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Thursday, August 21, 1997

Slam! Bash! Ain't it fun?

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If there is one football strategy Lobo Head Coach Larry Hanna and his
staff could stress to the world, it would be relatively simple.
It employs no trick play or a phenomenal, secret athlete. The strategy.
Offense wins games. Defense wins championships.

And Hanna seems to know a thing or two about winning championships.
With a new season, new players, new staff and a new attitude, the Lobo
defense plans to dominate every game from opening night forward.
Domination begins with the defensive line.

"Our primary concern with the defense was the player's ability to adapt
to the new scheme," says Hanna. "Thus far, the defensive line has shown
good progress in adapting to our new style and scheme. We have good size
and strength across our defensive line, which is good for us."

The 1997 Lobo defense will bring back the traditional 4-3 defense used
through Monahans' glory years. This change will affect the defensive
line more in the area of attitude as opposed to the formation.

Defensive tackles have been moved from a "3 Technique" to a "2
Technique," and defensive ends will now play primarily a "9 technique."
Coach Charles Quintela is in charge of the defensive tackles while Coach
Dick Doege works with the defensive ends.

States Quintela: "We are improving steadily - bit by bit, inch by inch.
We're getting better everyday and that is what we want."

Although the first game against Big Spring there Sept. 5 is less than
three weeks away, Quintela says the starting spot at defensive tackle is
open to the "two players that want it most."

Both 1996 Lobo starting defensive tackles were graduated so experience
at tackle is a concern.

Two senior lettermen, Scott Lackey (5-10, 240) and Dallas Casey, (5-11,
215) contend for the two spots at defensive tackle. Other seniors vying
for the starting roles are Randy Salazar (6, 240), Gerald Lopez (6,
265), Russell Sanchez (6-1, 230) and Joe Carrasco (5-9, 295). Aaron
Swartzfager (5-10, 295) is the lone junior in line for a spot.
Things seem a bit clearer at defensive end although those positions, the
coaches note, are open as well.

Two '96 starters, Luciano Hinojos, (6-1,240) and Henry Bernard, (6, 180)
are back at defensive end.

Challenging Hinojos and Bernard are senior Mitch Morales (5-10, 190)
and junior Todd Passmore (5-11,180). The coaches emphasize the 1997
Lobo defensive line follows the team's simple strategy in it's goal to
be part of a champion:No tricks. No phenomenal secret athletes. Just results.

Unsung heroes with an attitude

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They are the unsung heroes of Friday night.

They don't run the ball; they don't catch passes; they rarely score
touchdowns; and they don't make the sports pages; but behind, or more
appropriately in front of, every running back or receiver is the
offensive line.

These people, if they do their jobs, score the touchdowns. Others just
carry the ball behind them. If these guys don't come to play, no running
back or receiver is ever going to score. If these guys don't come to
play, no quarterback will have a chance to write his name on a frozen
rope for a last second touchdown and a championship.

This is the offensive line.

"They are the key to our success," Lobo Head Coach Larry Hanna says of
the offensive line. "The offensive linemen are showing steady
improvement and are coming together as a unit."

Coach Hanna has entrusted his offensive front to Lobo coaches Shawn
Curlee, Chris Simpson, and Jeff Jones.

Coach Curlee is in charge of the centers and guards. Coach Simpson
keeps order among the tackles. Coach Jones holds tight end duties.
The 1997 edition of the Monahans Lobo offensive line has their sights
set on achieving bigger and better goals than those achieved in past

Lobo "Hogs" are led by two returning district 3-3A All-District
selections, tackle Quint Melius (6-2, 250) and center Robert Dendy (6-1,
230). Melius and Dendy, both Seniors, were both first team selections
to the 1997 All-District team, and Melius was a member of the San Angelo
Standard-Times 3A All-West Texas team.

Despite returning two first team All-District selections, the main
concern with the offensive line, according to Coach Hanna, is
experience. Dendy and Melius are the only starting offensive linemen
returning from last year's 10-1 District Champion team. To make matters
worse, Dendy is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury.

With the current situations on injuries and depth, the 1997 Lobo Varsity
offensive line takes on a new look.

Junior Todd Passmore (5-11, 180) has taken the helm at center until
Dendy's return, with Senior Scott Lackey (5-10, 240) working behind
Passmore. Seniors Gabe Acosta (5-10, 180) and T.J. Bustos (5-9, 210)
lead the pack of Guards. junior Robert Sanchez (5-10, 215) provides back
up for Acosta on the split side, and Micah Wilson (5-5, 155) and Dallas
Casey (5-11, 215), both seniors, back-up Bustos on the tight side.

Seniors Quint Melius and Randy Salazar (6, 240) are atop the offensive
tackle corps on the split and tight side, respectively. Seniors Gerald
Lopez (6, 265) and Russel Sanchez (6-1, 230) are working behind Melius,
while Junior Aaron Swartzfager (5-10, 295) and Seniors Joshua Oyerbides
(6, 235) and Joe Carrasco (5-9, 295) work behind Salazar. 1997

All-District team member, Ruben Sanchez (6-1, 185) leads the all-senior
crew at tight end. Mitch Morales (5-10, 190) is currently at the helm
at tight end, with injuries to Sanchez and Henry Bernard (6, 180).
Despite concerns over injuries and experience, the offensive line
continues to keep its focus on their goals and tasks at hand.So when you
read the Monahans News this Fall, remember the players who got no rushing or receiving yardage, who have no touchdowns in the stat book.

Lobo swimmers hit water Wednesday

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Monahans High School swimmers hit the water for the first time on
Wednesday, Aug. 20, in the long haul to the opening of their season in
November, reports Lobo Swim Coach Doug Ward.
"We've been working with weights and we hit the water Wednesday for the
first time," says Ward.
Ward's first meet with his Lobo squad will be the Big Spring
Invitational on Nov. 1 at Big Spring.
Ward notes that Monahans will host the district swimming meet this
season on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 30 and Jan. 31.

Lobo Swimming 1997
Date Site Time
Nov. 1 Big Spring 11 a.m.
Nov. 8 Monahans 11 a.m.
Nov. 15 Pecos 11 a. m.
Nov. 21-22 San Angelo 1 p.m.

Dec. 6 Odessa 10 a.m.
Dec. 13 Seminole TBA
Jan. 10 Fort Stockton TBA
Jan. 16-17 Lubbock 3 p.m.
Jan. 30-31 District 3 p.m.
Feb. 13-14 Regionals 3 p.m.
Feb. 27-28 State 5 p.m.
Ward notes all the competitions are invitationals unless otherwise
noted. District will be at Monahans; regionals at Texas Tech and the state meet in Austin.

Monahans Swim Club tryouts
are scheduled next week

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Tryouts for the Monahans Swim Club's Fall season are scheduled next
week, according to a report from the club.

Doug Ward, who is the swim coach for the Monahans High School Lobo
swimmers, also is the swim club's coach. The club, a division of U.S.
Swimming, provides competition at various age levels.

From the announcement: "Tryouts are on Thursday, Aug. 28, at 5:30 p.m.
"Everyone with 'C' times and all incoming new members need to tryout to
be placed in the correct skill level."

The tryouts will be held at the Monahans High School pool in the
Multi-Purpose Complex.

Says the announcement: "As in the past youngsters will need to be able
to swim two lengths of the pool (100 meters) in order to be in the club."
Registration is $30 for each swimmer. Swimming sessions with Ward are
scheduled to start on Tuesday, Sept. 2.

"Come on swim with us. Work Hard and Have fun," says a spokes person for the Monahans Swim Club.

Baker, Wilbur notch singles victories

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Lobo netters Christina Wilbur and Lecia Baker swept to singles
victories in straight sets of the women's competition in a team tennis
match on Saturday, Aug. 16.
The match was between Monahans High School and Snyder, reports Lobo
Tennis Coach Justin Quest.
Baker won 6-2, 6-2; Wilbur, by the same tally.
Wilbur and Sandra Molinar then combined for a 6-1, 6-4 straight set
victory in the women's doubles.
Those singles victories and one win in the doubles were the highlight of
the competition for Monahans.Overall Monahans lost the team competition 15-3.


Thursday, August 21, 1997

Buena Vista didn't show,
Permain beats Monahans

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Buena Vista did not appear as scheduled for a volleyball triad on
Wednesday, Aug. 20, on the Monahans floor.

But Odessa Permian High School did and they played the Lobo
volleyballers twice.

Permian won twice.

The tally in the first match was 15-12, 15-2; in the second, 15-9, 15-5.

Whether or not it counts in the season's record is a matter of
conjecture. Some Monahans officials said yes; some, no.

In either case, it was an eye-opener and a warm-up for the Monahans High
School Invitational Tournament that starts on Friday, Aug. 22 and
continues through Saturday, Aug. 23.

Scores of Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman volleyballers from 16
schools in West Texas are scheduled to take part in the annual Lobo

Wednesday afternoon, the unexplained absence of Buena Vista meant Lobo
faced Mojo twice, not a good idea.

But the Lady Lobo held its own.

The starting lineup for Monahans at the opening game facing Permian

Dedra Wessels, Karen Vires, Stacey Sotello, Tracie Jasso, Holly Blum,
and Sara Molina.

Stacey Sotello led her Lobo squad in kills with five, followed by Dedra
Wessels and Sara Molina who each had two.

But they couldn't have done it without Tracie Jasso and her ability to
set. Jasso led the Lady Lobo with a total of seven.

Overall, the Lobo squad looks promising.

They return only four players - Tracey Jasso, Cassidy Avery, Stacey
Sotello, Sara Molina - from last year's champions who went to state.

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