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Daily Newspaper and Travel Guide for Reeves County, Trans Pecos, Big Bend of West Texas


Mac McKinnon

Friday, February 6, 1998


By Mac McKinnon

Other Super Bowls bring back memories

The latest edition of Sports Illustrated has declared Super
Bowl XXXII as the best Super Bowl ever.

While I enjoy Sports Illustrated, they are sometimes too
quick to jump on a band wagon. The latest edition carries a
picture of Denver Bronco Quarterback John Elway on the
cover, and the title of "Sweet Redemption."

I suppose the magazine could be trying to redeem itself for
a lack of respect given Denver over the years. It would seem
everyone including myself could be included in that category
as few people except rabid Bronco fans could have or would
have expected Denver to get to the Super Bowl, much less win

Although the game was undeniably one of the better Super
Bowls ever played, I don't believe it is the best Super Bowl
ever played. There have been some very good Super Bowls,
particularly back at the beginning, but many of the younger
sports writers simply weren't around during those times.

Two Super Bowls really stick out in my mind, one being the
New York Jets under the spur of Quarterback Joe Namath and
their win over heavy favorite Baltimore and then the last
minute win by Baltimore over the Dallas Cowboys on a field

Of course the two Super Bowls between Dallas and Pittsburgh
in the 70s were and always will be memorable. How about the
Giants' victory over the Bills 20-19 just a few years ago?

I'm not really sure Denver's win was to their credit or to
the discredit of the Green Bay Packers who simply did not
play like the Packers have the last two years. Give part of
that credit to Denver's defense and offense but Green Bay
has played and beaten better teams I but it wasn't to be
that way on Super Sunday.

I certainly would not want to take anything away from the
gritty performance by Elway nor any of the other Broncos.
Their offensive line was awesome. And the game plan was
great, playing up to the Green Bay ego by telling them how
great they were.

That goes to show you just how hard it is to repeat as
champions in any professional sport as giant egos have to be
dealt with.

One of the highlights of the Super Bowl is the commercials
as many companies trot out new ways to get the public's
attention. The best commercial in my way of thinking was
that for Tabasco. If you didn't see it, a man was sitting on
his front porch eating pizza heavily doused in Tabasco. As
he began using his third bottle of the hot stuff, a mosquito
lands on his leg and the man watches as it bites him and
then flies off, exploding shortly after take-off. That
should have gotten a lot of attention. I don't and won't use
the stuff as it is too hot for me to handle but I'm sure the
commercial will persuade a lot of hot sauce lovers to try it.

The second best was the chicken crossing the road to get a
beer. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road or at
least a different version.

Now, I'm counting on Dallas being in the next Super Bowl.
Don't laugh. Stranger things have happened. Come on Jerry
Jones! Pick us a good coach.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac McKinnon is the Editor and Publisher of
the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Friday. He
can be e-mailed at:

Critic's Corner

Book on inventions offers

tips, good information

Stand Alone, Inventor!

And Make Money With Your New Product Ideas!

This book is one every inventor or want to be inventor
should read and keep on their bookshelf for reference. From
the Ten Rules for the Stand-Alone Inventor to How to Set Up
Your Virtual Office, this book offers information and
testimonial to help every inventor get started and succeed.

If you have an invention that you would like to market read
chapter 4. If you have a product and need to know how to get
it manufactured read chapter 7. For just how to set up your
office to market and sell your product, read chapter 14.

The Stand Alone Inventor will give any inventor a great
starting point or new ideas on how to market, merchandise,
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Easy reading and great information, this is a great book and
very informative.

Diana Jorgenson

Check out this advice before starting website

If I had read "Poor Richard's Web Site" before I created the
Enterprise web site, I probably would have abandoned the
project as too complicated. But with the site in its second
year, I find the book pinpoints changes that need to be made
and details how to add interactive forms that will make it
more interesting to the user.

Author Peter Kent has over-written the book., which he touts
as "Geek-free, commonsense advice on building a low-cost web
site." Like a Baptist preacher, he tells you what he's going
to tell you, then tells you, then tells you what he told
you. It's still worth the effort to plow through the 424
pages, which are packed with links to helpful web sites.

Kent recommends making the web site user friendly by keeping
graphics, sound and those cutesy videos to a minimum.
Anything other than text takes a long time to load and makes
the user want to back out and go to a friendlier site, he

After you get the site created, you have to find a place to
put it where it will be accessible - usually a host server,
which can be anywhere in the world, Kent says. Then you must
promote it by registering with search engines, linking to
other sites and sending out press releases.

When you finish reading Kent's book, you may know more than
you ever wanted to know about web sites, but you'll no
longer be in the dark about what it takes to hook up with
the world.

ISBN 0-9661032-8-9, $37.95 directly from the publisher,
800-247-6553 or online at
Distributed to bookstores by Independent Publishing Group. Also sold online at

-Peggy McCracken

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