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Daily Newspaper and Travel Guide for Reeves County, Trans Pecos, Big Bend of West Texas


Mac McKinnon

Friday, January 30, 1998


By Mac McKinnon

Florida has more to offer

than just orange juice

I was in West Palm Beach, Florida earlier this month for a
business meeting. If you want to see money in action, that's
the place to go.

I don't know that I've ever seen more opulence than was
readily apparent in that city. And I've been to a number of
really posh places including Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
There are Rolls Royces everywhere you look and all kinds of
other fancy - and expensive - cars.

I had a chance to stroll down Worth Street, probably one of
the most expensive and exclusive shopping areas in the
world. It was after hours so I didn't have a chance to go
into any of the stores. It's just as well because I would
have probably embarrassed myself by gagging at the prices.

I don't know how people get that kind of money. It just
seems there is no end to it. Some - probably most of it is
old money stemming from a number of families that made
fortunes during the days when the dollar was really worth
something and making a huge fortunes was probably easier than it is now.

Many of the big name families we've all heard of during the
earlier days of this country are represented in West Palm
Beach. And there are those of the "new money" bunch who are
there also including Donald Trump who purchased the Post
(cereal family) estate and turned it and surrounding
property into a club.

There are so many mansions in the area that it just blows
the imagination. One belongs to King Hussein of Jordan. It
burned last year and was rebuilt even better than it was.
The King hasn't been there in many years, however, I was
told by a tour guide on a boat.

It's kind of amusing that many of the people who had the
foresight of Southern Florida as a getaway during the
winters up north were scoffed at in the early days. That
included an heir to the Singer sewing machine company who
bought an island that is named after him.

He tried to give it to a love interest - an opera star but
after she saw the area, she gave it back and returned to New
York. The Kennedy estate is there also. I understand it's up
for sale for a paltry $8 million.

You can join the Country Club for only $100,000 initiation
fee plus $13,000 per month - IF - you have made the right
contributions to charities and are in the inner circle. It
has a parking lot just for Rolls Royces.
I understand those same fees also apply to Trump's Club
although he probably doesn't care what kind of charities you
donate to.

The boat tour I took pointed out a number of interesting
points but other then that appeared to be interesting places
were not identified, apparently out of security concerns.

Just like in Beverly Hills and others areas of California,
$4 million homes are being torn down and replaced with $10
million homes. It seems like a big waste. I'd be tickled to
take some rundown $4 million shack. Of course, I couldn't
afford to pay the taxes and insurance on it.

I guess some people are just meant to be rich and the rest
of us aren't!

Suprisingly, visiting West Palm Beach, even having a hotel
right on the beach, is not that expensive.

And, of course, there's nothing like Florida orange juice.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mac McKinnon is the Editor and Publisher of
the Pecos Enterprise whose column appears each Friday. He
can be e-mailed at:

Your View

Parent concerned about school traffic problem

To The Editor:
This is in reference to the parents, dropping off and
picking up their kids at the Pecos Kindergarten.

There are too many parents blocking the parking spaces
instead of pulling in like they are suppose to. It is going
to cause an accident and it is dangerous for the kids and
other parents who are going to or coming from the school.
The custodians are out there trying to control this problem
so lets help them out.

Concerned Parent
Name Withheld

Lost child found by helpful officers

To the Editor:
I am writing this letter to thank the coordinated efforts of
the Pecos Police Department and the Reeves County Sheriff's
Office who located my son after he had wandered off the
school grounds after school and became lost. Here is my

Yesterday I went to Lamar Elementary to pick up my son
before he got on the school bus headed for Toyah. He was not
there. My son never made it from Austin Elementary to Lamar.
I waited for the Toyah bus to arrive because sometimes the
bus driver gets him first. Once the Toyah bus arrived I
spoke with the bus driver and my son was not on the bus. The
bus driver made several inquiries and was told that my son
had been picked up at school by his grandfather.

I went home to Toyah and called my father to realize my
worst nightmare...he had not picked him up from school. I
called 911 and the response was immediate. Within one hour
my son was located. The officer who took my call, dispatcher
Edmund Lozano, should be commended for his professionalism
and his obvious compassion for what I was going through. As
for the officer who located my son, Officer Juan Vasquez, he
also should be commended, he handled my son, I'm sure as he
would his own and for that I am grateful, he put my scared
little boy at ease and made him feel safe.

The resident deputy of Toyah, Damon Compton, responded
immediately. He arrived at my home within minutes after
receiving the call and once my son had been located he
personally drove my husband and myself to the Pecos Police
Department to pick up our son. His conduct throughout the
whole incident was outstanding. At one point I became
hysterical and I thank him for remaining calm and
professional and helping me regain control.

The coordination of efforts between the Pecos Police
Department and the Reeves County Sheriff's Office brought my
little boy home to me. I can never "Thank" either agency

Nancy Petty
Toyah, Tx. 79785

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