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September 4, 1997

She was Princess of people

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Diana Spencer was 36 years old when she, her companion and a body guard
died in a 100 mile an hour crash in a street tunnel in Paris. Diana
Spencer was probably the most recognized woman on the planet.

The car was driving in a 30 mile an hour zone fleeing, it was said, the
motorcycle-riding free lance photographers who feed the Earth's
supermarket press with pictures of celebrities. The driver had a blood
alcohol count well above the legal limit in France. And that driver
slapped a concrete wall in the tunnel.

No matter why this happened. That will be sorted out in the weeks ahead.

What is important now is that Diana Spencer was loved, it seemed, by
everyone but the Royal Family of England into which she had married and
from which she was estranged. True, her divorced husband, Charles,
future King of England, flew with Diana Spencer's sisters to Paris, to
retrieve her body. True, Charles seemed concerned about the sudden and
unexpected loss of his former wife. After all, she was the mother of a
future King of England.

That previous paragraph is true, unless, unless the British people may
finally have gotten tired of the anachronism they call The Royals, who,
to put it kindly, are not even funny anymore. They really think they are
better than their subjects. They thought they were better than Diana
Spencer, who, though no commoner by blood, was not properly appreciative
of the fact she had been made Royal by marriage.

Diana Spencer may have been the last legitimate princess of England.
She was of noble lineage. She worked tirelessly in a myriad of charities
and she was one woman, because of her high profile, who could galvanize
whole nations, not just her own, into causes that need the attention of
all peoples - hungry children, exploding landmines, the frontiers of
medical research into the plague of the late 20th Century, AIDS.

With the possible exception of the Royal Family of England, with which
she was at least identified, Diana Spencer, Di, Lady Spencer, the
Princess of Wales, was loved.

Even the Irish loved her and your average Irisher finds it difficult to
love anything that comes from a race that has caused more genocide and
misery on this planet than Adolph Hitler. Americans had to fight a war
to rid itself of the benevolence of the British Empire. A score of other
nations have done the same.

Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, in a short sound byte, after the
numbing tragedy, called Diana Spencer, the People's Princess.
She was that.

She was a handsome woman.
She was intelligent.
She felt for people.

Diana Spencer, as Tony Blair said, truly was the People's Princess, the
people of West Texas and the United States, the people of Earth.

Diana Spencer, as we have noted, was The Last Royal of England.
In her memory, the British should remove The Windsor Crowd, famous only
for being the highest paid welfare recipients on Earth.

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