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Past winners among leaders at Pecos Rodeo

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By Jon Fulbright
Staff Writer

PECOS, July 3, 1995 - The 113th edition of the West of the Pecos Rodeo
reached its halfway point Sunday night, with a couple of former Pecos
Rodeo and national champions among the leaders.

Defending All-Around champion Tee Woolman of Llano, leader after the
first go round of steer roping, maintained his lead in the average, with
the final night of the second go-round set for this evening's
performance at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena. Woolman has a combined time
of 25 seconds, while Todd Casebolt of Foraker, Okla., was 1.3 seconds
behind in second place.

Casebolt stands second and Woolman third so far in the second go round
of steer roping. They had 13.3 and 13.8 second times, while Tommy
Thompson of Elgin leads in the second go, after a 12.7 second effort.

Woolman and partner Rich Skelton of Llano also placed third in the
second go-round of team roping, with an 8.7 second time. Steve Purcella
of Hereford and Bret Tonozzi of Frutia, Colo, have the best time so far
in the second go-round, at 8 seconds flat, while Odessan Steve Northcott
and Charles Poague of Ringling, Okla., were just a tenth of a second

Overall, through two rides, Vance Walters of Cayuga and Coby Jones of
Gatesville lead in the average with a 22.9 second combined time, while a
former two-time All-Around champ at the Pecos Rodeo, Arnold Felts of
Sonora, and his partner, Gary Armitage of Elida, N.M. are second, with a
26.9 time.

Felts, who won the All-Around title of the 100th anniversary West of the
Pecos Rodeo back in 1983, also is among the leaders in steer roping,
where he stands fifth through two go-rounds, after posting a 28.1 second
combined time.

Another Sonora cowboy, Frank Davis, leads the average in steer wrestling
by a comfortable margin with one night of the second go-round remaining.
His 11.7 combined time is almost five seconds better than second place
Mike Dickey of Fulshear, who is at 16.4 seconds, just ahead of Todd
Farquhar of Justin, at 16.5.

Davis is sixth so far in the second go round with a 5.6 second effort.
Mark Blackwell of Silver City, N.M., leads with a 4.5 time, followed by
Martin Dubose of Lampasas, who brought his steer down in 4.8 seconds.

In calf roping, Kerrville cowboy Johnny Grimes' 26.3 second time leads
the average as of today. He's 1 1/2 seconds up on James Zant from
Harper, while Robert Smith of Big Foot stands third, at 30.3 seconds.
Grimes is fourth so far in the second go round at 13.6 seconds. Randy
Cross of Decatur leads with a 10 flat time, while Andy Boyd of Rowlett
is second with an 11.8 effort.

Cowgirls Fawna Lee Spear of Clovis, N.M. and Ginny Wilkerson of Fort
Worth tied for the best time in the barrel race on Saturday, at 18.17
seconds, and maintained their lead after Sunday's competition. Benette
Barrington of Lubbock circled the three barrels in just .01 seconds more
time than Speer and Wilkerson to place third so far.

Two Pecos riders also are in the Top 10 in barrel racing as of now.
Vicki Hannsz stands seventh after an 18.44 second ride, while Lisa
Fernandes is ninth, with an 18.62 second time.

In the riding events, the 85-point total Rodney Lidgard put up during
Friday's special 'Wild' Bull Riding event has held up through the first
two official nights of the West of the Pecos Rodeo. The Australian
native, who now makes his home in Lewisville, is two points up on Lance
Harrell of Kerrville. Bobby Randolph of Gainesville and Chad Kline of
Jackson, La., are tied for third after 82 point rides.

Kline also is tied for third in bareback riding, with Charles Guay of
Wharton, both with 76 points. Jeff King of Clarendon and Randy
Slaughter of Gallup, N.M. are co-leaders following 77 point rides on
Saturday and Sunday respectively.

In saddle bronc riding, Dan Etbauer of Goodwell, Okla., leads following
a 79 point ride on Copenhagen Sensation on Saturday night. That's two
points better than Hadley Reed of Spearman scored later on Saturday
riding Honky Tonk Man. Craig Latham of Texhoma, is third. He also rode
on Saturday, scoring 75 points on board Shake It Up.

THe stands were just about full for Saturday's opening performance,
while showers throughout the area may have held down Sunday night's
attendance a bit, though thunderstorms only dropped a few sprinkles on
Pecos just before the performance began.

The riding event leaders could end up as winners depending on how the
contestants fare on the final two nights of the rodeo, while the top
times in the other events will return on Tuesday for finals competition.

Both tonight's third performance of the West of the Pecos Rodeo, and
Tuesday's finals are scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m. at the Buck Jackson Arena.

West of the Pecos Rodeo
Second Go-Round Leaders

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Steer Roping
1. Tommy Thompson, Elgin, Tx., 12.7 seconds; Todd Casebolt, Foraker,
Okla., 13.3; 3.(tie) Tee Woolman, Llano, Tx., 13.8, Chris Girdley,
Aubrey, 13.8, Trevor Brazile, Krum, Tx., 13.8; 6. Bucky Hefner, Chelsea,
Okla., 14.1; 7. Rocky Patterson, Pratt, Kan., 14.5; 8. Casey Cameron,
Claude, Tx.,15.0.

Steer Wrestling
1. Mark Blackwell, Silver City, N.M., 4.5 seconds; 2. Marvin Dubose,
Lampasses, Tx. 4.8; Corky Redden, Throckmorton, Tx., 5.4; 4. (tie) Maxc
McGeary, Waco, Tx., Shane Paschal, LaPorte, Tx., 5.6; 6. Frank Davis,
Sonora, Tx., 5.7.

Calf Roping
1. Randy Cross, Decatur, Tx., 10.0 seconds; 2. Andy Boyd, Rowlett, Tx.,
11.8; 3. Cy Griffin, Eldorado, Tx., 12.9; 4. Johnny Grimes, Kerrville,
Tx., 13.6.; 5. Todd Stone, Canyon Lake, Tx., 14.9 7. (tie) David
Richards, Westoff, Tx., 16.2, Hames Zant, Harper, Tx., 16.2.

Team Roping
1. Steve Purcella, Hereford, Tx., Bret Tonozzi, Frutia, Colo., 8.0
seconds; 2. Charles Poague, Ringling, Okla., Steve Northcott, Odessa,
Tx., 8.1; 3. Tee Woolman, Llano, Tx., Rich Skelton, Llano, Tx., 8.7; 4.
Vance Vest, Monahans, Tx., Shot Branham, Midland, Tx., 12.1; 5. Vance
Walters, Cayuga , Tx., Coby Jones, Gatesville, Tx., 14.3; 6. Jack
Stephenson, Charlotte, Tx., David Key, Ledbetter, Tx., 15.13.

Average Leaders
Over Two Go-Rounds

Steer Roping
1. Tee Woolman, Llano, Tx., 25.0 seconds; 2. Todd Casebolt Foraker,
Okla.,26.3; 3. Rocky Patterson, Pratt, Kan., 27.4; 4. Colby Goodwin,
Canyon, Tx., 27.7; 5. Arnold Felts, Sonora, Tx., 28.1; 6. Trevor
Brazile, Krum, Tx., 28.8; 7. Johnny Powell, Eldorado, Tx., 29.8; 8.
Bucky Hefner, Chelsea, Okla., 30.8; 9. (tie) Rod Hartness, Pawhuska,
Okla., 31.3, A.R. Northcott, Odessa, Tx., 31.3; 11. Buster Record,
Buffalo, Okla., 31.5; 12. Mike Cervi, Marana, Az., 31.9.

Steer Wrestling
1. Frank Davis, Sonora, Tx., 11.7 seconds; 2. Mike Dickey, Fulshear,
Tx., 16.4; 3. Todd Faquhar, Justin, Tx., 16.5; 4. Jeff Corbello, Iowa,
La., 17.3; 5. Max McGeary, Waco, Tx., 17.6; 6. Jamey Thompkins,
Shothlake, Tx., 19.4

Calf Roping
Johnny Grimes, Kerrville, Tx., 26.3 seconds; 2. James Zant, Harper, Tx.,
27.8; 3. Robert Smith, Big Foot, Tx., 30.3; 4. Andy Boyd, Rowlett, Tx.,
31.4; 5. Jason Senior, Arcola, Tx., 40.3; Rusty Sewalt, Del Rio, Tx.,

Team Roping
Vance Walters, Cayuga, Tx., Coby Jones, Gatesville, Tx., 22.9 seconds;
2. Arnold Felts, Sonora, Tx., Gary Armitage, Elida, N.M., 26.9; 3.Jack
Stephenson, Charlotte, Tx., David Key, Ledbetter, Tx., 30.2; 4. Mike
Zuniga, Charlotte, Tx., Danny Zuniga, Jourdanton, Tx., 47.0.

Single Go-Round Events
Women's Barrel Racing
1. (tie) Fawna Lee Speer, Clovis, N.M., 18.17 seconds, Ginny Wilkerson,
Fort Worth, Tx., 18.17; 3. Benette Barrington, Lubbock, Tx., 18.18; 4.
Jamie Bean, Fort Hancock, Tx., 18.32; 5. Peggy Hall, West, Tx., 18.37;
6. Mikki Eckel, Odessa, Tx., 18.40; 7. Vicki Hannsz, Pecos, Tx., 18.62;
10. Debbie Lide, Andrews, Tx., 18.65.

Bull Riding
1. Rodney Lidgard, Lewisville, Tx., 85 points; 2. Lance Harrel,
Kerrville, Tx., 83 points; 3. (tie) Bobby Randolph, Gainesville, Tx., 82
points, Chad Klein, Jackson, La., 82 points; 5. (tie) Cory McFadden,
Crane, Tx., 80 points, Bradley Burke, San Marcos, Tx., 80 points; 7.
Royd Doyal, Lumberton, Tx., 79 points, Josh O'Byrne, Animas, N.M., 78

Bareback Riding
1. (tie) Jeff King, Clarendon, Tx., 77 points, Randy Slaughter, Gallup,
N.M., 77 points; 3. (tie) Chris Guay, Wharton, Tx., 76 points, Chad
Klein, Jackson, La., 76 points; 5. Kirk Richard, Sulphur, La., 75
points, 6. Kirby Berry, Fort Worth, Tx., 73 points; 7. Chad Hopkins,
Springtown, Tx., 72 points; 8. Melvin Jones, Rock Point, Ariz., 67

Saddle Bronc Riding
1. Ddan Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla., 79 points; 2. Hadley Reed, Spearman, ,
Tx., 76 points; 3. Craig Latham, Texhoma, Tx., 76 points; 4. Cole
Hardin, San Antonio, Tx., 74 points; 5. Shawn Bader, Burleson, Tx., 72
points; 6. Steve Roberts, Reno, Tx., 70 points, 7. (tie) Cody Lambert, Henrietta, Tx., 68 points, Bryan Whitney, Burleson, Tx., 68 points.

Woolman holds early steer roping lead

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By Jon Fulbright
Staff Writer

PECOS, June 30, 1995 - The first go-round of slack competition was
completed this morning for the 1995 West of the Pecos Rodeo, with
defending All-Around Cowboy Tee Woolman getting off to a fast start in
his bid to repeat as Pecos Rodeo Champion.

The second go-round began this morning at the Buck Jackson Rodeo Arena,
amid muddy conditions caused by last night's heavy rains. The second
go-round continues tonight at the arena, and includes a special 'Wild'
Bull Riding section.

Woolman, a three time world's champion team roper, holds the early lead
in steer roping. The Llano resident posted a time of 11.2 seconds in
his first attempt, beating out Jimmy Hodge of Lometa for top honors.
Woolman collected $1,914 for his effort, while Hodge, who posted an 11.8
time, took home $1664.

Colley Goodwin of Compton was third with a 12.4 time for a payout of
$1,415, while Rod Hartness of Pawhuska, Okla., was a tenth of a second
behind in fourth place, and earned $1165.

In steer wrestling Vance Walker edged out Brent Arnold and Jamey
Thompkins for top honors in the first go-round. Walker, of Brentwood,
Calif., downed his steer in 4.5 seconds to collect $1,185; Arnold, of
Coleman, had a 4.6 time and picked up $1,502, while Thompkins, of
Southlake, was timed 4.7 seconds and earned $1,189.

Robert Smith of Big Foot collected $1,752 after posting a 11.3 second
time to take the first go-round of calf roping. He was .3 ahead of
Harper's James Zant, who earned $1,523, while Johnny Grimes of Kerrville
was third, with a 12.7 time and a payout of $1,295.

Team ropers Matt Tyler of Corsicana and Cody Cowder of LeGrand,
Calif., had a quick 7.6 time to grab the lead in that event after the
first go-round. Each cowboy earned $1,133 for their efforts, while Tony
Dodds of Sterling City and Ron LeFleur of Washington, La., were second
with an 8.2 second time and a check for $937 apiece.

Local cowboys Curtis Evans and Jimmy Steve Martinez placed in the money
after the first go-round. Their 10 flat time was good enough for sixth
place and $352, while Bad Company Rodeo producer Mack Altizer and Ollie
Smith picked up checks of $195 apiece for their 10.4 time and sixth
place finish after the first go-round.

The rodeo officially gets underway with the first of four nights on
Saturday, starting at 8:30 p.m. The top combined times for the first and
second go-rounds in the timed events will return on the Fourth of July for the final night of competition.

Police shooting probe continues, autopsy finished

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By Mari Maldonado
Staff Writer

PECOS, June 29, 1995 - The autopsy on a victim of a police shooting
Tuesday evening has been completed and an investigation into the
incident by the Texas Rangers is continuing.

Texas Ranger Sergeant Joe Sanders said Wednesday afternoon that the
autopsy on Gilbert Castillo Barraza, 35, had been completed at the
Lubbock County Medical Examiners in Lubbock at about 12:45 p.m.

Sanders said that Barraza died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

"The scene was already taken care of," said Sanders, referring to the
measurements and pictures taken by Department of Public Safety troopers
and other local law enforcement agents prior to his arrival Tuesday

"I have not had a chance to look at them," he said of the crime scene
data, but added that he would be in Pecos Thursday afternoon to continue
his investigation.

Heavy showers truck the north side of Pecos Tuesday evening, where the
incident occurred, just after Sanders' arrival.

Sanders said that he took some statements from witnesses late Tuesday
night and early Wednesday morning and will take more upon his arrival.

Results of the toxicology report will take about two weeks, said
Sanders, who expects it to take about a week for the autopsy results to
come back.

Barraza was allegedly shot during a struggle with Pecos Police Sergeant
Ramon Ornelas, who was dispatched on a call to assist Reeves County
Sheriff's Deputy Tony Aguilar.

The Reeves County Sheriff's Office was advised of a family disturbance
at 219 E. "C" St. by a female resident at 5:18 p.m. Tuesday, at which
time Aguilar was dispatched.

Reports indicate that upon Ornelas' arrival, he was attacked by Barraza,
who was armed with a knife.

Ornelas received stab wounds to his right hand as a result of the
confrontation and before he drew his firearm and shot Barraza.

Barraza was pronounced dead at Reeves County Hospital at 6:15 p.m. and
Ornelas was placed on administrative leave immediately after the

Barraza's body was transported from Lubbock following the autopsy, first
to Midland and then to Pecos, where Martinez Funeral Home will handle
all arrangements.

Police Captain David Montgomery said this morning, "Ramon is considered
to be a very laid back officer."

"He most likely, rather than making an arrest, Ramon will do everything
he can, if other options are available," said Montgomery.

Ornelas began as Animal Control Officer 1975, at which he remained for
about two years. He became a patrolman after that, and was promoted to
the rank of sergeant in 1982.

"He has been a police officer...for a minimum of 18 years," said
Montgomery, who added "he has always been one to avoid confrontation.
The community has always known him as that kind of person."

Montgomery said that anytime a police officer has been in a dramatic
incident, he has the opportunity to attend sessions with a trained and
qualified counselor.

"I'm positive that the chief (Police Chief Troy Moore) will make
arrangements for Sergeant Ornelas to do so, if Ornelas feels it is
necessary," said Montgomery of the counseling sessions for Ornelas after
the traumatic incident.

Montgomery said he believed this was the first fatal shooting involving
a local law enforcement officer in over 30 years.

Funeral services for Barraza are scheduled for Saturday at Santa Rosa Catholic Church with burial at Greenwood Cemetery.

Rangers probe fatal shooting by police

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By Mari Maldonado and Jon Fulbright
Staff Writers

PECOS, June 28, 1995 - Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate
a Tuesday afternoon incident that resulted in the stabbing of a Pecos
police officer and the shooting death of his alleged assailant.

The state law enforcement agency was called in following the north side
confrontation, which resulted from a family disturbance call answered by
police and a Reeves County Sheriff's deputy.

Police Sergeant Ramon Ornelas responded to an emergency assist call by
the Reeves County Sheriff's office about 5:20 p.m. Tuesday in reference
to a family disturbance at 219 E. "C" St.

Sheriff's deputy Tony Aguilar was the first to arrive at the scene after
his department received the call from a female resident at about 5:18
p.m. Ornelas arrived a short time later.

In a press release issued this morning, Pecos Police Captain David
Montgomery said that upon his arrival, Ornelas was confronted outside
the home by Gilbert Castillo Barraza, 35, who was armed with a knife.

The two struggled and Ornelas received stab wounds to his right hand as
a result of Barraza's attack, Montgomery said. Barraza was then shot by
a round from Ornelas' firearm during their struggle.

Barraza, who lived with family members at the home fell in the front
yard near the porch after the shooting. The knife allegedly used in the
attack was found on the east side of the lawn, while a trail of blood
could be seen between the spot where Barraza fell to the rear of
Ornelas' patrol vehicle.

Officials did not say whether the blood came from Barraza or Ornelas.

Pecos ambulance attendants, police officers, sheriff's deputies, reserve
deputies and Department of Public Safety troopers all were called to the
scene shortly after shots were reported.

Reserve Deputy Fernando Valenzuela closed off the front yard of the
house with security tape and police officer Kelly Davis took pictures of
the scene. DPS Cpl. Emmitt Moore also took pictures, along with
spray-painting a circle around the spot where the knife was found.

Texas Ranger Sergeant Joe Sanders was called in from Lamesa to
investigate. He was informed of the situation by Pecos DPS dispatch and
arrived at the scene at about 8 p.m., just before a heavy rainstorm
moved into Pecos from the northwest, sending most onlookers dashing for

Pecos Police Chief Troy Moore said this morning that anytime a situation
like this occurs "we call in another agency that can come in with an
unbiased attitude."

"When the Texas Ranger got there," said Moore, "our people left the

Montgomery said because the investigation was assigned to the Texas
Rangers, further information will be handled through their Midland

Barraza was pronounced dead at Reeves County Hospital at 6:15 p.m. by
Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Lamberto Herrera, who also ordered an
autopsy to be conducted by the Lubbock County Medical Examiner's Office.

"I thought it was necessary to order it," said Herrera.

Ornelas' patrol car remained at the scene and he was treated at the
scene for his wound by ambulance personnel.

Ornelas, who will be marking his 20th year with the Pecos Police
Department this August, was placed on administrative leave pending the
results of Sanders' investigation, Moore said.

Aguilar, said Sheriff Andy Gomez, "is still on duty, but he's off today."

In a press conference this morning, Montgomery stated, "It's
unfortunate...we share their (the family's) loss...we share their

"This is the most unfortunate thing that can happen when an officer has
to do his job to this extent," Montgomery told the Enterprise.

While local law enforcement officials have been involved in physical
confrontations while responding to incidents in the past, no one in the
police department could remember the last time a suspect had been shot
and killed, or an officer wounded in the line of duty.

"I've been here 17 years, and this is the first time I can remember it
happening, and I'm not aware of it happening before," Moore said.
"Ramon's been here longer than any of my officers, and he's not aware of
anything like it, either."

Moore added, "this is something a police officer hopes never happens."

Ranger Sanders traveled to Lubbock this morning to attend the autopsy,
said a spokesperson at the Midland DPS office. He was unavailable to
answer any questions as of press time.

Statistics from a 1991 Uniform Crime Report by the U.S. Department of
Justice show that about 40 percent of law enforcement officers killed in
the line of duty are those assisting a family disturbance situation said

He added, "we require a minimum of two officers at the scene of a family disturbance call."

Library garden to honor bombing victim

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By Jon Fulbright
Staff Writer

PECOS, June 27, 1995 - A Pecos High School graduate who was one of 168
people killed in the April 19 bombing in Oklahoma City will soon have a
memorial dedicated in her honor outside the Reeves County Library.

Work is well underway on a memorial garden for Adele Mattox
Higgenbottom, an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture who died
when the massive truck bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal

Adele was a 1968 graduate of Pecos High School, where she was voted
'friendliest' girl her senior year, and served on the yearbook staff and
as a member of the PHS choir. Higgenbottom, 44, was living in Oklahoma
with her husband, David, at the time of her death.

"We've been working on it since just after it happened," said Reeves
County Librarian Nancy Bentley. "We received a big donation for the
memorial, and are trying to use community service workers and donated
materials to get the job done."

The rock outline for the garden area is already set in place at the
corner of Fifth and Park streets. "He had a lot of helpers to get this
dug out and to put the gravel in there. It's taken a real long time,"
Bentley said.

The garden itself doesn't look that impressive right now, with mulch
covering most of the area, though Bentley hopes that will change in the
coming weeks.

"We wanted to get the plants in as soon as we knew there was going to be
some rain," she said. "It's been kind of cool lately, and we're hoping
they'll take hold, but it's kind of late in the season right now."

Higgenbottom's family no longer lives in Pecos, though she still has
family friends and classmates in the area. Her mother, Melanie Mattox,
lives in Edmond, Okla., just north of Oklahoma City. "When we contacted
her about the project, she was absolutely thrilled," Bentley said. "She
broke down and wept."

As of right now, the garden area is unidentified as a memorial to
Higgenbottom. "We still have to come up with a sign, and come up with
something to put it on," Bentley said. "I'm talking to some people about
placing a big rock over there that we can attach the sign to."

Bentley said she's also looking for some native plants that can flourish
during the hot summer months as the garden takes shape. "It's taken such
a long time, but I hope it will all be finished in the next few weeks," she said.

County accepts RCDC changes made by Trujillo

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By Mari Maldonado
Staff Writer

PECOS, July 26, 1995 - Reeves County Commissioners approved salary and
personnel changes presented by Reeves County Detention Center Warden Joe
Trujillo, after his consolidation of departments at the request of the

The court met at 9:45 a.m. Monday for their regular meeting.

The new changes authorized a $5,000 total increase, compared to the
"guesstimate" of probable pay increases presented to the court during
their last meeting, said County Judge Jimmy Galindo.

Trujillo assured the court that he conducted an individual evaluation of
each employee to "make certain that we were considering those
individuals that really deserved a raise."

The pay changes will be effectice July 1, said Gallindo.

Galindo noted that the RCDC will be looking at a surplus of $52,000,
after reviewing the adjustments, annd will be looking at a $20,000
increase in next year's budget.

Commissioner W.J. Bang asked Trujillo if the U.S. Bureau of Prisons was
happy with the proposal. Trujillo said that upon sending the BOP a copy
of his organizational chart, he received it back with their approval.

In the chart, Trujillo included the reclassification of five positons
into other departments, one of which will greatly aid the offices of the
County Auditor and County Treasure, noted Galindo.

All was done, said Trujillo, "in an effort to cut down costs."

Other changes made at the RCDC included the position of Personnel
Officer Marcos Contreras, Sr., which will be completely paid from the
facility's budget, per the BOP's request.

Hector Roman was appointed Recreation Manager at the RCDC at an annual
salary of $25,000.

Commissioners also approved personnel appointments in the county Road
and Bridge department for the 911 project, in which mile post markers
will be erected in order to aid law enforcement officers and ambulance
workers in 911 response situations.

Also this morning, the court unanimously approved the line transfer of
funds from the RCDC for contract services, as presented by County
Auditor Lynn Owens.

Commissioners also unanimously approved the payment of semi-monthly
bills by the county, after some question by the court in reference to
architect travel reimbursement, attorney fees and dental fees for RCDC
prisoners. Owens said some dental fees are eligible for reimbursement by
the BOP, per the Statement of Work in the county's contract with the BOP.

Owens also noted that all fees have been within charging guidelenes

Commissioner Herman Tarin questioned the auditor if the county is
showing a substantial decrease in expenditures. Owens said that county's
department heads seem to be doing a good job in heading the cutback

Before approval of department reports, COmmissioner Lupe Garcia asked
County Attorney Bill Weinacht about the courthouse stair repair.

Weinacht said after his office's efforts a subcontractor was brought in
to fix the uneven stairway. The subcontractor was referenced by the
original contracted bonding company to do the job, and Weinacht said the
firm "seemed to have done an acceptable job."

"We may have the stair problem behind us to some degree," said Weinacht.

Sheriff's Office Transportation Director J.J. Garcia told the court they
have had a trip every week along with Reeves County Sheriff Andy Gomez's
notation of the facility's low population rate.

Weinacht asked Fomez why he thought there was such a low count of
prosoners and Gomez answered because of all the new detention facilities
being erected. County Jails statewide have reported similar inmate

Gomez also noted that the city rate and INS rate were increased.

Motion to approve the surety bond of Nancy Muniz, secretary to Justice
of the Peace Amonario Ramon was agreed by all commissiners, as was the
motion to extend the current contract for bids on food kitchen supplies,
food service providers, empolyee uniforms for informal bids. The
contracts were set to expire on June 30.

A proposal by Raymond Sotelo to supplement West Texas Disposal's
contract with the county to pick up rural waste disposal was tabled for
the next court meeting in order to discuss the issue with WTD, per
Weinacht's suggestion.

Action on the Texas County and District Retirement System was taken to
leave the plan as is at a seven percent contribution rate.

The court left four items on the agenda unresolved prior to lunchtime,
but did schedule a continuation of their meeting at 2 p.m.

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