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Thursday, March 5, 1998

Spring break is here

Some may go to the beaches, but be warned, the water is
still cold. Monahans-Wickett-Poyote and Grandfalls-Royalty
schools will be dismissed at the regular time Friday and be
out for one week, resuming at the regular time, Monday,
March 16.

The Monahans school board has delayed their monthly meeting
by one week until March 17 due to spring break.

The Real Thing

Coca-Cola, in recognition of their long relationship with
Monahans, donated $78,000 Monday, March 2, to the
Monahans-Wickett-Poyote school district for the Lobo Stadium
renovation project.

Superintendent Cliff Stephens notes the fund drive now
stands at $100,000 with the goal being $350,000. In return,
Coke will have an exclusive contract with the school
district for providing products for soda machines and
concession stands.

Stephens expresses thanks to Coke as the funds raised for
the renovation will free up school funds for other projects
including technology. Representing Coke was Janice Hogan of
Odessa and, of course, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and the
Monahans Lobo.

Golf course won't have to move

David and Henry Cutbirth Wednesday, March 4, apologized to
the County Commissioner's Court for an unexpected legal
notice to the county to vacate the Ward County Golf Course
on North Highway 18.

"This was a mistake," says Monahans Mayor David Cutbirth.
"We never saw this letter from our attorney to the county
commissioner's court members. It should not have happened.
It was wrong."

Says Henry Cutbirth, a candidate for county commissioner:
"This eviction notice already has been withdrawn. I did not
know about it. David did not know about it."

County Judge Sam G. Massey says he accepts the apology of
the Cutbirth brothers and: "I believe Henry Cutbirth. He
told me it was a mistake and, as far as I am concerned, it
was a mistake."

Commissioner Larry Hunt was the first to receive the
registered letter from John W. Cliff, the Cutbirth lawyer
and also a district judge candidate in Odessa.

In that letter, Cliff wrote:

"David Cutbirth, Pattie Cutbirth (David's wife), Henry
Cutbirth and Janette Cutbirth (Henry's wife) . . .hereby
give notice of their intent to terminate the above
referenced lease as to any portion of the property described
. . .such termination to be effective on April 2, 1998."

The notice was copied to Massey, each of the Ward County
Commissioners and the Cutbirths.

"We did not know our attorney had sent the letter," says the
Mayor. "We talked with the attorney and he says the letter
was a mistake. It was prepared and should not have been
mailed. We would never have authorized such a communication.
The way to settle this issue over our land at the golf
course is not to be confrontational. The way to settle it is
to sit down and talk about it."

The land to which David Cutbirth refers is about five acres
on which the Ward County Golf Course Pro Shop is built. It
also includes part of the course itself and a putting green.

It was part of a parcel of land purchased by the Cutbirth
brothers about five years ago, land that had been owned by
the old Monahans Country Club, land that was held at that
time by First National and First State Banks in Monahans.
With that purchase came a lease signed between the county
and the defunct country club on Oct. 28, 1974.

"That land is a problem for us," says David. "We are paying
taxes to the county for it and the county provides us no
revenue. We do need to resolve this but we do not need to be
sending the county eviction notices."

Henry Cutbirth says the eviction notice already has been

Judge candidates top spenders

The race for the Democratic nomination for county judge took
the top spot on campaign expenditures reported to County
Clerk Pat V. Finley on the last reporting date prior to the
Primary Election on March 10.

The numbers represent only the reporting period and do not
represent the cumulative total for the campaign.

Incumbent Sam Massey spent $530.40 and Pam Treadaway spent
$1452.95 for a combined grand total of $1983.35 spent in
the race.

County Judge
EXPENDITURES: 2-7-98 Rita Abila, Barstow, band for political
rally- $150; 2-8-98, Ace Hardware, paint for signs-$9.67;
2-8-98 Rey's True Value, sign material-$334.93; 2-24-98 KLBO
Radio-$15.80; 2-24-98 Monahans News, $20.
Total $530.40

Pam Treadaway
County Judge
EXPENDITURES: 1-31-98, Billee Lou's Flowers, thank you
cards-$52.50; 2-11-98 Monahans News, ads-$264; 2-20-98,
Political Ads, campaign buttons-$98.60; 2-20-98, Dolores
Fine, voter registration list-$64.40; 2-7-98, Furr's,
campaign BBQ-$134.16; 2-7-98, Lowes, campaign BBQ-$92.14;
2-7-98, Chuck Wagon Gang in Odessa, Meat for BBQ +
supplies-$203; 2-8-98, M & M Posse, Music for BBQ-$200;
2-26-98, Ace Hardware-$344.15.
Total $1452.95
Total spent out of county $203

County Clerk
EXPENDITURES: No Funds Reported

County Clerk
EXPENDITURES: 1-30 98/2-18-98, US Post Office,
postage-$12.80/$16; 1-31-98, Monahans Ace Hardware, tape,
-.96; 2-3-98, Reddy ICE, copies-$106.09; 2-5-98 Home Depot
in Midland, stakes-$23.65; 2-6-98, Locker Room,
Total $186.94
Total spent out of county $23.65

County Clerk
EXPENDITURES: 2-7-98, pita Avila, political BBQ band-$105;
2-2-98, Jet Printing, posters-$393.71; 2-17-98, Monahans
News, political ad-$132; 2-17-98, Lee Lumber in Pecos,
Total $663.18
Total spent out of county $32.47

County Treasurer
EXPENDITURES: 2-3-98 McCoys in Odessa, plywood, paint and
supplies for large political signs-$150; 2-7-98 Pita Abila,
Mariachi band for political rally-$150; 2-9-98- Ace
hardware, Poles and hardware for outdoor political
signs-$105; 2-10-98, Monahans News, Political Ad-$36; 2-2-98
Classic Cable-$45; 2-11-98 McCoys, Paint for large outdoor
political signs-$32.46; 2-11-98, city of wicket, political
advertisement on cable-$20; 2-24-98 Monahans News, political
Total $556.46
Total spent out of county $150

County Treasurer
No reportable activity occurred during this reporting

Justice of the Peace
No funds to report

Justice of the Peace
EXPENDITURES: Ward County Tax Office, voter's list Pct. 1
and 4-$26.50; 2-9-98, Wickett cable channel, Political
ads-$20; 2-9-98, Monahans News, ads-$135; 2-26-98 Ace
Hardware-$28.08; 2-14-98/2-23-98, Sign-Up, Political signs
setting and supplies-$82.21/$53.88.
Total: $345.67
Precinct #2

Justice of the Peace
EXPENDITURES: Monahans News, advertisement- $132Total $132

Justice of the Peace
EXPENDITURES: 2-3-98, Dick Aker, radio announcing-$20;
2-5-98 Jet Printing, printing $157.14; 2-5-98, Dolores Fine,
list of voters Precinct #2 and #3-$36.80; 2-5-98, Sprinkle
office supplies, envelopes-$34.88; 2-17-98, Postmaster,
postage-$174.10; 2-19-98 Postmaster, postage-$314.34;
1-24-98, Monahans News, Newspaper Ad-$149.93.Total $887.19
Precinct 2

Commissioner 2
EXPENDITURES: 2-6-98, Monahans News, ads-$144; Sign-up,
election signs-$428.67
Total $572.67

EXPENDITURES: Classic Cable, channel 3 spots-$28; 2-23-98,
Monahans News-$77.03; 2-24-98, KLBO, Radio Spots-$84.30.
Total $189.33

EXPENDITURES: Monahans News, advertsing-$162; Classic Cable,
advertising-$59; Ace Hardware, Signs for campaign-$27.69
Total $248.69
Total spent in race $1010.69

EXPENDITURES: 2-17-98, Monahans News-$72
Total $72

EXPENDITURES: 2-24-98, Cable Time, Advertise BBQ-$14;
2-25-98, Monahans News, ad for BBQ-$36; 2-27-98, Lowe's
Market Place, mayonaise, potatoes, tea, sugar, bread,
pickles, beans and sugar for BBQ-$27.50; 2-28-98, Mario Rios
M&M Posse, DJ music fo BBQ 2 hr.-$80
Total $157.50

Commissioner 2
EXPENDITURES: 2-4-98 Monahans News, Polictical AD - $36;
2-12-98 Monahans News, Polictical Ad-$45; 2-16-98-City of
Wickett, Political ad on Wickett cable channel-$5; 2-16-98,
Monahans News, Political Ad, $34; 2-16-98, Sams Club in
Odessa, fish fry-$242.13; 2-20-98, Affiliated food service,
Total $566.37

EXPENDITURES: 2-9-98, Specialty, adv.-$126.74; 2-10-98,
Classic Cable, adv, $45; 2-11-98, Sprinkles, political
badges-$9.74; 2-19-98, Sam's, BBQ-$205.95; 2-20-98,
Total $424.94

Heavy voter turnout predicted

Ward County Clerk Pat V. Finley believes the voter turnout
on Primary Election Day, March 10, in Ward County will be

Finley, the county elections officer, bases that prediction
on intense campaigns for local offices plus brisk balloting
in the early voting period that ends on Friday four days
before the official Primary Election Day.

"The turnout probably will be better than 50 percent,"
forecaasts Finley, who is retiring from office at the end of
the current term. "It may even be better than 55 percent. We
traditionally turn out more voters in Ward County than the
state average."

By Wednesday noon, March 4, Finley reports 1221 Ward
Countians had cast their ballots in the Early Vote Period
for the Party Primaries - 1211 Democrats and 10
Republicans.She expects the early vote to equal and perhaps
surpass the Primary Election Early Vote two years ago in the
county when 1260 voted early and 1520 voted on Election Day.

In a special Early Vote effort on Saturday, Feb. 28, Finley
reports 32 citizens of Barstow voted in only four hours.

"I want all the voters to get out and vote," Finley asks.
"Each vote is important.

Early voting in the lobby of the Ward County Courthouse in
Monahans ends at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 6.

Intense, she says, is the only word she can use to describe
the campaigns for the Democratic nominations for local
office, historically tantamount to victory in the November
general elections.

Election observers feel that a runoff is almost a certain in
at least one, perhaps, both of the races for county

Intense campaigns mark the Democratic races to succeed
Finley in the county clerk's office and the race for Ward
County Judge. Similar efforts are underway in the justice of
the peace races.On the Republican side, only Candido
Guttierez, runs. He is assured the GOP nod for county judge.

Thortonville to get Monahans water

Sometime next year more than 600 parched citizens of
Thorntonville and areas South and West of Monahans are
scheduled to start receiving the City of Monahans
award-winning water, reports the president of the nonprofit
Southwest Sandhills Water Supply Corp.

When a federally backed loan formally is approved as
expected, cool, clean, clear water will begin flowing into
an area of Ward County where various chemical salts have
rendered the water from some wells in the area nearly
impossible to drink. Formal confirmation of that loan is
expected soon.

"There are some people who can't even wash their clothes
because of the stain," says Loredia Potts, president of
Southwest Sandhills Water and also the librarian at Walker
Junior High in the Monahans-Wickett-Pyote school district.
"l can drink mine but others can't. Other people are forced
to haul water."

When sweet water finally starts to flow to residents of the
area, it will herald a victory over a problem Southwest
Sandhills Water first began to battle six years ago.

Now victory in this war for potable water is near, says

Water seems to be assured because of a verbal commitment
last week from the Rural Development agency of the U.S.
Department of Agriculture office in Temple, North of Austin
in Central Texas.

That USDA commitment, says Potts, is to loan the dollars
needed to build the lines, valves and other infrastructure
needed to pipe good water into places where it has never
been before. Revenues from the nonprofit water company will
be used to retire the loan and pay the City of Monahans for
the water the group purchases for distribution through its
still to be constructed lines.

At 6 p.m. on April 21 at the Ward County Convention Center
in Monahans, residents of the area scheduled to receive the
water can register to become members of the company that
will supply it. Registration fees are a $150 membership fee
plus a $500 connect fee, reports Potts. Then she says the
base water charge a month will be $30 for the first 2000
gallons of water. After that base 2000 gallons, the charge
will be $2.50 for each additional 1000 gallons of water used
by a member customer.

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