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Thursday, March 5, 1998

Win over Pecos keeps Loboes undefeated

One of the goals of the 1998 Lobo varsity baseball team was
to achieve an undefeated season. They kept that dream alive
by defeating Pecos in a thrilling come from behind game Feb.
23 and created needed momentum for a title run at the
Sandhills Tournament on the last two days of February.
Winning the tournament was the only way they could keep the
"0" in the loss column, or so they thought.

Lobo baseballers didn't win the tournament (Pecos did. They
beat Fort Stockton 26-10 for the Sandhills championship at
Lobo Field). Like Pecos. The Monahans High School Loboes
never lost but, unlike the Eagles, Monahans did tie.

The Loboes came out with their championship aspirations in
their first game Thursday against Crane. The Cranes were no
stranger to the Loboes, as Monahans had dropped Crane in a
scrimmage just a week earlier, feeding off two Joel Najar
home-runs. Crane, however, had a different idea about how
this game would end. The Loboes and Cranes fought for six
innings before the tournament's two hour time-limit was
invoked with the score 12-12 . The game was declared a tie,
and advancement was a decision to be made by the official

Under the tie-breaker, the scorer said Crane had reached
second base more times than the Lobo. Subsequently, Crane
was advanced into the winner's bracket. There seemed to be
a conflict with the scorer's decision but the decision
already was official. Najar and Anthony Aguilar had
home-runs for the Loboes. Aguilar's was his first of the
season; Najar's was his second.

The Loboes had found a way to satisfy one goal and not lose,
but remained dejected about falling into the consolation
rounds of the tournament at Lobo Field..

Their goal now turned to the consolation championship.

The Loboes came back Friday afternoon and took on the Kermit
Yellowjackets in a rematch of last year's bi-district
playoff game. Rallying around the events of the previous
day, the Loboes jumped out to a 3-0 lead after the end of
the first inning, which they extended to 8-0 after a
five-spot in the bottom of the second. The Loboes had few
flaws until the fourth inning, when Kermit's Oscar Prieto
took a Roy Porras pitch over the left field fence. Najar
relieved Porras and finished the inning. The Loboes poured
on three more in the bottom of the fourth to make it an 11-0
lead, and completed the game by shutting Kermit out in the
top of the fifth to invoke the "10 run rule." Juan Moreno
had the game's hitting highlight for the Loboes, taking a
Castillo offering into the "Mesquite seats," for the Loboes.
Porras also had a double, which paired with his outstanding
pitching performance.

The pitching by Najar and Porras against Kermit seemed to
be practically unbeatable, as they combined to allow only
one run on six hits.

Someone apparently told Porras and Anthony Aguilar that they
could not possibly top Friday's pitching performance.

After all, they were going up against district rival
Presidio, who had defeated another district rival Alpine 9-1
just one day earlier. Outshining Friday's showing would be
impossible, especially in the consolation final.

Uhh.. No.

In a game that had all the billing of a possible title
showdown, there wasn't even a question.

Porras started on the mound for the Loboes, and mowed down
Presidio in the first inning.

The Loboes got up in the second and scored seven runs,
followed by two in the third. The Loboes led 9-1 after
three innings of play, with Presidio's only run thus far
coming on a pair of errors.

Oh yeah. Have we said that Presidio hadn't had a hit yet.

Monahans came back with their "no mercy" attitude in the
fourth and fifth, scoring six and three runs, respectively,
to down Presidio 18-1 in a game that truly ended up living
to all its hype.

Now back to that no-hit thing.

Aguilar took the mound in the fourth inning and finished up
what Porras started.

When the dust finally lifted after the fifth inning, the
result was clear.

Aguilar and Porras had combined to throw a no-hitter, which
you see very rarely in competitive baseball, especially in
the high school ranks.

The Lobes had their share of hitting standouts in the
Presidio game, as well. Moreno and T.J. Bustos both ended
with a double, while Porras had two.

The Loboes didn't just play inside the park, though.

Aguilar helped out his own cause with a home run, and Randy
Salazar also took to the mesquite seats.

The home-runs were the first of the season for Salazar, and
the second for Aguilar. Najar also hit his third home run
of the season in that game.

Hanna breaks pole vault record

Among the running, jumping, putting and throwing that made
up the Sandhills Relays in Monahans the last weekend in
February, there was one athlete soaring above the Sandhills
- 15 feet, two inches aloft, to be exact.

Lobo Senior Robin Hanna broke a Sandhills record with a pole
vault of 15 feet, two inches; beating the old record by one

"He cleared 15 feet, two inches on his first attempt by at
least a foot," says Monahans High School Athletic Director,
Head Football Coach and pole vault mentor Larry Hanna. "On
his first attempt at 16 feet, he looked as if he would clear
it, but he caught the bar with his hand."

For those who don't know, Robin Hanna is Coach Hanna's son.

The state public high school 3-A record is held by Jacob
Davis of Orange Field, with a vault of 17 feet and one inch
in 1995. The state high school record is held by Jayson
Lavendor of Wichita Falls (5A) who vaulted 17 feet, six
inches in 1990. Young Hanna was one of the many Lobo
athletes who helped make the relays what they were.

"I broke the record, that's true but our whole team simply
was astounding," says Robin Hanna. "The 1-2-3 finish in the
110 high hurdles was awesome. We challenged Lake View and no
one expected that. We got firsts in the discus (Quint
Melius) and high jump (David Williams). Everyone, just
everyone, did their job. "

About that Sandhills record jump:

"It was a goal. I really wanted to accomplish that goal this
year and I did."

Robin Hanna notes that he already has gone higher.

"My personal best is 15-6. I had 16 in my hands at the
Sandhills and I lost it with a trailing hand. I'll work to
make sure that doesn't happen again. I need to work on that."

About his brother, world class vaulter, Kurt Hanna:

"My goal in high school is 17-6. He got 16-6. I've promised
my brother I'm going to beat him. He wouldn't be sorry if I
did. He'll be more than happy."

Then Hanna pauses and says: "He's one of my heroes."

Pole Vault Coach Hanna notes :

"I was pleased with our team effort. The Lobo Boys lead the
relays up until the 200 where Lake View took the lead; and
the JayVee boys ran away with their division.The meet was
well organized. Tina Earle and Gena Williams had everything
prepared, the coaches did a great job getting our teams
ready and with everyone's contribution, the relays went off
with out a hitch."

Former Lobo flies high in Atlanta games

Robin Hanna is not the only "high flying" Hanna.

Kurt Hanna, son of Head Football Coach Larry Hanna, finished
second in the USA Indoor Track and Field Games in Atlanta Ga.

Hanna is a former Monahans High School student. He was a
state champion pole vaulter and three time high school
All-American in Iraan.

Kurt Hanna is currently ranked seventh in the nation in the
pole vault and is twenty-fourth in the world. He is training
for the 2000 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sandhills Relays

Saturday, Feb. 28
Division I (Varsity Men)
Discus - 1. Quint Melius, 157 feet.
High Jump - 1. David Williams, six feet, four inches. 2.
Robin Hanna, 6. 3. Cody Avary, 5-8, tied with three others.
Long Jump - 2. Mark Thompson, 20-4.
Shot Put - 1. Quint Melius, 57 feet, six and one-half inches
3. Chris Adams, 41-1 and 1/2.
Pole Vault - 1. Robin Hanna, 15 feet, two inches, breaking
Sandhills Relays Record set in 1989 by Tim James of
Levelland, who vaulted 15 feet, one inch at the Sandhills.
400 Meter Relay - 2. Monahans (Brandon Stephens, Robin
Hanna, Nathan Swarb, Chris Allen) 44.5
110 Meter High Hurdles - 1. Robin Hanna (14.5) 2. Mark
Thompson (15.0) 3. Dewoyne Lowe (15.7)
100 Meter Dash - 4. Brandon Stephens 11.3
400 Meter Dash - 6. David Williams 54.3
300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - 1. Robin Hanna 41.6 2.
Mark Thompson 41.9
200 Meter Dash - 6. Chris Allen 23.3
1600 Meter Relay - 2. Monahans 3:35.4

Division II (Junior Varsity Men)

Triple Jump - 1. Rocky Reed, 37 feet, 10 and one-quarter
inches. 2. Shon Riley, 37, five and one-quarter. 3. Erbey
Porras, 36-11 and one-half.
Long Jump - Rocky Reed, 17 feet, six and three-quarter
Pole Vault - 1. Travis Atwood, 10 feet, six inches.
Shot Put - 5. Abel Bernard, 33 feet, 11 and one-half inches.
Discus - 2. Larry Navarette, 113 feet, 11 inches. 3. Aaron
Swartzfager, 110 feet, 10 inches. 4. Justin Wilder,
Monahans, 105 feet, 4 inches.
3100 Meter Run - 4. David Morales, 11:49.98
400 Meter Relay - 3. Monahans (Rocky Reed, Raul Hinojos,
Travis Atwood, Shon Riley) 1:00.7
800 Meter Run - 2. Levi Colwell, 2:18.00
110 Meter Hurdles - 3. Frank Vela 18.5 5. Margarito Zuniga
100 Meter Dash - 1. Rocky Reed 11.3.
300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles - 2. Frank Vela 47.1
200 Meter Dash - 1. Rocky Reed 23.7
1600 Meter Run - 3. David Morales 5:01.3
1600 Meter Relay - 3. Monahans 3:50.7

Division II I (Varsity Women)

Long Jump - 4. Christa Young, 14 feet, seven and one-half
Discus - 6. Holly Blum, 83 feet, six inches.
Shot Put - 4. Dedra Wessels, 30 feet, eight and one-half
inches. 5. Carleigh Melius, 30, five and one-half.
200 Meter Dash - 1. Sharon Cupp 27.7
1600 Meter Relay - 5. Monahans 4:45

Division IV ( Junior Varsity Women)

High Jump - 5. Stephanie Taylor, four feet, two inches.
Triple Jump - 3. Alondra Alvarez, 25 feet, 11 and one-half
Discus - Amber Alves, 64 feet, five inches.
800 Meter Run - 1. Geneva McConal 2:55.00
100 Meter Hurdles - 1. Stephanie Taylor, 19.6 4. Megan
Loehman, 20.5.
100 Meter Dash - 6. Alondra Alvarez 15.1

800 Meter Relay - 3. Monahans 2:07.5
300 Meter Low Hurdles - 2. Stephanie Taylor 59.0 3. Megan
Loehman 1:00.6 4. Heather Lario 1:00.7

1600 Meter Run - 1. Naomi McKinney 6:47.2 4. Maribel Yanez
1600 Meter Relay - 1. Monahans 5:13

Women golfers eighth

FORT STOCKTON - Kandace Burnett, Jennifer Shaw and Lindsay
Fredericks led the Monahans High School women's golf team to
an eighth place finish in the 18 team Fort Stockton Golf
Tournament on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 27 and Feb. 28.

Burnett shot a 94-89 for a 183 total; Shaw, 92 and 99 for
191; and Fredericks, 97 and 93 for 195.

Andrews won the invitation with a total of 683, beating host
Fort Stockton by 10 strokes. The golfing Loboes finished
eighth with a 779, a stroke ahead of Odessa High School in
ninth place.

The team is to play next at the Midland Invitational on
Friday and Saturday, March 6 and 7.

Lobo Summary

Kandace Burnett, 94-89; Jennifer Shaw, 92-99; Lindsay
Fredericks, 97-98; Christin Linton, 104-995; Brandee
McDaniel, 102-100; Audrey Cox, 104-102; Nikki Fuentes,
102-101; Monica Loera, 116-107.

Miller leads powerlifters to state

CISCO - Stacy Miller, the defending state champion women's
powerlifter from Grandfalls-Royalty High School, leads a
contingent of four Cowgirls to the 1998 state championships
in Austin.

And depending on what happens, five girls may be able to
compete in the state women's powerlifting event. Miller
earned her return to state by lifting 665 pounds in the 148
pound class to tie for second in the Region I lifts at
Cisco on Saturday, Feb. 28. Other Grandfalls state
qualifiers, their class and the total they lifted are: Laura
Porras, 105 pound class, finished second, lifted 505 in
total lifts; Christina Huertas, 114, second, 545; Mary
Ramirez, 123, third, 595. Donna Olivas, 132, fourth, also
will go to state if the girls who finished ahead of her

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