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September 11, 1997

Today: Lobo vs. Westerner

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LUBBOCK - Lubbock High is a 5A school in a Texas metro.
Lubbock High lost its first game of the season on Friday, Sept. 5, to
Randall, a 4A school, 28-14.
Lubbock High is picked to finish fifth in a six school league, District
Lubbock High won a game last year. A Lubbock High fan who pleaded to
remain anonymous claims the team Lubbock High defeated committed mass
The Big Green Lobo, a 3A school, defeated 5A Lubbock 28-7 last year.
Lubbock only has three starters returning on offense, three on defense.
Although it's a 5A school, they have at least six players going both
ways plus special teams.
So why worry about the game in Lubbock today, Sept. 11, at 7:30 p.m.?
A big reason to worry is the Lubbock High Westerners have a tail back
named Victor Davis.
Davis is offense. He is running behind a small 5A offensive front that
averages only 215 pounds from tackle to tackle but Davis can find day
Against Randall, a good 4A school, he gained 110 yards running and 46
passing. Davis does not know that he is supposed to be playing for the
worst 5A football program in Lubbock. He thinks he is a football player.
In addition, the Big Green Lobo must travel to Lowery Field in Lubbock
for the game.
The 7:30 p.m. Thursday night game time means, notes Lobo Coach Larry
Hanna, a shorter preparation time for his players.
And he found several areas that need work after the opening loss to Big
One positive Big Green factor, running back Robin Hanna is scheduled to
start. He got only a few minutes of playng time in the opener because of
a healing foot injury.
"He should be ready," says Hanna. "But he hasn't had enough work to be
completely ready, to get his whole body into game shape."
Hanna expects Henry Bernard to start at one Lobo defensive end. Those
changes are the only ones Hanna projects for the game in Lubbock against
the Westeners

Probable Lobo Starters

QB 10 Brandon Stephens Sr
FB 30 Lucas Jaquez Sr
TB 20 Robin Hanna Sr
WB 43 Chris Allen Sr
SE 12 Nathan Swarb Sr
TT 77 Randy Salazar Sr
TG 55 T.J. Bustos Sr
C 53 Robert Dendy St
SG 61 Micah Wilson St
ST 64 Quint Melius St

DT 72 Gerald Lopez Sr
DT 75 Luciano Hinojos Sr
DE 40 Henry Bernard Sr
DE 24 Roy Porras Soph
LB 44 Joel Najar Jr
LB 22 Jerry Toscano Sr
LB 60 Gabriel Ontiveros Jr
CB 13 Rocky Rivera Sr
CB 7 Juan Moreno Sr
S 10 Brandon Stephens SrR 12 Nathan Swarb St

Steers hook Big Green Lobo
in revenge stampede, 24-2

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BIG SPRING - The Monahans Loboes entered Big Spring Friday night, Sept.
5, with the hopes of beginning a perfect championship season.
A championship season? Still possible, even probable. A perfect
season? Not this year.
Big Spring, a 4A team, was playing pay back after they lost to the 3A
Lobo 34-28 at Monahans in 1996.
The Loboes were outgunned by an immensely improved Big Spring squad,
24-2. The Steers led 10-0 at halftime, and never looked back at the
trailing Loboes, who had only a safety to show for their efforts.
The Steers relied primarily on the rushing of Sr. Antwoyne Edwards and
Jr. Tory Mitchell, who have seemingly become household names in Big
Spring_The public address announcer often referred to them simply as
"Tory" and "Antwoyne." The two combined for 235 yards rushing on 27
carries and two touchdowns in the victory. Mitchell also caught a pass
for 10 yards, while Edwards caught one for nine.
As the game began, it seemed this might be Mean Green night. After
allowing Big Spring roughly 30 yards, the Loboes forced Mitchell to
fumble and took posession of the ball in Big Spring territory. But the
Loboes saw little more of the Big Spring half of the field, as the
offense failed to garner a penetration throughout the ballgame.
Monahans punted back to Big Spring, and the Steers began their first
true drive of the night. The Steers marched slowly down the field, and
then they claimed first blood. Mitchell ran the ball down the Big
Spring sideline for an apparent touchdown, but it was ruled he stepped
out on the Lobo 12. Two plays later, Edwards carried the ball seven
yards for the first score of the game. John Haden added the PAT. The
Steers led 7-0 with 1:43 remaining in the first quarter.
Monahans and Big Spring then punted the ball back and forth to each
other to start the second period. After a Lobo fumble, Big Spring
pieced together a drive to the 17 yard line, where Haden added a 34 yard
field goal to make the score 10-0 with 4:16 remaining in the half.
After a Lobo punt, Big Spring began a quick threat to score again. But
Nathan Swarb intercepted a Gabriel Mendoza pass with little time left in
the first half, and the Green headed to the Locker room with a 10 point
The third quarter contained the only points scored by Monahans. The
Loboes received the opening kickoff and once again ran out of downs.
Brandon Stephens punted the ball back to the Steers and pinned them on
their own 1 yard line. Lobo linebacker Gabriel Ontiveros then hit
Edwards in the end zone, causing an apparent fumble which was recovered
by Lobo Defensive End Mitch Morales. However, the referees ruled
Ontiveros grounded Edwards before the ball came loose, and the Loboes
were awarded a safety. The Steer lead was now down to 10-2 with the
Loboes showing signs of life with 6:17 remaining in the third
quarter.Those signs quickly faded.
The fourth quarter began exactly the way Big Spring hoped. On the first
play of the period, Mendoza hit flanker John Lawdermilk with a 17 yard
pass that put the Steers up 16-0. Haden added his fifth point of the
game and made the score 17-2 with 11:51 left to play.
The Loboes again took posession of the ball, but were, once again,
forced to punt. The Steers worked the ball down to the Lobo 29 yard
line, when Mitchell carried the ball for another score. Haden added the
extra point to make the score 24-2 with 9:02 left in the game.
That ended scoring, but the Lobo crowd had one more item to cheer about.
Senior Robin Hanna entered the game in the fourth quarter, being cleared
just the day before to begin playing after a foot injury.
Hanna added some electricity to a dormant Monahans crowd
. Hanna responded by running the ball 3 times for 40 yards and catching
one pass for 2 yards. Hanna as well as Nathan Swarb had potential
touchdown passes tossed their direction in the fourth quarter, but both passes failed to garner a completion.

Cowboys gentle Sand Mustangs in home opener

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Some people say the toughest thing to do in football is repeat a
championship season. Some people say last years champion is the one
everyone guns for and are under too much pressure to win.
The Cowboys looked as good, if not better, than last years play off
quarterfinal team on Friday, Sept. 5, in their home stadium. Grandfalls
marched over the Sands Mustangs 66-38 on their way to face Faith
Christian this week. Faith Christian fell victim to Sanderson last week
by the score of 50-6 and will face the Cowboys Saturday, Sept 13 in El
Paso at 3 p.m. It was the second victory of the season for Grandfalls.
They stopped Lake Arthur, N.M., 52-0, at Lake Arthur in their opening
game, a contest called at the half by six-man football's 45-point mercy
The Cowboys touchdown tandem of Marquez and Vasquez continued scoring
against Sands. Vasquez had five touchdowns; Marquez, three.
Alfonso Marquez started the scoring for the Cowboys with a 5-yard run,
followed by a Jeff Corean kick to break the goose egg and put Grandfalls
on top 8-0.
Later in the first, Roy Vasquez broke loose with a 7-yard touchdown
scramble to improve the Cowboys lead to 14-0.
Vasquez struck again in the second quarter with a 5-yard run to put the
game further out of reach for the Sands Mustangs. As the point after
attempt went up, so did the score 22-0 with 9:26 left in the half.
Sands defense caught a lucky break on a crazy interception to get on the
score board and close the gap 22-8.
Vasquez doesn't like closed gaps, so he tore it back open with a 45-yard
run with only 11 ticks left before half-time. Corean kicked it
through-for-two to move the score to 30-8 at the half.
Grandfalls stayed true to form in the beginning of the new half, scoring
on a 7-yard run by Marquez to extend the deficit to 38-8.
However, just when it looked like Grandfalls was going to "mercy rule"
the 'Stangs, they got bit by the fumble bug. The Cowboys lost three of
their seven fumbles, putting Sands back in the game.
The Mustangs scored two touchdowns in the third quarter. One off a
20-yard run and the other off the 22-yard pass. Both point after
attempts were good, moving the Mustangs score to 38-24.
Grandfalls came back strong to close out the third quarter of play with
a 40-yard touchdown run by Marquez with less than a minute to play in
the stanza. The touchdown along with the extra point made the score
The fourth quarter found Vasquez, being Vasquez, a 60-yard dash down the
field bumped the score up to 52-24.
Sands answered with "a drive", scoring on a 1-yard run with 6:33
remaining to play. The Mustangs scored again at the 5:19 mark in the
fourth to once again creep up the score board 52-38..
Grandfalls' Vasquez made a 23-yard visit to the end-zone with 4:55 left
to play to increase the lead to 58-38. Miguel Torres capped off the
game with a 4-yard touchdown pass to Ronnie Marquez with a buck-23 left
to play in the game.The Cowboys went on to claim a win over the Mustangs 66-38.

Lobo sub-varsity football

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at Big Spring
Monahans (W) 21- Big Spring 6
00 - 00 - 14 - 07 - 21
Big Spring
06 - 00 - 00 - 00 - 06
Monahans total offense - 340-yards
Big Spring total offense - 164-yards
Touchdowns: Brandon Lee, 75-yard run in the third quarter, PAT Larry
Navarrette; Louis Moreno, 56-yard run in the third quarter, PAT
Navarrette; Jarod Thomas, one-yard run in the fourth quarter, PAT

Outstanding players: Moreno, Lee. Offensive line blocked well. Defensive
line played well.

Coaches Comments: "We played well the second half," says Coach Jeff
Jones, "I felt we were in better condition than Big Spring."

at Big Spring
Monahans 6- Big Spring (W) 24
06 - 00 - 00 - 00 - 06
Big Spring
00 - 06 - 12 - 06 - 24
Touchdowns: (M) Travis Atwood, 15-yard pass from Scott Moore in the
first quarter; (BS) 10-yard run in the second quarter; (BS) five-yard
run in the third quarter; (BS) fumble recovery in the end zone, in the
third quarter; (BS) interception return in the fourth quarter.

Coaches comments: "Good effort from our players. We allowed them to
score twice on our mistakes and we had a kickoff return called back due to a penalty."

Lobo volleyball sub-varsity

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Eighth Grade
at Midland Christian
Monahans - Midland Christian (W)
15-13, 8-15, 15-8
Sept. 4, 1997
Lobo player were: Christie Bates, Chasity Franco, Amber Contreas,
Crystal Dominguez, Amber Swan, Kourtney Mongomery, Tamara Clements and
Emerald Setzler.
Coach's Comments: "Midland Christian defeated the Monahans "Green" team
15-13, 8-15 and 15-8. Although we took it on the chin tonight the girls
improved in several areas. Amber Contreras did a good job at the setter
position and Tamara Clements passed the ball well. We need to work on
our 'Mental Toughness," and our serving needs improvement as well.

at Midland Christian
Monahans White (W) - Midland Christian
15-13, 8-15, 15-2
Sept. 4, 1997
Lobo players: Samantha Townsend, Dani Melius, Brin Melius, Nydia
Corrales, Vanessa Calderon, Veronica Moreno, Stephanie Estrada, Alexis
Lewallen, Marty Lewallen and Brooke Ulrich.
Coaches comments: The Monahans 8th Grade "White" team defeated Midland
Christian 15-13, 8-15, 15-2. This was an all-out team effort. All of the
girls contributed to this win, Dani Melius was high server in game one
with five points and Nydia Corrales scored six points in game three.
Veronica Morno did a good job passing the ball and Stepphanie Estrada
worked hard at the setter position.

Monahans White - Ft. Stockton (W)
11-15, 9-15
Sept. 3, 1997
Lobo players: Kristy Almanza, Amanda Krone, Crystal Partida, Megan
Loehman, Maribel Yang, Alondra Alvary and Abby Romo.
Coach Comments: "Abby Romo played a spectacular game. This team has much
potential but are struggling with issues off the court.

Monahans Green - Colorado City (W)
15-4, 4-15, 6-15
Sept. 3, 1997
Lobo players: Julia Graves, Genevo McConal, Amber Alves, Kristen
McFarlin, Stefanie Morales and Stephanie Taylor.
Coaches Comments: "Hurrah! We served the ball into the court. We learned
during this match we can win when we hit the ball insted of free-ball

Monahans in Pecos Tournament
0-6 in pool play
Pecos Gold (W) 15-9, 9-15, 9-15
Alpine (W) 9-15, 7-15
Aug. 27-29, 1997
Lobo players: Amanda Krone, Stephanie Taylor, Maribel Yang, Amber Alves,
Nikki Rogers, Kristen McFarlin, Megan Lochman, Crystal Partida, Abby
Romo and Alondra Alvary
Coaches Comments: "The holiday weekend took it's toll on our team. We
didn't win a game, match or any other contenst in the tournament,
including coin filps. We went 0-6 in pool play and lost to two teams
Pecos Gold 15-9, 9-15, 9-15 and Alpine 9-15, 7-15."

JV Volleyball
(Becky Hix)
at Wink Tournament
Sept. 5-6 1997
Lobo players: Tiffany Gonzales, Jessamy Parras, Vicky Lopez, Kandace
Burnett, Donde Fisher, Mandy Wilson, Arlette Garcia, Marisol Yanez,
Careigh Melius, Katy Woodall, Vanessa Collins, Brandi Smith and Felicha
Da Lao.
Coaches Comments: "In the Wink Tournament on Friday, the JV team lost
two games to Midland Lee, Midland High and split games with Andrews and
beat Grandfalls in two games. On Saturday, the teams beat Kermit 15-9,
15-15 and beat Midland Christian 15-5, 15-7 to win the challenger's
bracket. Jessamy Porras served very well in the tournament, Tiffany
Gonzales had an all-around good tournament and the whole team showed
great poise. The JV record is 7-2."
Monahans JV (W) - Colorado City
15-13, 15,5
Sept. 2, 1997
Lobo players: Tabetha Chaney, Felicha De Lao, Anna Powers, Christa
Young, Monica Perez, Brandi Smith, Mandy Fuentes and Melissa Rodriguez.
Coaches Comments: "The JV Volleyball team won two stright games against
Coloardo City 15-13, 15-5. Anne Powers and Christa Young had 3 kills
each.Tabetha Chaney had 10 assists as a setter, Felicha De Lao and
Brandi Smith played well defensively. De Lao had 5 aces. A great team

Monahans JV (W) - Ft. Stockton
15-13, 15-10
Sept. 2, 1997
Lobo Players: Tiffany Gonzals, Jessamy Parras, Carleigh Melius, Kandace
Burnett, Mandy Wilson, Donda Fisher, Marisol Yarez, Vanessa Collins,
Arlette Garcia, Katy Woodall and Vicky Lopez.
Coaches Comments: "The JV Volleyball team won two straight against Ft.
Stockton 15--13, 15-10. Mandy Wilson had 5-assists as a setter and
Tiffany Gonzales had 5 assists. Marisol Yanez, Dande Fisher, Arlette
Garcia and Mandy Wilson played well defensively. This was a great team effort."

Lobo Varsity Volleyball Report

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Monahans - Ft. Stockton (W)
11-15, 15-10, 15-8
Sept. 2, 1997
Coaches Comments: "We played well for the first 15-points. Our defense
was on and our offense started to come on. We showed an intensity that
I've been looking for the first 14-points. Then we relaxed and had to
push hard for the extra point. During the last two games we lost our
focus and although we tried to regain it we couldn't. Holly and Latasha
did as excellent job filling in for the injured Sara Molina."

Monahans - Colorado City (W)
Sept. 2,1997
Coaches Comments: "We looked shaky during the first game and I think it
was due to the way Colorado City played against Ft. Stockton. Cassidee
finally began hitting the ball with a hard swing. This enabled us to get
more free balls and to stay on offense. We ran out of subs. in the end
so Avary, Loera and Wessels had to play the back line. All were able to
provide the lift we needed to help us win. Game three led to mental
mistakes and once again losing our focus and intensity.

San Angelo Tournament
Aug. 29, 1997
Coaches comments: The weekend proved to be a very productive one.
Although we lost to Palo Duro and were eliminated the Lady Loboes showed
moments of the team they will become. We showed great defense but had
trouble converting on offence. We had trouble making our serves become
effective for us but we did do a better job on server reception. The
seniors are beginning to take charge of the team and become aggressive.
at Ft. Davis
Monahans (W) - Ft.Davis
(score not available)
Aug. 26, 1997
Coaches Comments: "The Lady Loboes started slowly by dropping the first
game. We had to work very hard to establish an effective offense. Tracie
Jasso had a good night and helped create positive kills at crucial
times. We were able to see what Loera and Avery would do on the backline
when we ran out of subs. This will help prepare us for district should
we run into this problem again. Overall the girls showed character and
poise and that is promising.
Lobo Players: Holly Blum, Karen Vires, Stacy Sotelo, Dedra Wessels,
Cassidee Avary, Latasha Thompson, Tracie Jasso, Kendra Vires, Kristin Baiza, Monica Loera and Sara Molina.

12th Annual Cantaloupe Classic Volleyball

Tournament summary: Aug. 29 and 30

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Grandfalls-Royalty won third in pool play.
(W) - El Paso Jefferson
15-7, 15-8
- Greenwood (W)
12-15, 10-15
- Ft Stockton (W) 11-15, 10-15
Consolation Bracket
Grandfalls-Royalty (W) - Kermit
15-9, 15-12
Stats - DIGS: Laura Porras - 17; Janet Enriquez - 14; Dorina Rodriguez
-13; Melissa Moses - 13; Christina Hertas 12.
KILLS: Huertas - 4; Stacey Miller - 4; Moses -4; Porras - 4.
BLOCKS: Miller - 1; Misty Stocks -1.
SERVICE POINTS: Donna Olivas - 14; Huertas - 6; Miller - 4.
Second Round
Grandfalls-Royalty (W) - Wink
15-9, 18-16
Stats - DIGS: Olivas - 23; Porras - 22; Enriquez - 15; Huertas - 11;
Miller - 10; Moses - 10.
KILLS: Porras - 6; Huertas - 5; Miller - 5; Moses - 4; Olivas - 3.
BLOCKS: Miller - 1
SERVICE POINTS: Olivas - 8; Miller - 7; Huertas - 6; Moses -5; Porras -

Consolation Championship
Grandfalls-Royalty - Seminole (W)
15-12, 3-15, 8-15
Stats - DIGS: Miller - 29; Porras - 28; Olivas - 24; Huertas - 22; Moses
- 13.
KILLS: Porras - 8; Miller - 4; Olivras - 4; Huertas - 4.
BLOCKS: Stocks - 4; Miller - 1
SERVICE POINTS: Miller - 7; Huertas - 6; Porras - 5; Olivas -4.
Laura Porras.
Coaches Comments: "The girls played well against Wink and Seminole on
Saturday. Wink is tough and I know they will play strong the next time
we meet. We made some adjustments and tried different positions for our
girls against Seminole. Our mental errors and Seminole's middle hits hurt us. We still have room and time for improvement."

Kermit Bass Club schedules
tournament a Lake Spence

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Kermit Bass Club's September tournament will be on the last weekend in
the month, Sept. 27 and 28, according to a statement released by the
The communique says of the September fishing spree:
"Headquartered at Wildcat Marina, sponsored by Ricky Kidd. May register
at the Arnold's Trailer Friday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. . . Starting
times both days will be 7 a.m. . .
"Saturday's weigh'in will be from 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. . . . Sunday's
weigh-in will be from 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. . . .Must be in line before
deadline each day . . .14 1/2 inch minimum length, five fish total
daily, two ounce penalty per pound deducted for dead fish."
September's competition, the Kermit Bass Club statement notes, is the
"last chance to qualify for the Top 15 Tournament.

1997 Standings
Top 21 as of Wednesday, Sept. 10

1. Billy Fine - 31 pounds, two ounces.
2. Linda Christian - 29 pounds, seven ounces
3. Dennis Rasberry - 29 pounds, three ounces
4. Kenneth Watts - 26 pounds, 11 ounces
5. Wallace Langley - 23 pounds, six ounces.
6. Ray Christian - 20 pounds, 12 ounces
7&8. Dalton Arnold and Gary McMillan (tie) both at 20 pounds, eight
9. Doug Watts - 19 pounds, five ounces
10. Steve Steen - 18 pounds, 13 ounces
11. Calvin Phipps- 13 pounds, five ounces
12. Dorine Fine - 13 pounds, four ounces
13. Dany Langley - 11 pounds, 13 ounces
14. David Norwood - 11 pounds, one ounce
15. Gordon Williams - 9 pounds, six ounces
16. Ronnie Bicknell - 8 pounds, 15 ounces
17. Dick McClanahan - 7 pounds, two ounces
18. Mario Escamilla - 6 pounds, 14 ounces
19. Nicky Weaks - six pounds
20. Garland Newton - 5 pounds, 10 ounces21. - Betty Norwood - 5 pounds, seven ounces.

Monahans' Erin Armstrong hurts

knee as Green tops Fort Stockton

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Sophomore Erin Armstrong, the second-seeded women's player on a strong
Monahans High School tennis team, is out for the season.
She blew out a knee on Saturday, Sept. 6, in the Big Green's team tennis
victory at Fort Stockton.
Armstrong, already a doubles winner teamed with Joanna Cupp, was up 3-2
in the opening game of her singles match when she moved quickly to the
net for an approach shot. Armstrong's knee crumpled and she fell to the
The injury forced Armstrong to resign the match to her Fort Stockton
Says Armstrong's father, David,
"She is having knee surgery on Sept. 23 at Westwood Midland. There'll be
90 days for rehab. Andrea probably will be back ready to play by the
Spring season."
Armstrong's father says she has had a history of problems with the knee
and the surgery should remedy those problems.
He says the knee popped out while she was moving for an approach shot.
In the women's doubles, Armstrong and Cupp had won their match 6-3, 2-6,
On Tuesday, Sept. 9 Armstrong and Cupp had beat the top tennis team from
Coach Justin Quest was pleased with the overall team performance
against Andrews and Fort Stockton. Says Quest of his tennis players:
"They performed as a team, both days when it counted most for a couple
of crucial matches. Joanna Cupp and Erin Armstrong defeated the number
one doubles from Andrews on Tuesday and another victory on Saturday
against Ft. Stockton."
Quest continues: "The number two and three girls doubles also came home
with wins."
Armstrong's doubles partner, Joanna Cupp, the number one Lobo women's
singles player, added to her luster with a victory over the "number one
singles from Andrews."
More from Quest:
"Megan Shawn also had a crucial three set win at number 6 singles
against Andrews."
The men's tennis contingent also is improving as the Autumn season
advances, notes the coach.
"The boys' team also performed well against Ft. Stockton, losing only
three matches," says Quest.
Then the Big Green Lobo coach looks forward to the next matches, all be
it with out his number two women's player, Armstrong. But, as her father
predicts, she'll be back in the Spring.
" We are anxious to have a win against Andrews on our home courts next
week," muses Quest.

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