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Monahan's Well:

By Jerry Curry

IRS: Jack boot aren't all that bad

In this nation, there are two federal government agencies above the law.

They make their own laws. You've heard of the old outdated concept,
innocent until proven guilty. Forget it. There is no due process of law
when it comes to this unholy pair. There is only jail and pain if you
and yours do not immediately start licking the ground at their feet. And
even that doesn't help all that much.

Before these two government agencies, the mighty quiver and cry and get
a little sick because they know their only recourse is to run and there
is no place to run.

Those two organizations could teach Nazi Germany's Gestapo and the Old
Soviet Union's KGB lessons in sadism, mind control and terror. Our
subject here is the Internal Revenue Service and the Immigration and
Naturalization Service, two beasts from the same devilish womb. But the
INS is a bunch of good guys (I think they actually mean well) when
compared to the legions of the Internal Revenue Service, who do not now
nor have they ever have meant well unless you think meaning well is
throwing some poor divorced mother out of a house and then literally
throwing her children in the street after her.

They did that once. It was in San Antonio. The mother and kids didn't
owe the government a dime. But an ex-husband did. So the IRS raped the
mother's bank accounts and took away her home because of a tax debt
owed by a man she hadn't seen in five years. It happened. I wrote about

One of the wimp editors at the San Antonio Express-News started crying
because he thought he was going to be audited because he inadvertently
let somebody like me loose against the IRS.

The editor did get audited. I didn't. I still don't know why, probably
it's awfully hard to audit someone who makes as little money as an old
hack writer.

The rumor an Arab terrorist group or two has hired IRS agents to teach
it better ways to maim and kill children and puppies probably is a
canard but not much of one.

Congress is holding hearings on this group of thugs who think it's fun
to go after poor people because they can't afford lawyers so that the
dollar return is better for the nation. Some of the IRS thugs, being
spineless demons when the pressure comes on, are singing like the Mormon
Tabernacle Choir at Christmas.

They actually are admitting they throw divorced ladies and children into
the street and what's more they do it because it's fun. They do it
because they get a rush from it.

Some of the flaks at the IRS have figured out a way to improve their
public image. They're going to hold open houses and invite citizens down
to hug their friendly IRS torturers.

Don't go. You may never come back. They tried this in Argentina a few
years ago and most of those people were never seen again.

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