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March 26, 1998

Golf War continues

Commissionsers to decide embattled pro's future

Embattled golf Pro Doug Ward's future at the Ward County
Golf Course will be decided at the next meeting of the
Commissioner's Court.

Ward's contract will be up then.. Renewal relies heavily on
proposals submitted by both Ward and the Golf Advisory
Board. Ward, whose dismissal has been requested by the Ward
County Golf Associatin, presented a plan to deal with the
immediate problems of the course and to purchase equipment
to better improve the course in the long run. The
Association wants to give Ward 90 days to complete a list of
20 items presented to the commissioners in their meeting at
the Courthouse on Monday, March 23.

Ward's short term plan is:
1. Prepare resurfaced green for play.
2. Spray fairways with weed control products.
3. Deep aerify in March.
4. Repair cart paths.
5. Prepare sand traps and add sand.
6. Repair and service mowing equipment in preparation for
mowing season.
7. Repair and replace sprinklers, valves and any other
components of watering system.
8. Plant trees.

In the Long run Ward plans to:
1. Rebuild greens (1, 9, 10)
2. continue effort to remove Bermuda Grass form greens.
3. Improve Fairway grass coverage.
4. Continue to improve water system.
5. Improve and add more practice area to driving range.

Ward's turf management program includes total cost for all
fertilizers and weed control products at $27,598.94; total
cost to deep aerifying at $3,307.24; cost for seed for
greens at $1,803.76 for a grand total of $32,709.94.
However, the budget is set at $15,000 which leaves
$17,709.94 need to complete Ward's plan. In addition, the
machinery Ward has requested would cost the county an
estimated $19,177 at prices currently on the table.

The Advisory Board plan dose not include prices, but a time
limit. The Board asked the county to extend Ward's contract
90 to improve the conditions of the Golf Course and
presented a list of 20 "Job Expectation for Course Manager".
After reviewing the list Commissioner Larry Hunt made a
motion to extend Ward's contract 90 days. However, County
Judge Sam Massey quickly pointed out the issue could not be
voted on because it was not on the agenda.

The Advisory Boards list included:
1. Sprinkler leaks must be fixed in 24 hours.
2. Any other water leaks should be the number one priority
and repaired as quickly as possible.
3. Operation of entire irrigation system is to be verified
each week.
4. A cash register receipt will be provided with each
5. Provide a plan for the golf course for the upcoming year
that details what projects are planned, their priority,
their costs, how they will be accomplished, what materials
will be required, what resources are available, and what the
benefits will be to the golf course so that grant proposals
can be started. This information is needed by April 15 so
that the Golf Association can have a grant search approved
the May RC&D board meeting.
6. "Patch" bad spots in greens with grass form nursery green
and keep it alive.
7. Grassed areas holding water following watering or rain
are to be leveled so they do not hold water or aerated to
promote drainage and maybe both.
8. Return greens to original size and shape. (#1, #16).
9. Seed spots in nursery green where grass has been stripped
10. Trim trees after leaves are full.
11. Instruct employees in pin placements so that we do not
transplant "weeds" from onr spot to another.
12. Instruct employees in proper technique for mowing around
trees so that the turf is nor destroyed and trees are not
13. At least one course employee is to be certified in
"Structural Pest Control" and listed on county insurance.
14. Level fairways to save wear and tear on equipment.
15. Car paths are to be leveled.
16. Sand traps are to be closely maintained.
17. Employees are to be supervised more closely.
18. Educate golf course manager about golf course management.
19. The golf course manager is to comply with county bid
20. Daily periodic tours of the course should be made by the

Cutbirths give course property to Association

In Monday's Commissioners court meeting the Cutbirths, Henry
and David, made public their intention to give their golf
course property to the Ward County Golf Association.

The Monahans News reported in its editions of March 19 that
the land transfer would be announced at the March 23

"The Cutbirth have given us a letter of intent to donate the
3.828 acres of land that is currently under the pro shop and
the cart storage barns," said Golf Association President
Randy Pipkin. "We are a 501C3 charitable organization, so
anything given to the association is tax deductible."

During the meeting the Cutbirth's made it clear they wanted
to wash their hands of the issue. In fact in handing Pipkin
the letter he said that the land is now the association's to
do what they want with it and the debate about who owns the
pro shop is also the association's.

Lease one option for golf course

Leasing the Ward County Golf Course in Monahans became an
option at the commissioners court meeting on Monday, March

It is the latest alternative suggested to resolve problems
of ill kept grounds and charges of incompetence against the
course supervisor, Golf Pro Doug Ward.

The Ward County Advisory Board on the golf course told the
court they had received several bids from companies to take
of the golf course.Among the entities interested in taking
over the course is the Ward County Golf Association.

"We are a 501C3 status. Any profit generated by the course
will go back in to the course after salaries are paid," said
Association President Randy Pipkin, "The golf course will
take care of its self."

According to the Association their plan is the best opinion
because any outside entity leasing the course will be a
for-profit group.

"The only way a company leasing the course could make any
money with the course's' current conditions is to raise
prices," said Pipkin. "If the Golf Association will work
very hard to see to it that Green Fees and years fees will
remain the same."

During the meeting Pipkin told the court that he felt the
Association could keep cost the same, hire a new grounds
keeper and repair the course with out getting anymore money
out of the county.

Cowgirls after third state lifing crown

On March 28, 1998, the two time State Champion Class A Girls
Powerlifting team will put their title on the line in
Killeen, Texas. The team of Laura Porras, Stacey Miller,
Donna Olivas, Christina Huertas and Mary Lou Ramirez expect
to do better than ever.

"The girls have worked extremely hard and have dedicated
themselves to win, said Head Coach Dewaine Lee. "This is the
strongest our girls have ever been. We have two returning,
senior Laura Porras and junior Stacey Miller from the last
two championship teams.

"I knew it would be tough to replace last year's seniors,
however, seniors Christina Huertas and Donna Olivas and
sophomore Mary Lou Ramirez stepped up and filled in

Senior Laura Porras has totaled 235 lb.. in the 105 class,
senior Christina Huertas has totaled 255 lb.. in the 114
class, sophomore Mary Lou Ramirez has totaled 270 lb.. in
the 123 class, senior Donna Olivas has totaled 240 lb.. in
the 132 class and junior Stacey Miller has totaled 290 lb.
in the 148 class.

The entire population of the tiny town of Grandfalls will
watch with great anticipation to see if the
Grandfalls-Royalty Cowgirls can make it three in a row in

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