Pecos Enterprise and Pecos Free Press

We want to sell you an effective ad

Inches per month Rate
Up to 30 inches 7.55
31.5-62 inches 7.47
63-100 inches 7.37
101-133 inches 7.29
134-266 inches 7.21
267-541 inches 7.13
542-750 7.03
751-1041 inches 6.95
One Color $85
Full Color $250

Special rates apply for repeat ads.

Mechanical Requirements

Standard Page Specifications

Tabloid Specifications

Preprint Rates - $70 per thousand inserts.

How to write clear, concise copy that sells

  1. Describe your merchandise in terms of benefits for the reader
  2. Give complete, specific information
  3. Use simple, me-to-you language
  4. Tell the reader to buy now

Creating layouts that attract customers

  1. Make your ad easy to follow
  2. Strive for an uncluttered look
  3. Be generous with white space
  4. Make the artwork show a benefit
  5. Allow for a sizable illustration

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