 4th Grissom,
Seminole, 11'0".

Shot Put: 1st Reed, Kermit, 50' .5"; 2nd Peters, Frenship,
49' .5"; 3rd Boyd, Denver City, 45'1"; 4th Gregory, Lamesa,
44'5"; 5th Frank, Denver City, 44' 2.75"; 6th Alaniz,
Seminole, 43'8".

Discus: 1st Curtis, Denver City, 161' 9"; 2nd Moorehead,
Lovington, 148' 3"; 3rd James, Denver City, 141' 10"; 4th
Graves, Seminole, 140' 1"; 5th Willie, Denver City, 139'

3200M Run: 1st Silva, Frenship, 10:06.71; 2nd Mireles,
Kermit, 10:27.73; 3rd Grant, Kermit, 11:14.18; 4th
Trenchard, Kermit, 11:21.80; 5th Blue, Denver City,
11:24.54; 6th Hendrix, Frenship, 11:29.36.

400M Relay: 1st Seminole, 43.37, New Record; 2nd Monahans,
43.54; 3rd Stanton, 43.78; 4th Andrews, 44.13; 5th Frenship,
44.52; 6th Lamesa, 44.94.

800M Dash: 1st Silva, Frenship, 2:01.42; 2nd Sain, Frenship,
2:03.83; 3rd Reyes, Andrews, 2:04.52; 4th Chessire, Andrews,
2:04.56; 5th Moises, Denver City, 2:06.55; 6th Carnero,
Seminole, 2:09.60.

110M Hurdles: 1st Davis, Stanton, 14.99; 2nd Armendariz,
Andrews, 15.30; 3rd Hadley, Andrews, 15.44; 4th Lenard,
Lovington, 15.45; 5th Kapler, 15.68; 6th Runkles, Frenship,

100M Dash: 1st Shain, Seminole, 10.85; 2nd Herm Stanton
11.41; 3rd Sarne, Kermit, 11.41; 4th Bueno, Andrews, 11.42;
5th Daves, Seminole, 11.53; 6th Delarruz, Andrews, 11.56.

400M Dash: 1st Allen, Monahans, 52.02; 2nd Carroll,
Seminole, 53.11; 3rd Nunez, Andrews, 53.52; 4th Rios,
Seminole, 53.69; 5th Mineles, Kermit, 53.92; 6th Rodriquez,
Denver City, 52.43.

300M Hurdles: 1st Clay, Seminole, 41.18; 2nd Hadley,
Andrews, 41.31; 3rd Kapler, Lamesa, 42.34; 4th Lenard,
Lovington, 42.53; 5th Hawkins, Seminole, 43.44; 6th
Armendariz, Andrews, 43.58.

200M Dash: 1st Davis, Stanton, 22.81; 2nd Rios, Seminole,
23.22; 3rd Dale, Seminole, 23.26; 4th Hull, Stanton, 23.69;
5th Ortiz, Lamesa, 23.76; 6th Saenz, Kermit, 24.07.

1600M Run: 1st Mireles, Kermit, 4:42.82; 2nd Reyes, Andrews,
4:55.45; 3rd Sexton, Frenship, 4:59.67; 4th Sain, Frenship,
5:01.19; 5th Denver City, 5:12.20; 6th Carnero, Serminole,

1600M Relay: 1st Seminole, 3:30.27; 2nd Monahans, 3:31.33;
3rd Andrews, 3:32.37; 4th Frenship, 3:34.56; 5th Lamesa,
3:36.31; 6th Stanton, 3:36.38.

Varsity Girls
High Jump: 1st Wacker, Kemit, 5'2"; 2nd Matthews, Andrews,
5'0"; 3rd Hicks, Denver City, 5'0"; 4th Lewis, Frenship,
5'0"; 5th Wickson, Seminole, 5'0"; 6th Johnson, Kermit, 5'0".

Long Jump: 1st Johnson, Kermit 16'; 2nd Blount, Frenship,
15'5"; 3rd, Ort, Lovington, 15'4.5" tie; 4th Espino, Ft.
Stockton, 15'4.5" tie; 5th Jackson, Lovington, 15'; 6th
Simth, Kermit, 14' 8.5"

Triple Jump: 1st Dimmitt, 34'; 2nd Hughs, Ft. Stockton, 32
8.5"; 3rd M. Walker, Kermit, 32' 6.5"; 4th Winkles, Kermit,
32' 1.75"; 5th Blount, Frenship, 31'9.5"; 6th Allebe, Ft.
Stockton, 31'7".

Shot Put: 1st Tucker, Denver City, 35'4"; 2nd Esquivel,
Andrews, 34'2.25"; 3rd Melius, Monahans, 34'2"; 4th Wessels,
Monahans, 33'10.5"; 5th Traylor, Dimmitt, 33'4.5"; 6th Dale,
Lovington, 31'10.5".

Discus: 1st Trout, Denver City 111'7"; 2nd B. Daves,
Seminole 100'; 3rd Lowe, Andrews, 96'11"; 4th Tacango,
Andrews, 94'3"; 5th Melius, Monahans, 91'9"; 6th Garcia,
Andrews, 86'6.5".

3200M Run: 1st Temple, Frenship, 12:51.19; 2nd Villanueva,
Lamesa, 13:19.95; 3rd Wilson, Monahans, 13:27.01; 4th
Stebbins, Frenship, 13:32.89; 5th Shipley, Kermit, 13:45.19;
6th Moreno, Frenship, 12:51.19.

400M Relay: 1st Frenship, 51.95; 2nd Kermit, 52.20; 3rd Ft.
Stockton, 52.38; 4th Denver City 53.29; 5th Andrews, 53.38;
6th Dimmitt, 53.97.

800M Dash: 1st Kenworthy, Dimmitt, 2:34.35; 2nd Winters,
Seminole, 2:34.45; 3rd Winkles, Kermit, 2:35.73; 4th Holly,
Andrews, 2:35.95; 5th Williams, Frenship, 2:38.58; 6th
Emmerson, Kermit, 2:35.73.

100M Hurdles: 1st Matthews, Andrews, 16.17; 2nd Espino, Ft.
Stockton, 16.72; 3rd Hamilton, Frenship, 16.83; 4th
Williams, Seminole, 17.05; 5th McMahan, Seminole, 17.16; 6th
Phipps, Lamesa, 20.54.

100M Dash: 1st Ort, Lovington, 12.77; 2nd Johnson, Kermit,
12.86; 3rd Hughes, Ft. Stockton, 13.08; 4th Barrioz, Lamesa,
13.30; 5th Riordan, Andrews, 13.32; 6th Fairfax, Denver
City, 13.48.

800M Relay: 1st Kermit, 1:50.64; 2nd Frenship, 1:51.10; 3rd
Andrews, 1:52.02; 4th Denver City 1:54.78; 5th Ft.Stockton,
1:55.86; 6th Seminole, 1:56.90.

400M Dash: 1st McClandon, Frenship, 61.30; 2nd Matthews,
Dimmitt, 62.05; 3rd Galindo, Ft. Stockton, 65.25; 4th
Hughes, Seminole, 65.26; 5th Alvarado, Seminole, 66.82; 6th
Villegas, Denver City, 68.28.

300M Hurdles: 1st Matthews, Andrews, 50.14; 2nd Williams,
Seminole, 50.97; 3rd Phipps, Lamesa, 51.09; 4th Kessler,
Andrews, 51.19; 5th Hamilton, Frenship, 54.16.

200M Dash: 1st Hughes, Ft. Stockton, 27.12; 2nd Buckley,
Dimmitt, 27.90; 3rd Mitchel, Denver City, 27.91; 4th Ervin,
Andrews, 27.95; 5th Barries, Lamesa, 28.55; 6th Kelly,
Frenship, 28.79.

1600M Run: 1st Temple, Frenship, 5:44,72; 2nd Shipley,
Kermit, 5:56.85; 3rd Villanueva, Lamesa, 5:57.43; 4th Bell,
Kermit, 6:02.40; 5th Welch, Dimmitt, 6:03.47; 6th Stebbins,
Frenship, 6:06.89.

1600M Relay: 1st Frenship 4:14.50; 2nd Dimmitt, 4:17.72; 3rd
Kermit, 4:20.49; 4th Seminole, 4:27.08; 5th Andrews,
4:29.32; 6th Ft. Stockton, 4:36.09.

JV Boys
High Jump: 1st Rodriguez, Frenship, 6'0"; 2nd Timmons,
Andrews, 5'10"; 3rd Lee, Monahans, 5'10"; 4th Armendariz,
Andrews, 5'10"; 5th Woods, Frenship, 5'8"; 6th Chessire,
Andrews, 5'4".

Long Jump: 1st Rodriguez, Frenship, 18'11 3/4"; 2nd
Williams, Seminole, 18'3"; 3rd Lee, Monahans, 18'2'; 4th
Bopp, DC, 17'6"; 5th Scurlark, Stanton, 17'5 3/4"; 6th
Perez, Stanton, 17'5"

Triple Jump: 1st Williams, Seminole, 42'1"; 2nd Rodriguez,
Frenship, 38'1"; 3rd Hernandez, Lames, 37'10 3/4"; 4th
Woods, Andrews, 37' 5 3/4"; 5th Timmons, Andrews, 37' 5
1/2"; 6th Porras, Monahans, 37' 3 1/2".

Pole Vault: 1st Smith, Stanton, 9'6"; 2nd Fischer, Andrews,
9'6"; 3rd Galindo, Denver City, 9'0"; 4th Brown, Lamesa,

Shot Put: 1st Cates, Frenship, 41' 3.5"; 2nd Lance, DC, 41';
3rd Jackson, Andrews, 38'3"; 4th Sheets, Seminole, 37' 6.5";
5th Roten, Frenship, 37' 5.25"; 6th Smith, Lamesa, 36' 11.5".

Discus: 1st Teel, Frenship, 122'5"; 2nd Gonzales, Andrews,
112'7"; 3rd Austin, Stanton, 110' 1/2"; 4th Horn, Kermit,
106'10"; 5th Wilder, Monahans, 104'9"; 6th Garcia, Monahans,

3200M Run: 1st Mills, Monahans, 11:33.25; 2nd Cole,
Frenship,11:40.73; 3rd Brown, Lamesa, 11:46.33; 4th Heath,
Monahans, 11:51.71; 5th Carrio, Kermit, 12:07.94; 6th
Stinebough, Frenship, 12:15.82.

400M Relay: 1st Seminole, 45.64; 2nd Frenship, 45.73; 3rd
Lamesa, 47.06; 4th Denver City, 47.18; 5th Andrews, 47.06;
6th Stanton, 48.52.

800M Dash: 1st Emiliano, Andrews, 2:09.84; 2nd Crowson,
Frenship, 2:26.27; 3rd Haislip, Stanton, 2:16.99; 4th Brown,
Lamesa, 2:17.71; 5th Dillard, Stanton, 2:18.84; 6th Walker,
Kermit, 2:19.18.

110M Hurdles: 1st Wood, Frenship, 15.51; 2nd Munoz, Kermit,
16.67; 3rd Keele, Stanton, 17.32; 4th Stephen, Denver City,
17.33; 5th Berry, Seminole, 17.42; 6th Ortega, Andrews,

100M Dash: 1st Hall, Seminole, 11.45; 2nd Rodriguez,
Frenship, 11.68; 3rd Shelby, Frenship, 11.69; 4th Rex,
Andrews, 11.79; 5th Loeppky, Seminole, 11.83; 6th Bopp,
Denver City, 11.99.

400M Dash: 1st Salazar, Seminole, 54.40; 2nd Carroll,
Seminole, 54.53; 3rd Porras, Monahans, 55.07; 4th Smith,
Stanton, 56.00; 5th Suarez, Seminole, 56.02; 6th Alfredo,
Denver City, 57.45.

300M Hurdles: 1st Fries, Frenship, 42.09; 2nd Wood,
Frenship, 42.15; 3rd Vela, Monahans, 44.47; 4th Huddleston,
Andrews, 45.33; 5th Alvidrez, Seminole, 45.68; 6th Ivey,
Frenship, 45.70.

200M Dash: 1st Hall, Seminole, 23.82; 2nd Armendariz,
Andrews, 24.45; 3rd Hinojos, Monahans, 24.47; 4th Shelby,
Frenship, 24.50; 5th Woods, Andrews, 24.51; 6th Bopp, Denver
City, 24.79.

1600M Run: 1st Emiliano, Andrews, 5:01.72; 2nd Steinbaug,
Frenship, 5:10.79; 3rd Brown, Lamesa, 5:12.97; 4th Carrio,
Kermit, 5:20.57; 5th Heath, Monahans, 5:25.37; 6th Gonzales,
Denver City, 5:32.77.

1600M Relay: 1st Seminole, 3:39.42; 2nd Monahans, 3:42.55;
3rd Frenship 3:44.41; 4th Lamesa, 3:52.02; 5th Denver City
3:53.06; 6th Stanton, 3:54.20.

Women golfers edge Alpine for McCamey title

By a sports correspondent of the News
McCAMEY - Lobo Audrey Cox shot a crisp 85 and led Monahans
High School women golfers to a close five stroke lead over
Alpine and to the McCamey Invitational Golf Tournament crown.
Cox and Kandace Burnett, with an 88 plus a scorecard
playoff, won medalist honors.

Monahans won the tournament with its lowest team score of
the Spring golf season.

The competition took place in McCamey on Friday, April 3.
Alpine had a score of 359. Monahans was five strokes better
at 354.

Cox was the second place individual medalist for the
competition. That score was her personal best.
Burnett won third place medalist honors.

Christin Linton shot 89 for the Loboes; Brandee McDaniel,
92; and Lindsay Fredericks, a 96.

Competing as individuals, Jennifer Shaw shot 101; Monica
Loera, 105.

High winds, cold cancel Senior Golf

Senior Fun Day Golf last week was cancelled because of high
winds and cold weather, according to a report from the
Senior Golf Association.

According to the statement: "Fun Day Scramble - due to high
wind and cool weather - play on April 2 was cancelled."
In addition, the association notes that a change previously
announced in playing dates has been rescinded because of the
uncertainty of Spring weather.

From the statement:

"Play will start at the present time (11:30) on Thursdays
instead of earlier as previously announced..

"The old time will be observed until we are sure of warmer

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