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Mac McKinnon

Friday, February 27, 1998


By Mac B. McKinnon

Special section depicts
people and their jobs

In today's issue of the Pecos Enterprise, is a very special
section we put out every year entitled "Pecos At Work."

It's very special because it depicts what many of our
friends and neighbors are doing and the jobs they have. It
also shows what a busy community we have.

I just wish more people were included in the section but
some people simply can't afford to go every year and I don't
know if some people really understand just how important
something like this is.

The more businesses that are in the section, the better
Pecos looks.

Extra copies of the section are printed every year and
provided to the Pecos Chamber of Commerce to be mailed out
to people who seek information about Pecos.

We feel that the section depicts a very busy community.
Every year, I get comments from people who are amazed by all
that is going on here and the number of people who are
employed. And the section only depicts a fraction of Pecos
At Work.

The section was formerly known as the "Progress" edition but
we changed the title to reflect Pecos and its residents at

The ads and stories help let people know what is going on
here and the names and employment of many people that have
seen but don't know. It is also a way to let newcomers and
visitors to our community know what is going on.

It's also like a state of the community issue in that it
depicts that our economy, while struggling, is showing signs
of life and you can get many products and services here that
some people may not have known was available.
This section and other articles and speical sections that
appear in the paper reflect that many changes are going on
for the betterment of our town.

Incidentally, the title "Our Town" is used for special
sections like this by other newspapers throughout the

I still like the title "Pecos At Work" because it shows our
citizens working and our community at work.

The special art work on the front cover is done each year by
staff artist Don Whitley who's drawings are incredible. They
can be seen often on the opinion page in the form of
editorial cartoons. His work is also seen on the front page
on many holidays.

Members of our staff have worked long and hard to put out
this section as it takes a combined effort of all
departments to compile the information and put it together.
There's lots of pictures and words in those 16 pages.

The staff has done this on top of their regular duties so
that shows just how busy they have been and I appreciate
their work.

Of course, any comments from the public are appreciated for
improving this section and we hope that many businesses will
mark the end of February on their calendar to be involved in
this section next year and coming years.
I believe it is well read and saved by many. I hope everyone
enjoys it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac B. McKinnon is the Editor and Publisher
of the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Friday. He
can be e-mailed at:

Your View

Prisoner would like to receive letters

To The Editor:
My name is William Santa and this is why letters from people
in the community are essential to me as a 40-year-old man in
prison for possessing a stolen gun.

As I look out my cell window at the tall razor wire fence I
can see the moon. I look at it and wonder. Is there someone
else out there looking at it and wondering at this very same
moment. I wonder if they're as lonely as I am?

Days pass ever so slowly, evenings come, the sun goes down
and likewise do my spirits. One day my release will near but
what in the world do I do in the meantime?

I realize some of you think that all of us in prison deserve
to be here. Many do but nobody deserves the loneliness that
I feel daily. Essentially, all I want to gain by this letter
is your friendship, positive support and letters. So won't
you please give a lonely man a chance and brighten up my
year by writing!

With all my heart,
William Santa #05035-010
P.O. Box 34550
Memphis, Tennessee 38184-0550

Our View

Highway department to be commended

The State of Texas is doing everything it can to make the
state more attractive and their efforts should not be

For many years, TxDOT, formerly known as the Texas Highway
Department, has maintained the best highways in the nation
along with the cleanest and most attractive as well as
strategically located rest areas you can find in any state.

Now the state has gotten heavily involved in landscaping
along state highways and you can see their efforts in many
areas of Pecos and Reeves County. They've talked with the
county and will soon talk with city officials about a master
landscaping plan for our town.

We're not sure who came up with these ideas but a big thanks
to whoever did and to those who are carrying out the plan.
Because of trees and plans now being made, most cities in
the state, and particularly West Texas, will look much
different and better some five and 10 years down the road.

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